How Old Do You Have To Ride A Dirt Bike?

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Riding a dirt bike is a great way to get outside, enjoy some fresh air, and see the countryside. There is nothing quite like getting out there with nothing but dirt, rocks, and trails to maneuver over. You might even end up in some new places you’d never seen before. However, how old do you have to ride a dirt bike?

Typically, you will have to be at least 16 years old. But, more often than not, 18 years old is the legal driving age for dirt bikes. Even so, each state has its age requirement in which you will have to have a proper license to operate a dirt bike, and there are some that you can legally ride without a license.

Each state has different laws regarding when someone can legally ride a motorcycle or dirt bike on public roads and trails. You can find the information by doing your research to know the state law or country law guiding the use of dirt bikes.

Is Dirt Bike Dangerous for Kids?

Yes, dirt bikes are dangerous for kids. However, there are restrictions on who can ride dirt bikes in most states, so knowing whether dirt biking is dangerous for kids is important. States have various restrictions limiting who can ride a bike and when.

Is Dirt Bike Dangerous for Kids

The legalities of dirt bike riding for kids vary by state, but the general rule is that dirt bikes are usually for kids 16 years or older. Dirt bike riding comes with many risks, so there are lots of benefits your kids enjoy from using safety gear whenever they mount on the dirt bike.

The truth regarding kids riding a dirt bike is that dirt-bike riding can cause injuries like other sports. However, proper safety gear and the right techniques might be a healthy activity for kids. So parents should give more attention to getting safety gear and taking their kids through proper training.

How Old Do You Have To Ride A Dirt Bike?

You should be 16 years old to ride a dirt bike on public land, but you can ride at any age on private property with the owner’s permission. Generally, you have to take a safety course at a motorcycle training school or obtain your motorcycle license before riding a street-legal dirt bike.

How Old Do You Have To Ride A Dirt Bike

Also, the age at which you can ride a dirt bike legally depends on the laws in your state. Some states, such as California, allow riders of all ages to ride dirt bikes on private property with permission from the owner.

While other states have “age of majority” rules, meaning that all drivers under 18 require adult supervision when operating a dirt bike.

In many cases, kids can ride a dirt bike at age six or seven, but it mainly depends on their and the type of the bike. As mentioned above, plenty of factors play into getting on a dirt bike and getting off to an early start. Just ensure you get the right information on the rules and regulations in your state.

How To Size a Dirt Bike for Your Child?

Learning how to size a dirt bike for your child is one of the most important factors in getting your kids into riding. Therefore, it is important you choose the perfect-sized dirt bike for your kids and, at the same time, make sure that they are safe when learning how to ride.

When it is time to buy your kid a dirt bike, consider a few factors before committing. Foremost, you have to shop for the right bike size. Too small, they will outgrow it quickly, too big, and they will struggle with motor skills and coordination.

So, before you buy a dirt bike for your child, be sure you know what matters most when sizing a dirt bike. Sizing a dirt bike is not an exact science. The only way to find out which size is best for your child is to get him/her on several dirt bikes of various sizes and compare how each one feels.

Therefore, if you are buying a new bike, you should have your child sit on a couple of different sizes to understand what fits them best. Another way to tell the correct size is through a chart and you can check the chart on riskracing. Most manufacturers give size charts, and there you can check for the age range of your kids and select the right one.

How To Size a Dirt Bike for Your Child

The first step to making a wrong choice is choosing a dirt bike for 13 year old beginner without checking the size chart.

Dirt bike size chart explained

Age 3 -7

The recommended engine size a kid of such age range can control is between 25cc to 50cc. It is the right size for little kids that are not fully mature in handling higher engine rate. Also, it is the best point to start for younger kids.

In addition, the bike seat height and child height are important as well as they determine the comfort and convenience your kids experience while riding.

Age 7 -12

Kids within this age bracket should have the experience with handling dirt bikes. Therefore, they can handle the dirt bike with the engine rating of 50cc and above. a 25cc engine will be too small for this age range and anything above 110cc is going to be too difficult to handle.

Age 12 – 14

Kids from age 12 to 14 have the capacity to handle a dirt bike with 110cc to 125cc engine. Anything above that should be used under parental supervision.

Selecting the Right Type Dirt Bike for Your Kids

As concerned parents, you want your kids to be safe when riding a dirt bike. However, you will also want them to have fun. Therefore, choosing the right kind of dirt bike for your kids is essential if you want to be sure that they will enjoy riding and won’t get injured.

Selecting the Right Type Dirt Bike for Your Kids

The following section provides some key things you need to know about selecting the best type of dirt bike for your kids.

Choose the right size

Choosing the perfect size of dirt bike for your child is an important decision and one that requires some research. There are different factors you must consider, such as your child’s age, physical size, and riding skill.

Too small of a bike, and they will grow out of it in less than a year, which can be frustrating to them. On the other hand, being too big can lead to bad crashes, which puts fear into the kid. The right method to approach this is to sit the child on the dirt bike seat, then place their foot flat on the ground by their feet. Then, if your kids can touch the ground with both feet, you have a good size.

Engine capacity

Engine capacity measures the amount of fuel that your child’s dirt bike can burn. It is measured in cubic capacity (CC), the volume displaced by each stroke of a piston in an engine.

