Dirt Bike Size Chart : How to Select for Your Age & Height?

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Do you want to experience the fun and adventure of riding a dirt bike like every other dirt bike rider? If so, it’s mandatory to choose a dirt bike that ensures ample control, confidence, safety, and, of course, comfort.

In short, you have to select and buy a dirt bike that will be suitable for your age and height. However, if you’re a beginner, it could be tough to choose the right one without having knowledge of the dirt bike size chart.

A bike size chart is something that will give you a complete idea of how to get a dirt bike based on age, height, and other aspects. And to fulfill your needs, I’ve included a chart and a reliable buying guide in this article.

So, without any further ado, let’s jump into this article.

Dirt Bike Size Chart

If you’re about to buy a dirt bike for yourself, your child, or anyone else, choosing the perfect one can be a tough job. It’ll be a difficult task as there are a lot of models, sizes, and different power levels of dirt bikes available.

Dirt Bike Size Chart

So, if you don’t want to rely on a guessing game, then follow this section. Here I’ve included an innovative chart with all the necessary information. This chart will ensure that you’re not making any mistakes that could hamper your enjoyment and safety.

Here is the chart that you’re waiting for:

Age Rider’s Height (cm) Bike Seat Height (inches) Bike Seat Height (cm) Engine Size (CC)
3-6 years old 90- 110cm 23-24” 58-61cm 50cc
6-8 years old 120cm 23-25” 58-64cm 50cc
8-10 years old 135cm 24-28” 60-66cm 110cc
10-12 years old 145cm 26-31” 66-79cm 110-125cc
12-14 years old 157cm 31-35” 79-89cm 125-140cc
15-18 years old 165cm 33-37” 86-94cm 140-160cc
Adult 178cm to higher 35 – higher 89-95+cm 125-500cc

How To Select A Dirt Bike Based On Age And Height?

Since I’ve included a chart on choosing a dirt bike based on age and height, now you might have a pretty good idea about choosing one. If you want to know why you should trust our chart, follow the section below. Here I’ve explained the chart with other related aspects. Have a look:

Seat Height

In the previous section, I provided an estimated seat height for some specific heights in that section. If you want an exact idea, then try to sit on the bike and then check the height issue manually. The perfect seat height is when you can easily touch the ground with one-third of your feet.

Seat Height

Your Weight

Weight is also important, as not having a bike adjusted to your weight can harm the suspension and other components. Well, if you weigh just above 100 pounds, it’s good to go for 125 to 150cc bikes. On the other hand, if your weight is over 150 pounds, then a 250 to 450cc bike should be your best option.

Your Weight

Engine Power

Engine power can play a crucial role in keeping you or any new rider safe. I’ve already included what power engine is required based on age, and I’ll explain it in the section. Here I’ll explain what power engine you need based on your age. Check it out:

Engine Power

3-6 Years Old:

A 50cc is always recommended for children aged 3 to 6 years old because some of the 50cc bikes only have a twist and go throttle. This engine power will let your kid learn how to balance and ride the bike under power.

3-6 Years Old

6-8 Years Old:

When choosing a bike for 6 to 8-year-old kids, go for a 50cc semi-automatic dirt bike. A 6 to an 8-year-old kid can easily be able to perform gear shifting, so a 50cc semi-automatic dirt bike will be a good choice.

6-8 Years Old

8-12 Years Old:

An 8–12-year-old kid can easily be able to use a 65–120cc dirt bike that comes with a standard gearbox. Well, here, choosing a 65cc bike means a mini dirt bike, and getting a 110cc dirt bike means a full-sized dirt bike.

8-12 Years Old

12-14 Years Old:

12 to 14 is a very complicated age when a kid’s height can grow differently. And that’s why it’ll be better to go for a dirt bike with an 80-100 cc 2-stroke or a 110-150 cc 4-stroke. These types of engine power will be good enough for mid-aged kids.

12-14 Years Old

15-17 Years Old:

If your kid’s age is between 15 and 17, and he or she is a beginner, then go for a 100-125 cc 2-stroke or a 125-150 cc 4-stroke dirt bike. These engine-powered dirt bikes are an excellent choice for teens who want to learn to ride a dirt bike.

15-17 Years Old


If you’re a beginner, then a 125-250 cc 4-stroke engine-powered dirt bike would be the best choice. And as a beginner, it’s never a good idea to jump straight onto race dirt bikes.


Note: Knowing only the seat height and engine power is not enough. Before choosing a dirt bike, you should consider other aspects. Here are those aspects:

Experience Level

Before going to any specific age, let me start the guide based on experience level. Regardless of your age, if you are an inexperienced rider, it is always a good idea to start with low engine power. For kids (3–9 years old), it’s always recommended that you start with 50–125cc. On the other hand, if you’re a teen or adult, then go for 110-150 or 200cc dirt bikes.

