How To Make A Dirt Bike Faster? 9 Fine Ways!

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If you are a dirt bike adventurer, you will probably ask me how to make a dirt bike faster than ever. Believe me! I was also excited to accelerate my dirt bike at my desired speed. Unfortunately, my bike couldn’t meet the desire before the recent modifications.

Now it runs like a rocket to ride off-road and on-road tracks. I am pretty happy to hike with my  bike anywhere and anytime. Are you honestly fervent about finding your dirt bike faster?

Then, follow me here to bring some solid adjustments and upgrades to the existing one. I am glad to gear up your riding experience with my experiences and expertise. So, no more words! Let’s hunt the tips and tricks to turn a dirt bike into an express one!

What Upgrades Make A Dirt Bike Faster?

I felt disappointed with the maximum riding speed of my dirt bike. It wasn’t up to the mark of my expectations. Then, I decided to change some mods with several updates. Now, it offers me a more speedy riding experience than I anticipated. Let’s look for the updates!

What Upgrades Make A Dirt Bike Faster

Install Larger Sprockets

If your dirt bike has a smaller front sprocket, it won’t offer you a faster riding experience. Therefore, you must install a larger front sprocket with more teeth. It produces more torque and offers more acceleration for a faster-moving.

However, you must balance sprockets and gear sets to harmonize power acceleration on uneven terrains. Besides, you need to change the sprockets after a certain period to keep the faster performance up. It requires regular maintenance too.

Replace Old Tires

The older tires cannot grip properly to make the dirt bikes faster. And you don’t feel confident in accelerating your bike speed. Therefore, replace the outdated tire with the new one. You must care about the rim size to install the best-fit tires.

Furthermore, tire quality matters to maximize the gross riding speed. Don’t forget to put in durable, heavy-duty tires to rule over the uneven rocky roads. The tire traction is also important to speed the dirt bike up.

Change Factory Clutch

Upgrade the factory clutch of your dirt bike to experience a 10X faster ride than ever. Most dirt bikes come with decent driving clutches for novice riders. They are not good for racing-style riding. So, swap the race-specific clutches for ultimate acceleration.

I have found clutch changing easier than upgrading the muffler or fuel. Though it seems an expensive investment, you can regain it in fuel-efficient riding.

Improve Exhaust System

Let your dirt bike breathe better and perform faster. The exhaust system plays an essential role in emitting dirty air driven by the engine. A custom-performance exhaust system improves the entire-engine function for faster-moving. On the contrary, an aged exhaust decreases fuel efficiency and engine performance.

A muffler is one of the core components of the exhaust system that affects acceleration. So, upgrade the muffler if it decays with day-to-day use. However, inspect the overall health of the exhaust system before updating the muffler.

Because it may require the change of the full functionality, including mid-pipe, muffler, and header. Though the full-set up-gradation costs more, it offers faster performance for a longer time. Please meet an expert motorist If you cannot change the whole exhaust system.

Upgrade Air Filters

I have enjoyed an incredibly faster riding experience with my dirt bike since installing the air filter. It lets air into the machine and makes the bike faster than ever. Replace the regular filter filled with debris and dust with a premium one for optimum performance.

A premium filter circulates air through the machine and promotes a throttle response for a faster ride. Moreover, you can reuse the premium air filters to save your pocket. Unlike other upgrades, the air filter up-gradation is relatively easier and smoother. If you are a novice, never miss expert advice from veteran dirt bike users.

What Is The Fastest Dirt Bike Speed?

Dirt bikes exhilarate your way of life with all thrilling travels. The young enthusiasts love the sensational acceleration and appearance of the bike. If you are valiant and vigorous, explore the fastest dirt bikes in 2022.

