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Do you live in Washington and love riding off-road vehicles like dirt bikes? Then, you must know everything about the state motorcycle Washington Motor Vehicle rules and regulations. The WA Motor Vehicles and Licensing Departments are strict with the desperate OHV riders.

You cannot ride a naked dirt bike on the public streets and in the neighborhoods. It involves the risk of fatal accidents and environmental disturbances. So, would you deter yourself from dirt bike riding? No, I will help you from my experience of riding a dirt bike on city streets and highways.

However, never compromise with safety. Let’s find out how to keep pace with the Washington dirt bike laws to ride safely and legally. It’s much-needed learning indeed!

Washington Dirt Bike Law Insights

The Washington Department of Transportation reported more than 2000 motorbike crashes last year. There were 100 more fatal collisions and 400 more serious injuries among the total crashes. Therefore, WA has initiated a couple of rules and regulations for bike riders.

Washington Dirt Bike Laws

According to Washington State Motorcycle Laws, dirt bikes are illegal to ride on the public streets and in neighborhoods. The highway traffic patrolling team preserves the legal rights to punish the transgressors. You may face trials and financial compensations.

The Washington State traffic laws clearly state dirt bikes are illegal on the streets. And it is a punishable offense. So, will you miss riding a dirt bike in Washington? See how to be royal to laws and have a legal ride simultaneously.

How To Ride A Dirt Bike Legally In Washington?

If you want to ride your dirt bike in Washington, you must apply the following processes.

  • Turn your dirt bike into a dual-sport motorbike.
  • Tune the bike to all DOT-approved components (tires, headlight, tail lights, turn lights, etc.)
  • Upgrade the exhaust system to make the bike calmer than ever.
  • Use a quality air filter to resist air pollution.
  • Apply for street-legal approval.
  • Manage approval certifications, licenses, and other endorsements.
  • Take your neighbor’s permission before riding in the residential areas
  • Go with all safety gears.

Learn More!

Where Can I Ride My Dirt Bike Legally in Washington (WA) State?

S.L Tracks/Trails/Parks Locate the Address
1. Grays Harbor ORV 15015 WA-8 W, McCleary, WA 98557, United States
2. Whidbey Island MX LLC Motocross 545 Ault Field Rd, Oak Harbor, WA 98277, United States
3. Horn Rapids Motorsports Complex 3323 Twin Bridges Rd, Richland, WA 99354, United States
4. Eddieville Motorsports Park 110 Stringstreet Rd, Centerville, WA 98613, United States
5. Washougal MX Park LLC 40205 NE Borin Rd, Washougal, WA 98671, United States
6. Woodland Motocross Park 3232 Lewis River Rd, Woodland, WA 98674, United States
7. Ward Creek Mx Track 66 Ward Creek Rd, Raymond, WA 98577, United States
8. Airway X Motocross Park 12402 Sprague Ave, Airway Heights, WA 99001, United States
9. Ephrata Raceway Park 14156 Rd B.3 NW, Ephrata, WA 98823, United States
10. I-90 MX Park 350 WA-281, George, WA 98848, United States

Moreover, if your dirt bike is street-legal, you can ride your bike in the OHV trail riding areas of Washington State. However, the Forest Service Code of Federal Regulations strictly bans off-road dirt bikes, quads, and three-wheelers on the forest roads.

The forest authority can charge the violators up to $5000 and sentence them for six months due to damaging vegetation and the wild environment. So, think for a while before riding your dirt bike in the state-owned forests.

How To Make Dirt Bikes Street-legal In Washington?

I went through a sophisticated way of making my dirt bike street-legal. It was a pretty painful journey for me to turn the OHV into a street-legal dual-sport motorbike. Let me share my real-life experience of making my dirt bike street-approved in Washington.

Part-I (Equipment Installation) Part-II (Inspection) Part-III (Authority Approval)
● Install a headlamp (see the law) ● Set turn signals (see the law) ● Install tail lights (see the law) ● Add mirrors (see the law) ● Set a horn (see the law) ● Upgrade tires (see the law) Note: Follow the Federal equipment installation requirements to avoid further complications (requirements) ● Invite a licensed motorcycle repair shop or dealer to inspect your installation. ● Fill up the off-road motorcycle highway use declaration form. ● Submit the off-road motorcycle highway use declaration form with a copy of inspection receipt to your nearby licensing office. ● Ask for the title of your bike. ● Receive final approval.

What Should I Do After Getting My Dirt Bike Street-legal?

I hope you will successfully make your dirt bike street-legal by following the full process once. And the Washington State Department of Licensing awards you the title ‘modified for on-road use.’ And it means that your dirt bike is street-legal to ride on public roads and in neighborhoods.

However, your duty doesn’t die here. You must print the street-legality title and attach it to the license plate to prevent unexpected highways patrolling. It lets you move smoothly and freely.

Never miss carrying the ORV and on-road approval endorsements to make your every rides legal everywhere. And it’s your responsibility to be safe and make safe all-around while driving the dirt bike.