The more cylinders, the more CCs. Kids’ bikes commonly come in 50cc, 65cc, and 85cc. For small children under 90lbs, a dirt bike with a small 50cc is recommended.

Seat height

Seat height is a good place for the kids to start when looking for their first dirt bike. If your child’s feet can comfortably touch the ground and some of their weight is on the seat, they are probably of average height for their age.

If your child can only get one foot on the ground but has a fair amount of grow space left for legs, then a smaller bike with lower seat height will likely be the best.

Wheel size

A kids’ dirt bike is generally categorized by wheel size, and the most common sizes range from 10 to 19 inches. If you are looking for the quality tires that can give your children an extra smooth ride, choose bikes that have wheels sized at 10 inches or more.

Bike design

There are numerous different dirt bikes available for children, from early age bikes to smaller copies of adult models. Safety is the first thing if you are buying a dirt bike for your kid. You don’t want your child outstripping the bike’s capabilities. The best dirt bike is the one your child can handle safely.

Guidelines To Ensure Kids Safety On A Dirt Bike

Kids safety on dirt bikes is important to keep in mind if your children have a passion for it. In addition, parents should understand dirt bike riding, including the equipment and other activities involved to keep them safe.

Guidelines To Ensure Kids Safety On A Dirt Bike

So, here are guidelines on how to ensure your kids remain safe whenever they get on a dirt bike.

Give parental supervision

Make no mistake about it, and dirt bike riding is dangerous. Never allow your child to ride his or her mini dirt bike unless a responsible adult is supervising them at all times. Children get excited and anxious while riding, so they don’t pay attention to their speed limits, and this can cause some unfortunate accidents. A parent can avoid all these by guiding them.

Use safety gear

Use safety gear to protect your children from injury, including a full-face helmet, motorcycle boots and gloves, elbow guards, knee guards, and a chest protector. Wearing a helmet, goggles, knee pads, and elbow pads can protect your child from head injuries, eye injuries, and broken bones. Don’t let your child ride without safety gear.


Dirt bike riding is so fun, yet the danger is always a high risk. To protect the hands and fingers, wearing safety gloves is a must while driving. Children riding dirt bikes should always use safety gloves for hand protection, especially when racing and off-road riding.

Elbow guards

Elbow guards are an important piece of protective gear for children. When kids fall off their bikes, it is most likely that their hands and arms will be the first body part to contact the pavement.

This can result in a tumble and road rash, or even worse, a broken bone. On the other hand, elbows guards are affordable and easy to wear, making them natural for biking enthusiasts looking for protection.

Chest protector

Your kids need to wear a chest protector when you ride. It will help protect the ribs and keep your kids from getting too scratched up. However, like any other sports injury, broken ribs can be incredibly painful, making the healing process take longer and decreasing the amount of fun your kids have on the dirt bike.


The helmet is a safety gear to use on the bike. Many kinds of bike helmets, such as the soft head, half-helmet, full helmet, etc. The full helmet bears the best protection and is most welcomed by adults and children.

When riding a motorcycle, if you don’t wear a helmet in the right way, you will probably get injured. So, when you ride a bike or motorcycle with your child together, please teach him/her how to wear the helmet correctly.


Goggles prevent dirt, rocks, and other debris from flying into your child’s eyes. Wearing a helmet is critical to head protection, but the face is still vulnerable to injuries the helmet cannot cover.

If he is going to wear goggles, it is better if you find one that will shield completely across his eyes, not just the front half. This ensures that no matter what direction he turns his head in mid-flight, he/she will be protected.

Ride with your kids

Riding on a dirt bike with your kids is a great way to have fun together or teach your children how to ride safely. You will be there, helping them enjoy the outdoors as they get exercise and learn a new skill. It will also assist them in learning the basics of riding, and you can be sure of their safety even when they ride in your absence.

Frequently Asked Questions

How old do you have to be to ride a dirt bike on road?

You have to be 18 years old to ride a dirt bike on the road. However, you first need to get a motorcycle learner permit, take the novices course and pass your road test.

Can a 13 year old ride a dirt bike?

Yes, a 13-year-old can ride a dirt bike. Dirt bikes are generally for ages 12 and above, but if your child has experience with other types of bike riding, then you can allow them to ride a dirt bike. The perfect method to do this is to have your child trained by an instructor to ensure that they are safe and avoid injury.

What age can you ride a 125cc?

You have to be 16 years old and above to ride a 125cc motorbike. In addition, you have to pass CBT motorcycle training, and you have to show your certificate at the motorcycle dealership where you buy your bike as proof of training.

What CC should a 13 year old have?

While safety is the first thing to consider, the best and safest CC for your kids is the 50CC to 125 CC.

Where is the best place for kids to start riding?

The best place for kids to start riding is in a safe grassy area like a park or garden. It provides children with the ability to master their balance at a low speed without the fear of falling over.


Riding a dirt bike can be exciting and adventurous. However, it is also dangerous, so it is important to ride these bikes with caution if you decide to do so. Just like riding a motorcycle or driving a car, there are many rules that you should follow when riding.

So, this page on how old do you have to ride a dirt bike? It explains the age recommendation and other things you need to know about riding a dirt bike.

James Albert is a dirt biker for about 6 years with a passion for helping others get into the sport without knowing anything. He shares his expertise and reviews dirt bikes and related tools.

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