Rank Dirt Bike Models Top Speed (MPH) Engine
1. KTM 450 SX-F 123mph 450cc
2. SUZUKI DR-Z 113mph 398cc
3. HUSQVARNA TX 300 112mph 300cc
4. APRILIA RXV 5.5 112mph 549cc
5. ATK 700 INTIMIDATOR 110mph 685cc
6. BETA 450 RS 110mph 450cc
7. HONDA XR 650L 110mph 650cc
8. BMW G 650 XChallenge 104mph 650cc
9. MUZ BAGHIRA 102mph 450cc
10. HUSQVARNA FE 501S 101mph 510.9cc
11. KAWASAKI KLR650 98mph 650cc
12. YAMAHA WR 250R 89mph 250cc
13. HONDA CRF 450R 87mph 450cc

KTM 450 SX-F

The KTM 450 SX-F 2022 Factory edition looks more sporty and professional with an ergonomic chassis and improved engine. It comes with a lightweight 450cc heavy-duty  engine. The 1-cylinder & 4-stroke engine offers 123mph top speed through 5-gear transmissions. It has a 7.2 liter fuel tank capacity for the longest riding. And the KTM 450 SX-F weighs 229lbs. Your riding will be more intense and thrilling with the factory edition dirt bike.

KTM 450 SX-F


The Suzuki DR-Z features a liquid-cooled & dry-sump 398cc engine for strong low-rpm power. You will feel the modern dual-sport movement with the 2022 Suzuki DR-Z dirt bike. The single-cylinder four-stroke engine lets you accelerate top speed up to 113mph. It makes 26 lb ft and 39hp for the off-road and on-road faster moving. The fuel tank capacity is 3.9 gal.


It is a compact dirt bike with a 5-speed transmission and automatic mechanical decompression system. The digitally mapped DC (CDI) system maintains convenient throttle positions while accelerating and braking. You will get a faster and smoother riding experience.


Master your riding art with the new-generation HUSQVARNA TX 300 dirt bike. It is a technologically advanced and effortlessly ergonomic bike with the fastest speed in the 2-stroke engine segment.


You will get 112mph maximum speed from a six-transmission 300cc engine. The compact engine ensures enhanced power delivery at every gear with an electronic exhaust. And the HUSQVARNA TX 300 weighs 228lbs with an 8.5l fuel tank capacity. It is for all young enthusiasts to ride faster in a truly distinctive look.


Aprilia has empowered the dual-sport RXV 5.5 dirt bike with a V-twin 45.2 engine with a 77-degree V angle. The high-tech V-twin design has made the bike pretty faster for off-road and on-road competitions. The 549cc 2-cylinder & 4-stroke engine confirms an unbeatable riding experience with the sophisticated electronic engine management system.


You can mount a maximum of 112mph speed with 5 manual gear transmissions. It comes with a 12-liter fuel tank capacity for a long ride of energy efficiency. The Aprilia RXV 5.5 dirt bike is faster and smoother in all riding conditions.


The ATK 700 Intimidator is a real monster with a 685cc liquid-cooled engine. And the single-cylinder 2-stroke engine generates 78HP for the faster moving up to 110mph. You are unbeaten on your way with the 5-speed transmissions.


It offers smooth control with the professional dual-disc braking system. And the hydraulic clutch confirms no shaking or skidding at sudden stopping. The ATK 700 Intimidator comes with A 9.46-litre fuel tank capacity for a long ride. If you are a novice, the ATK 700 Intimidator must intimidate you with its fastest riding mode.


The BETA 450-RS dirt bike features a single-cylinder 4-stroke 449cc liquid-cooled engine. It has six-speed transmissions and a multi-disc clutch for the fastest and finest riding experience. You will get dual-starting options, including electric and kick starter.


The dual-sport dirt bike offers 110mph top speed With an advanced carburetor energy system. It ensures industry-leading power delivery for faster moving. It is safe to ride with the dual-disc premium braking system and 12.6-inc of ground clearance.  It has 2 US gallons of fuel tank capacity with higher energy efficiency.


Unveil the new 2022 Honda XR650L dirt bike with incredible power and amazing attributes. It looks compact, classic, and rugged with a muscular chassis, fat tires, ergonomic handle, etc. The dirt bike seems dauntless with a 644cc air-cooled & dry-sump engine.


The single-cylinder four-stroke engine offers an 8:3:1 compression ratio and 110mph maximum speed. And the five-speed transmission system lets you ride faster with advanced electronic ignition. It is safe to accelerate with rear-front disc braking and shock-absorbing suspensions.

You feel confident about hitting the way for adventure with a 2.8 gallons fuel tank, including 0.6-gallon reserve fuel. And it offers 52mpg approximate mileage depending on surrounding conditions: weather, road conditions, rider’s weight, etc.