What Size Are Dirt Bikes Legal To Ride?

Dirt bikes are pretty popular among different age groups due to their sensational fun and joys. All kids to adults love riding dirt bikes in private properties, backyards, parks, trails, and neighborhoods.

Though it requires 18-years  to get a driving license, you may let your kids ride dirt bikes under close care.  However, don’t forget to fix the perfect size of the bike for a safer and better riding experience.

Age Height Engine Dimension (CC) On Laws’ Eyes
5 to 7 2.5ft to 3.5ft Up to 50cc RCW 46.09.460
8 to 12 4.0ft to 4.5-ft Up to 110cc RCW 46.09.460
13 to 15 5.0ft to 5.2ft Up to 125cc RCW 46.09.460
16 to 19 5.5ft to 5.8ft Up to 250cc RCW 46.09.460
20 to 25 6.0ft to 6.2ft Up to 450cc RCW 46.09.460
25 to above 6.5 ft or more Up to 650cc RCW 46.09.460

Never let your kids play with the kinetic motorbikes. If it doesn’t meet the safety standards, it can be detrimental to the drivers. None fits for a valid driving license until eighteen years old. So, never miss monitoring your kids while riding dirt bikes. And it must be compatible with their age and height.

What Dirt Bikes Are Eligible To Be Street Legal In Washington?

Be honest! You cannot ride any naked dirt bikes on the public streets and in neighborhoods across Washington state. Off-road vehicles are legal to ride only in dedicated areas like motocross.

However, the Washington state legislature permits modified street-legal dual-sport bikes everywhere. Here are some of the dirt bike models convertible from off-road to on-road vehicles.

05 Dirt Bikes To Turn Into Street-legal Ones!

Dirt Bike Name Recommended Federal Street-legal standards
X-PRO X26 125cc Manual Clutch Dirt Bike Big-body guys Motor-vehicle safety issues
X-PRO Hawk 150cc Youth Dirt Bike Short females Motor-vehicle safety issues
Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket Adult & Teen Dirt Bike Adult Guys Motor-vehicle safety issues
Razor MX650 Adult & Teen Dirt Bike Motocross Racers Motor-vehicle safety issues
Hawk 250 Bike Dirt Bike Female riders Motor-vehicle safety issues

You must meet the requirements of the Washington Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. Then, the Washington State Department of Licensing will review your application to make your dirt bike street-legal. It requires time, labor, and money. So, make a decent decision!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You may have tons of questions about legal issues of riding a dirt bike in Washington. Here, you will find some ever-asked questions while planning to turn off-highway dirt bikes into on-road vehicles.

Do I Need To Change My Dirt Bike’s Registration Number?

If you register your dirt bike once, you don’t need to change the registration number. It saves your time and money. However, the Washington State Department of Licensing changed the bike title. It receives a ‘street-legal dual-sport’ title when your dirt bike modification meets all requirements. So, you can move with your existing registration number.

Do You Need Motorbike Insurance To Ride A Dirt Bike?

You don’t need any motorbike insurance scheme till riding your dirt bike on off-road grounds. However, a dirt bike rider needs an insurance policy to ride on the highways and public streets. It makes your every ride financially safe from unexpected hazards. So, you can avail of a motorbike insurance policy.

Can My 13 Years Old Kid Ride A Dirt Bike?

It’s okay if it is for making fun in the backyard, personal property, and state trails. But the Federal Motor-Vehicle Safety Standards discourage 13-years old teenagers from riding on highways, public streets, and neighborhoods. And the highway patrolling team will punish you for breaching the safety regulations.

However, you must care about your kids while riding the dirt bike to enjoy their time. Otherwise, you can have bitter experiences letting your child ride off-highway bikes.

What Endorsements Do I Need To Ride My Dirt Bike Legally In Washington?

Of course, you don’t love leaving hundreds of compensations for missing dirt bike endorsements on the streets. So, drive with all the required certifications (e.g, street-legal acceptance, driving license, and registration validity). It saves you from unsolicited interference from the patrolling team.

However, you can avoid these endorsements while driving your dirt bike only on the off-road trails.

Concluding Comment!

Dirt bikes lie in the off-highway vehicles. Like most US states, Washington (WA) prohibits dirt bikes in public places. So, you cannot legally drive your dirt bike on the state streets. It sounds sorrowful. But you have to obey the motorbike rules and regulations of your state.

However, there are some rooms to ride dirt bikes after turning them into street-legal vehicles. And you can do this under the close supervision of the WA Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Moreover, the WA State Department of Licensing regulates the approval of the dual-sports up-gradation.

If you are pretty eager to drive your dirt bike on the state streets, make it street-legal first within the legal frameworks. And you must learn everything about motorcycle rules, legislature, and regulations before riding your dirt bike in Washington. Have a happy ride!

James Albert is a dirt biker for about 6 years with a passion for helping others get into the sport without knowing anything. He shares his expertise and reviews dirt bikes and related tools.

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