How to Get a Title for a Dirt Bike? The Ultimate Guide!

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Buying and selling dirt bikes can be a daunting experience. Many dirt bike enthusiasts tend to worry much about the title. It is illegal to own an unregistered bike in some States since many people want to avoid paying sales tax.

A dirt bike title is proof of legal ownership. This valuable document is not common when selling an older dirt bike model. But most states have changed their laws to make dirt bike titles mandatory during a transaction. 

Beware that dirt bike laws are not the same for road bikes. I wrote this article to help you learn how to get a title for a dirt bike and provide insights into the confusing requirements. I have also shared tips for buying a dirt bike and getting a title faster.

What Is a Dirt Bike Title?

A dirt bike title is a document that proves legal ownership. The pink slip is issued via the department of motor Vehicles (DMV). The serial number on the dirt bike plays a crucial to get a title. Every biker needs to check the serial number on the bike before making the purchase.

What Is a Dirt Bike Title

The dirt bike title contains all the information of the owner to give him or her legal rights to ride on the public road. The document also helps get insurance coverage before riding on the road.

Bikers need to present the certificate of title with complete registration to prove the dirt bike ownership. Name, address, birth date, and phone number are crucial details for focus. The bike title consists of title number, tax details, model number, manufacturing year, vehicle identification number, owner’s name, and address.

New Dirt Bike Title Vs Old Dirt Bike Title

Most states laws are unclear about buying and selling dirt bikes. It makes many people own dirt bikes without titles. But some states have reviewed their laws to make dirt bike titles compulsory. The purpose is to curb the high scamming rates across the country.

New Dirt Bike Title

Getting a title for a new dirt bike is super easy since there are no complications. Registering a bike helps provide proof of ownership in case of something serious.

New dirt bikes do not come with titles. The buyer needs to follow all the legal requirements to get the title from the DMV. Otherwise, the dirt bike won’t be street legal.

Old Dirt Bike

A few years ago, many people own unregistered dirt bikes since the law wasn’t clear. Some bikers end up losing it or never got one upon the purchase of their dirt bikes.

But the high crime and scamming rate have forced many states to review their laws. Thousands of people want to make quick money using improper channels. It is safer to buy a dirt bike from a seller with the title. Buying an unregistered dirt bike is a purchase fraught with peril and can get you jail time.

Are Titles Common for Dirt Bikes?

New dirt bikes come without titles since there is no reason from the legal bodies of a state. The buy has the mandate to apply for the title after the purchase. So, are titles common for dirt bikes? No. Titles are not common for dirt bikes or vehicles since it is a proof of legal ownership. Each new bike has a unique serial number and specifications.

It is illegal to buy a new dirt bike without a certificate title in all states. The pink slip helps identify the owner of the dirt bike whether new or old. Always strive to get a signed document proving your dirt bike ownership. It will help you get insurance coverage and sell the dirt bike in the future.

How Do I Get a Title for a Dirt Bike

Riding a dirt bike without a title is illegal in all states. It is essential to get a title for your bike to enjoy the ride on the track or trails. If you are buying an old dirt bike without a title, always track it down to find the original owner and figure out if it is worth spending money on.

How to Get a Title for a Dirt Bike

Take the VIN from the bike and take it to the DMV for a run search at a cost. Contact the original owner through a letter or social media and wait for feedback. Use the certified letter from the original owner with a bill of sales and receipts to obtain the bike title from the DMV headquarter.

If the old dirt bike has a scratched VIN, walk away since it is a red flag. Getting a title for a new dirt bike is a straightforward process. The company selling the dirt bike can help you get a pink slip without visiting the DMV offices and going through an inspection.

What is the VIN Number of a Dirt Bike & How to Check it?

A dirt bike VIN is a code revealing the bike model, features, manufacturer, technical specifications, place, and year of manufacture. A VIN is also called a VIN code or Body number. The code is essential when buying parts of your dirt bike. It is used by all manufacturers of bikes and vehicles.

The VIN is located near the steering head of the bike on a metal plate. The 17-digit code is either printed or engraved. Use the code to check for information at VinFreeCheck.

What Are the Steps to Get a Title for a Dirt Bike With a Bill of Sale?

Finding the original bike owner will make it possible to get a title. Below are quick steps to get a title for a dirt bike with a bill of sale:

What Are the Steps to Get a Title for a Dirt Bike With a Bill of Sale

Read the Sale Bill

Take the time to read through the bill of sale for any liens against the dirt bike. The information will help you know the title, repair bills, and other liens.

Know the Owner’s Details

Get to know the owner’s details before buying the dirt bike. Check the insurance cover against theft and enquire about the insurance policy number.

Visit Title Company

Take the dirt bike with a bill of sale to a reputable title company for a thorough examination. If everything matches, you will be given a dirt bike title.

Buy Dirt Bike from the Seller

The seller will list the dirt bike in the title search and help you get one. It is the easiest way to get a dirt bike title with a bill of sale.

Find out the Title Validity

Find out the dirt bike title validity from the government to see if it is suspended. It will help you also know if it is a bogus title. If the seller does not give you the report, walk away and find another seller.

Tips & Tricks for Buying Bike and Getting Title

Buying a new dirt bike makes it easier to get a title. The seller will help run the title search and get you sorted in the long run. Below are quick tips for buying a bike and getting a title:

  • Run the Vehicle Identification Number to ensure the bike is not registered as stolen or things that make the seller look fishy.
  • Ask the seller for the title to get more details and easy transfer of property ownership.
  • Find out about the dirt bike liens like a financier. If the owner still owes the financier, you will be responsible for finishing the payment.
  • Countercheck the VIN on the bike title with VIN on the bike. If these two codes don’t match, walk away and find another seller.
  • Check to see if you need a notary from your current state.

Final Words

Fact checks are crucial when buying a dirt bike to avoid breaking the laws. Getting a dirt bike title helps prove the legal ownership and acquires insurance cover. Most bikers do not have a pink slip. But it is mandatory to have a dirt bike title to legally enjoy your ride on the streets or tracks.

Bike title is compulsory in all states to help combat the high crime rate. Thousands of people get scammed or jailed for owning stolen property.

James Albert is a dirt biker for about 6 years with a passion for helping others get into the sport without knowing anything. He shares his expertise and reviews dirt bikes and related tools.

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