BMW G 650 XChallenge

Over the years, the BMW G 650 XChallenge has dominated the industry with an elegant look, unbeaten power, and unique performance. The dual-sport dirt bike features a single-cylinder four-stroke 650cc liquid-cooled engine.

BMW G 650 XChallenge

The power-hacked advanced engine produces 60NM maximum torque. It offers 104mph top speed with 5-speed transmissions. The dual-ignition engine has an 11.5:1 compression ratio for faster and smoother moving.

With an anti-lock braking system, fat tires, heavy-duty wheels, and shock-absorbing suspensions, you will have a safe ride . The BMW G 650 XChallenge dirt bike weighs 343lbs. It seems performance-driven with a 10-liter fuel tank capacity.


The MUZ BAGHIRA is pretty fast with a 659cc water-cooled engine. The single-cylinder four-stroke motor energizes the dirt bike to move with a 102mph maximum speed. And the carburetor engine produces 50bhp maximum power with 42ft-lb top torque.


It has 5-speed transmissions with a 9:2:1 engine compression ratio for a faster ride. You are safe in the off-road and on-road ride with dual-disc brakes, fat tires, cartridge-mono shock suspensions, and head or tail light. The MUZ BAGHIRA 660cc seems versatile for working or outing on weekends. It has a 3.3 gallons of fuel tank capacity to ride a long way per filling. And the dirt bike weighs 363lbs.


The HUSQVARNA FE501S looks distinctive with Swedish-inspired graphics and modern finishes. It is one of the industry-leading fastest dirt bikes with a 510.9cc power plant. The mighty motor is controllable with six-speed transmissions and DDS clutches. You can enjoy the sensational faster ride with a 101mph maximum speed. The single-cylinder and four-stroke engine offer titanic power in all conditions.


It has an electric starter and a 9-liter fuel tank capacity. The front-rear disc brakes make your every moment safe and sound on wheels. It confirms 360mm of ground clearance. So, beat the battle with the limitless dual-sport dirt bike.


The KAWASAKI KLR650 is a legendary dirt bike with dual-purpose capability. It empowers riders to go faster on and off-road with a powerful engine, fat tires, and an anti-lock braking system. The motorcycle features an advanced 652cc liquid-cooled engine.


You can achieve 98mph maximum speed from the single-cylinder four-stroke DOHC engine. The new fuel injection system ensures maximum fuel efficiency for a faster ride. And the larger fuel tank confirms the amount of usable fuel with a 6.1-liter gallon capacity.

Never hesitate to move faster with the anti-lock braking system for professional control. Moreover, it has brought riding comfort to the next level with an ergonomic handlebar, soft-cushioned seat, and  long-travel suspension.


The new 2022 Yamaha WR 250R dirt bike looks dashing with dazzling graphics and engaging designs. It features a 250cc liquid-cooled DOHC 4-stroke engine for faster performance. The single-cylinder stronger engine lets the bike move up to 89mph maximum speed. Here, you will find constant-mesh 6-speed transmissions with multiple wet clutches to stabilize speed. The dirt bike lies in top-class with an 11:8:1 compression ratio.


When safety is an issue while faster driving, the Yamaha WR 250R dirt bike is up to the mark. It has rear-front hydraulic disc brakes and fully adjustable suspensions for the finest control. The motorcycle weighs 295lbs with a 2.0gal fuel tank. It is a youngsters’ choice indeed.


HONDA has introduced the new CRF450R in 2022 with more manageable features. It offers factory-leading performance with a new machine and an instant-power engine. The decent-looking dirt bike features a single-cylinder & four-stroke 450cc liquid-cooled engine.


You can enjoy the controllable faster moving with 87mph top speed. The programmed fuel injection (PGM-FI) technology ensures superb fuel efficiency for a speedy strike. And it features the close-ratio five-speed transmissions with the instant gear-up technology.

The dauntless dirt bike is safe to ride with fat tires, rear-front disc brakes, adjustable suspensions, and excellent ground clearance. It weighs 247lbs with a 1.66gal fuel capacity. The Honda CRF450R makes you champion in all competitions.

