How Much Does It Cost To Maintain a Dirt Bike?

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Dirt bikes are excellent for off-road activities. These outdoor conditions tend to make the dirt bike pretty messy. Providing ultimate care to your machine will ensure it stays in a top-notch condition.

So, how much does it cost to maintain a dirt bike? The average cost for maintaining a dirt bike is about $4500 to $7500. But the cost may vary depending on the dirt bike type and an individual riding style.

I wrote this article to share my dirt bike maintenance costs and tips on how often to service the machine. I have also included parts of the dirt bike that requires regular maintenance. Let’s find that out together.

What Is Dirt Bike Maintenance?

Dirt bike maintenance is a routine of inspecting the bike to replace or adjust certain parts before severe damage occurs or expensive repairs are needed. The maintenance routine is also known as preventative maintenance. Every dirt bike enthusiast needs to look after his machine to enjoy better performance at a low cost.

What Is Dirt Bike Maintenance

The bike has some parts that wear out faster and requires regular maintenance. This high depreciation rate is due to cruising the trails and other challenging terrains. The dirt bike parts that require regular maintenance are engine oil, chain tension, air filters, fluids, brake pads, throttle, wheel spoke adjustment and a clean fuel system.

Is It Expensive To Maintain A Dirt Bike?

Many aspiring dirt bike riders tend to worry about the maintenance cost. There are widespread beliefs that dirt bikes are easier to maintain than regular street bikes. So, is it expensive to maintain a dirt bike? Yes. Dirt bikes require more maintenance than street bikes due to the riding road conditions. Replacing pistons may cost hundreds of dollars.

But the estimated costs of running a dirt bike depend on an individual. We have those riders who love premium helmets, boots, and gloves. I like wearing cheaper items though they are effective.

Besides that, dirt bikes come as either two-stroke or four-stroke. Each type of dirt bike has a different maintenance cost. Maintaining a two-stroke dirt bike is more affordable than 4-stroke.

How Much Does It Cost To Maintain A Dirt Bike?

Dirt bikes are perceived to require high maintenance. But the maintenance estimate costs depend on the riding style and trail conditions. If you like riding your dirt bike more often, you’ve to change the oil every 20 hours. It may sound too expensive for those used to changing the oil every 3000 miles.

How Much Does It Cost To Maintain a Dirt Bike

The high maintenance may also involve rebuilding the engine top-end every 5 hours during an extreme off-road race. I find high maintenance cost to be a relative phrase when dealing with dirt bikes. Every rider does experience different maintenance cost estimates from others.

Below are my estimated costs for maintaining a dirt bike:

Part Costs
Piston Kit $45-100
Gasket Kit $20-130
Cylinder Plating $250
New Cylinder $250-550
Labor $150-200

How to Maintain Your Dirt Bike?

Servicing your dirt bike more often will improve its lifespan and off-road performance. Below is a basic checklist for riders to consider when maintaining a dirt bike:

How to Maintain Your Dirt Bike


Changing the dirt bike tires more often in a year will help minimize repair costs due to severe damages in the trails. I recommend changing the rear tire three times and the front tire two times a year.

This maintenance routine will cost you about $600 in a year from my experience. Dirt bikes and tires are a little bit inexpensive when compared to those trails counterparts.


Dirt bike insurance is a crucial factor to consider. It helps reduce the cost of fixing a dirt bike in the event of an impact that causes severe damage. Do adequate research before getting an insurance policy since some companies are quite expensive. But the average insurance cost of a dirt bike is about $950.

Riding Gear

Dirt bikes are vulnerable to crashing due to their riding road conditions. Choosing the best gear will guarantee ultimate protection. A small crash from the trails will result in severe injuries. Buy a high-quality helmet, boots, gloves, and chest protector.

Air Filters

Air filters need to be cleaned or changed after every ride due to mud and sand. Swabbing air filters more often will help improve your dirt bike engine lifespan.

Brake Pads

Dirt bike brakes need to offer the ultimate grip to avoid crashing in the trails. Regular riding will make your brake pads material to wear down to the backing plate. But the depreciation rate depends on the usage. I recommend replacing the pads when there are 1mm of materials left.

Engine Oil

Keep an eye on the engine oil level in your dirt bike to avoid damaging it. Refill the oil according to the manufacturer’s manual and change the oil filters.

Chain Tension

Chain tension is an essential dirt bike maintenance aspect since the component helps transfer engine energy to the rear wheel spin. It should be in perfect working condition.

The too-tight chain will break, and the too loose chain will slip off the sprocket to cause severe damage on your dirt bike. Inspect the chain tension more often and lubricate it for better performance.

How Often You Should Service Your Dirt Bike?

Dirt bikes are vulnerable to mud, dirt, water, foliages, and many other things around the track or on the trails. These riding conditions will make your dirt bike pretty messy in the long run. So, how often should I service my dirt bike? I recommend servicing the dirt bike every 100 hours of use in rugged conditions.

But knowing the exact time to service your dirt bike depends on an individual riding style and road conditions. Be sure to complete the maintenance routine to avoid extra costs during servicing.

Besides that, each dirt bike manufacturer specifies when to service the machine. I recommend reading the manual guide of your dirt bike.

Final Words

Dirt bikes can be intimidating to maintain if you’re a new rider. But the high maintenance cost should not discourage you from going for a ride. I recommend giving your dirt bike the ultimate attention to enable it to perform well. Servicing the machine more often guarantees a long lifespan and better performance.

I hope the facts in this article guide were helpful. Feel free to share the information with your friends or family.

James Albert is a dirt biker for about 6 years with a passion for helping others get into the sport without knowing anything. He shares his expertise and reviews dirt bikes and related tools.

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