Experience Level

Bike Type

After experience level, bike type is the next thing to be determined. Well, dirt bikes come in different types, and some of the types are trail, enduro, motocross, and dual-sport bikes. All of them serve different purposes, and as a beginner, you should go for trail bikes as they offer excellent handling through smooth power and soft suspension.

Bike Type

2-stroke and 4-stroke

Both 2- and 4-stroke engines serve different purposes, so it’s essential to know about both before choosing a bike. The 2-stroke bikes are more lightweight and offer a narrow torque curve. On the other hand, 4-stroke bikes offer a more linear torque curve, which makes the learning process easier. For beginners, it is good to go for four-stroke bikes.

2-stroke and 4-stroke

Engine Starter

There are many different engine starters, but among them, electric and kick-starters are the most popular on dirt bikes. And if it’s about getting your first dirt bike, choose a bike with an electric starter. That is because kick-starters are comparatively more difficult to operate than other starter types.

Engine Starter

When selecting a dirt bike for yourself or someone else, you need to look at these things. Alongside all these aspects, there are some aspects that require your attention. Some of them are:

  • Wheels and Tires: If it’s about a kids’ dirt bike, then choose a dirt bike with a 14 to 16″ wheel size. And for teens to adults, try to choose a 17-inch or 19-16-inch wheel and tire size.
  • Frame Material: Although there are many materials used in making a dirt bike, try to choose the most durable one. Some durable materials are carbon, aluminum, steel, and so on. Steel or aluminum is the most reliable

Some other things that also require your attention are suspension, bearings, engine oil, chain, brakes, handlebars, engine noises, clutch and so on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Although I’ve covered everything you need to know about selecting a dirt bike based on your age and height, some questions may still come to your mind. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions and their answers. Have a look:

How To Determine The Wrong Seat Height For You?

Simply sit on the bike, and if you see you can place your entire foot on the ground, then the bike is too small for you. On the other hand, if you can barely touch the ground while sitting on the bike, that means that the bike is too large for you. Being able to touch the ground with one-third of your feet is the perfect seat height.

Can You Increase Or Reduce The Seat Height Of Your Dirt Bike?

If after purchasing a dirt bike, you see the seat is not perfect according to your height, then you can be able to increase and reduce the height.

To increase the seat height:

  • Get a taller and thicker seat foam
  • Try to install a small size sag setting on the rear suspension
  • And you can also use taller handlebars to increase the seat height

To reduce the seat height:

  • Try to remove some foam from the seat
  • Use a thin foam on the seat
  • Tinkering with the sag settings by adjusting the rear suspension can also help to reduce the seat height

What Are The Most Reliable Dirt Bike Models For Kids?

There are a bunch of manufacturers who make dirt bikes specifically for kids, but not all of them are good enough to be trusted. Some of the most trusted and popular kids’ dirt bikes are:

  • Yamaha- PW50, TTR50E, TTR110E, YZ65,
  • Honda- CRF50F, CRF110F
  • Suzuki RM-65, DR-Z50, DR-Z70,
  • KTM-50 SX,
  • Husqvarna- TC 50, TC 65,
  • Kawasaki- KLX 110

What Are The Most Reliable Dirt Bike Models For Teens?

Like for kids, there are some popular and reliable dirt bike models that are available for teens too. Some of the models are:

  • Yamaha- TT-R125LE, YZ12, YZ85,
  • Suzuki- DR-125L, RM85,
  • KTM- 85 SX,
  • Husqvarna- TC 85,
  • Kawasaki- KX 85, KX 100, KLX 140

Note: These dirt bike models are suitable for both teens and small adults.

What Are The Most Reliable Dirt Bike Models For Adults?

There are a lot of manufacturers who make a lot of dirt bikes, and not all of them will be suitable for you. So, as an adult, if you’re looking for some of the best dirt bike models made by different manufacturers, check out the section below:

  • Yamaha YZ125, YZ250X, YZ450F, TT-R230
  • Honda CRF 250XLR, 250 RX, 450 RX, 450 R
  • Suzuki RM-Z250, RM-Z450, DR-Z125L, RMX450Z
  • KTM 125 SX, 150 SX, 250 SX, 250 SX-F, 350 SX-, 450 SX-F
  • Kawasaki KLX 250, KX 250,KX 450
  • Husqvarna TC 125, TC 250, FC 350, FC 450,


The money spent on buying a dirt bike will become a waste if you end up choosing a bike that doesn’t suit your height. However, since I’ve included a dirt bike size chart with all other related aspects, now you can easily choose the best one.

Get the perfect one based on your age, height, weight, and preferences, and enjoy the thrilling experience and adventure feel. No matter if you’re getting a dirt bike for your kids or someone else, always remember to consider the seat height.

Also, don’t forget to look at the engine power as well. Choosing the right bike with the proper seat height and engine power will give you an exceptional level of comfort, confidence, and safety while riding your bike.

James Albert is a dirt biker for about 6 years with a passion for helping others get into the sport without knowing anything. He shares his expertise and reviews dirt bikes and related tools.

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