How To Make A Dirt Bike Faster?

Most dirt bike enthusiasts are crazy about the faster riding speed. And they think about the complex and costly modifications to their bike. Sometimes, these upgrades work, and sometimes they don’t. Here are the nine fine ways to make a dirt bike faster narrated from real-life riding experiences.

How To Make A Dirt Bike Faster

Focus on Fundamentals

If you are a novice dirt bike rider, learn maintenance basics first for a faster riding experience. You need to know the basic components and their efficient uses. It will help you understand what the mods are essential to making your bike faster than ever.

Go through the manufacturer’s manuals and recommended maintenance schedules for your bike’s better health. Take care of tires, suspensions, brakes, engine, handle grips, fuel, etc. You can be the true doctor of your dirt bike through a regular tuning up. It says what you should or shouldn’t do for a controllable faster riding experience.

  • Filling Good: Fuel is blood-like for an automobile engine. Now, you think how auspicious the fuel is for your bike at every filling. I am not talking all about expensive gasoline but rather higher octane gasoline. And you can source it from your local filling stations.

You must ensure that you are using the freshest fuel for your dirt bike. It can be expensive but returns a great reward in efficiency and speed. There is nothing good beyond standard gas. Furthermore, you can consider race fuels as an alternative for modified motors. It offers faster riding than the common gasoline. However, I wouldn’t recommend the race fuels for the bone-stock engines.

Proper Lubrication

You know that the dirt bike chain is susceptible to muddy and rusty. And we give poor attention to the lower segments of our dirt bikes. Therefore, they lose their overall performance over time. You must lubricate the chain regularly to make the bike faster than ever.

It decreases chain-shaft frictions and makes it smoother for faster moving. You can use both dry and wet lubes based on weather and topographies. For example, wet lubes are better for rainy reasons. And the dry lubricant is ideal for sunny and hot weather.

  • Look After Suspensions: Examine the health of your dirt bike’s suspensions for a faster and more stable ride. Replace the old one with the new shock-absorbing suspension for better control and comfort. You cannot move faster on the rough roads if the suspensions are not in good condition.

Both rear and front suspensions must be adjustable. The dirt bike suspensions require three major adjustments: sag, preload, and damping. You have to adjust these stages based on the terrain type. An effective adjustment ensures a faster riding experience across the way.

  • Increase Compression Ratio: The higher compression ratio makes more power for faster performance. The dirt bikes require fuel efficiency a lot. Over the years, the engine compression ratio has been upgraded with new segments. However, the ideal compression ratio ranges between 12:5:1 and 13:5:1. Check your one and increase up to the mark to make the bike faster than ever.

You can increase the compression ratio with a more pronounced dome shape piston. The higher compression requires more energy. You can consider the issue for more acceleration.

  • Improve Flow-Porting: Increase airflow and improve your bike’s performance. The flow-porting is all about promoting the airflow rate of high-performing machines, like automobile engines. It requires an intricate modification to make the dirt bike faster.

You need tools and skills to improve the airflow rate of your dirt bike’s cylinder. Use a flow  bench to determine the exhaust and vacuum levels. Don’t forget to polish the cylinder head interior for better airflow. It makes the bike engine smoother to perform faster. However, flow porting is a sophisticated job that requires the finest touch of skilled hands. If you are, you can do the job at home to save money.

Allow Airflow

A simple theory is that the more airflow in the engine, the more the speed at lower fuel. However, it requires opening valves for a longer time. The high-performing camshafts let valves open for adequate airflow in the engine.

Thus, you can make your dirt bike faster by upgrading the camshafts. However, you need special expertise to do the complicated job. If you are a novice, meet an expert for a better result.

Install New Spark Plug

If the spark plug is older, don’t hesitate to replace it with a new one. A high-quality spark plug promotes torque and the engine’s overall performance. You will experience a quite faster engine performance after installing a fresh spark plug.

An old-worn spark plug causes poor start-up and acceleration performances. And it constantly causes engine misfiring. Therefore, you miss your expected riding speed.

So, change the overused spark plug to promote fuel efficiency and engine performance. Moreover, it helps you maintain your dirt bike engine in good health to avoid frequent repairs. And you can bring the maximum change costing minimum.

Proper Tire Pressure

You must care about the ideal tire pressure to make your dirt bike faster on the toughest topographies. The tire pressure adjustment is crucial to be stable while driving. And it differs from off-road to on-road riding routes. The 12-psi and 13-psi tire pressures seem ideal, respectively, for the front tire and rear tire of a dirt bike. However, heavy-duty tires and tubes are crucial for maintaining the proper tire pressure.

Check yourself and stabilize the tire air pressure with a pump and gauge. I hope you can easily follow the steps at home to make your dirt bike faster than ever.

Additional Tips & Tricks To Make A Dirt Bike Faster!

Here, you will find some bonus tips and tricks to make your dirt bike incredibly speedy. I have applied these additional hacks to harvest more engine torque.

Additional Tips & Tricks To Make A Dirt Bike Faster

  • Change Seat Cover: Replace the old seat cover with a new one for a better sitting position. It makes me confident in running faster with comfort. You have to expend a bit to apply the trick.
  • Install Ideal Grips: Grab the handle and clutches with ideal grips for accurate acceleration and perfect control. Remove the old-worn grips and install fresh-fined grips for a better feeling. It accelerates your confidence to move faster than ever.
  • Clean the Carburetor: You must care for the carburetor’s health for thriving a speedy performance from your dirt bike. It requires regular cleaning at least once a year to maintain a good shape. Don’t mind doing this at home.
  • Add New Foot Pegs: A proper body posture promotes overall riding performance when it is a dirt bike. Replace the narrow-shaped foot pegs with ergonomic pegs for perfect foot anchoring. It adds value to the riding speed and comfort.
  • Stroking Engine: You can enhance the displacement and torque of a four-stroke dirt bike through engine stroking. It requires relocating the big-end bearing on the crank halves. However, it is better to apply the hack with an expert tuner.

How Much Does It Cost To Make a Dirt Bike Faster?

It seems so relative to calculate the cost of making a dirt bike faster than ever. Honestly, the expensive mods cannot be fruitful all the time to get faster performance from your bike. On the other hand, you can get maximum results from minimum costs. You have to think about the following factors while calculating the cost.

  • How many upgrades?
  • What types of mods?
  • Availability of the parts
  • Bike models & segments and
  • Expertise demand

Therefore, fix these factors first and estimate your budget to boost the bike. However, you can bring the mods to make your dirt bike faster for $20 to $2000 or more.

Free Ways To Make Your Dirt Bike Faster!

Though it sounds surprising, you can make your dirt bike faster, without spending a penny. And it  works. So, let’s hunt the hacks!

  • Adjusting Clickers: You can bring your dirt bike speed to the next level by adjusting the suspension clickers. It is a fully free-of-cost hack to hike the bike. Adjust the suspension clickers based on the riding topographies for better performance.
  • Increasing Compression: The compression rate plays a vital role in speeding up on the hilly tracks. And you can adjust the compressors of the suspensions to get frequent ups and downs. It is a simple but scientific technique to make a dirt bike faster with no cost.
  • Cleaning Exhaust: The thing we usually forget is to make your bike’s exhaust clean. In the long run, it affects the overall performance of the bike. So, leave a few minutes and clean the exhaust to make your dirt bike faster than ever.
  • Exact Spark Timing: Keep a close eye on the spark timing to understand any possible changes. If it doesn’t seem sound, ensure the proper spark placement for timely sparking. It promotes engine performance to make the bike faster.
  • Join a Boot Camp: Finally, test and tune your driving dexterity to be confident in faster riding. You can join a boot camp to learn more about advanced riding skills and techniques. It is free!

Final Words!

Don’t be excited to make your dirt bike faster. It may be worthless work if the project isn’t on the right track. So, play with the plans to get the best outcomes ever. I hope that now you feel confident in caring for your bike with the best possible mods and upgrades to move faster.

However, don’t think about anything overnight. Take time and be patient to perform better with your dirt bike. I was hoping you could save your money and time and go faster with my real-life hacks. Be safe on every ride!

James Albert is a dirt biker for about 6 years with a passion for helping others get into the sport without knowing anything. He shares his expertise and reviews dirt bikes and related tools.

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