Dirt Bike Size Chart : How to Select for Your Age & Height?

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Dirt bikes are off-road lightweight motorcycles with rugged construction, special tires, and high-end suspension to handle riding over hilly, rough terrain. They are available with both two-stroke and four-stroke engines.

But the main thing you need to consider while getting a dirt bike is the size. Both your height and seat height will play crucial roles in comfort and ease of control. To make off-road riding a pleasure, you must look for a seat height where you can touch the ground with both feet, just enough of it to hold the balance. 

Without the right height and size, you just can’t experience the true adventure a dirt bike offers. There are many things to consider while sizing, based on the different age groups, starting with kids, teenagers, and adults.

So, let’s talk about seat sizes, along with a bike size chart. You’ll get detailed information about dirt bikes of different sizes, brands, and engine capacities, which would enable you to choose the best bike for your convenience.

What Dirt Bike Is Appropriate for You?

When it comes to selecting the appropriate dirt bike for you, there are several factors to be considered, like your experience in riding, your age, height, and weight. Not just for kids, but even for grownups who are new to dirt biking, the appropriate size of the bike is needed.

What Dirt Bike Is Appropriate for You

There are many reasons why the correct size is a must. Here are some important ones:

  • Most dirt bikes use a kick-starting mechanism, and when the bike is too large for the user, it is going to be difficult to manage.
  • Balancing the dirt bike will be difficult if the bike is too large for the rider.
  • When the bike is smaller and under control, the rider will be more confident in handling his bike.
  • The physical size and the power will be too much to handle if it’s bigger than needed. It will be hard to control the bike, and might even lead to fear of motors in the rider.

Dirt Bike Size for Kids Age 3-12 Years Old

Kids grow really fast. However, you should never get your kid a dirt bike larger than the size your kid needs, just to have the same bike for a long time. That will prove dangerous for the kid. Proper upgrades should be made to the bikes considering the overall improvement in age, size, and biking skills down the line.

Dirt Bike Size for Kids Age 3-12 Years Old

For small kids who are at the start of their biking lives, smaller 50cc bikes with automatic gear shifts are sufficient to get used to biking. And once this phase of biking ends, you can upgrade to a 110 cc bike. And finally, when confident enough and when the person is grown enough, he can go for the proper adult dirt bikes, which go even beyond 220cc.

Kids’ dirt bikes are available in two types: gas engines and electric batteries. Comparatively, gas engines are more powerful than batteries. Usually, batteries last up to 5 hours on one charge. Likewise, dirt bikes for short riders and tall riders won’t have the same seat height.

The easy way to identify the right size of bike for a kid is that he or she must be able to place both feet on the ground while sitting on the bike. However, the feet will touch the ground just the forefoot, not entirely with heels too.

Baby dirt bikes come with training wheels, which would help them in the beginning stages when they start learning to ride the bike. Kids’ dirt bikes are measured based on the size of the wheels, while adults’ bikes are measured based on the frame.

It’s better to select a bike considering the inseam size and also the height of the kid. Inseam size helps when choosing a comfortable bike.

Dirt Bike Size for Kids

Popular models for Kids Dirt Bikes:

  • Yamaha- PW50, TTR50E, TTR110E, YZ65,
  • Honda- CRF50F, CRF110F
  • Suzuki RM-65, DR-Z50, DR-Z70,
  • KTM-50 SX,
  • Husqvarna- TC 50, TC 65,
  • Kawasaki- KLX 110

Medium Size Dirt Bike for Teens & Small Adults

For teenagers between the ages of 13 and 18, it is very important to get properly sized dirt bikes for the safety of the rider. That’s because the rider would like to be adventurous, riding dirt bikes at high speeds, where the risk gets even bigger.

Proper training and control of the bikes are needed to avoid any untoward incidents. In the case of a thirteen-year-old, once again the kid’s height and riding experience are the deciding factors in choosing the best dirt bike. Take this scenario for a dirt bike for a 13-year-old kid of height 5’1″ or less who has no prior riding experience.

You might find it comfortable with something like the Kawasaki KLX 140, which is a four-stroke bike and is available in 3 different heights between 30.7″ and 33.9″. You can go for the KLX 140G if your kid is taller, or a relatively shorter kid can opt for the KLX 140.

And a point to be noted is that the KLX is a trail bike, which is best suited for off-road riding and is built differently compared to track-oriented dirt bikes to give smooth and controllable power, making it the best for beginners.

Medium Size Dirt Bike for Teens & Small Adults

A fourteen or fifteen-year-old kid who already has experience riding dirt bikes can opt for something like a KX 250. The seat height of this bike is 37.3″, and if it is a bit taller for a few kids, the height can be reduced to make it better suited. Riders who are a bit aggressive love the immense power possessed by the KX 250.

Popular models for teenagers:

  • Yamaha- TT-R125LE, YZ12, YZ85,
  • Suzuki- DR-125L, RM85,
  • KTM- 85 SX,
  • Husqvarna- TC 85,
  • Kawasaki- KX 85, KX 100, KLX 140

The recommended height-seat height table for teenagers is as follows:

Rider Height Recommended Seat Height
5’2”(157 cm) 31 – 35″
5’4”(162 cm) 33 – 36″
5’6”(167 cm) 33 – 36″

Full-Size Dirt Bike for Adults & Big Riders

For adults, the size of the bike can be even bigger, and the power of the bike can range from 200cc to above 430 CCs. And once again, appropriate size is a must because the power of the bike is at the next level here.

Full-Size Dirt Bike for Adults & Big Riders

The recommended height-seat height table for adults is as follows:

Rider Height Recommended Seat Height
5’6”(167 cm) 33 – 36″
5’8ʺ (172cm) 34 – 38″
5’10” (178cm) 35 – 39″
6ʹ (182cm) and Over 37.5 or taller

Dirt Bike Size Chart of Some Popular Brands

Let’s see some popular dirt bike brands available on the market.

Dirt Bike Size Chart of Some Popular Brands

  • Yamaha 250F is preferred by the majority of riders.
  • Suzuki is another brand that has a preference all over the world. Some popular models that perform well are the Suzuki DR-Z125 and Suzuki Rmx 450 Z.
  • Honda is a Japan-based dirt bike manufacturing company with good experience in the automobile industry. The Honda CR110F is a kids’ bike. The Honda CRF250/450R are adult bikes.
  • Kawasaki is a famous brand that provides low-priced dirt bikes.
  • KTM is an Austrian company producing dirt bikes. KTM bikes are manufactured using modern technologies, and that’s why they are more popular among riders.

How to Adjust the Height of a Dirt Bike?

Dirt bikes, while being manufactured, do fall under a generalized approach of segregation. But every rider will have his/her own needs for which customization is necessary, especially when it comes to important aspects like height, for which such customizations are inevitable.

Two people of the same height may not be comfortable on the same bike. It’s because one may have a longer upper body than the lower one and vice versa. Many times, a change of a few inches may give the rider immense comfort. Dirt bike height adjustments can be made either by increasing the height or decreasing it.

How to Adjust the Height of a Dirt Bike

Increasing The Dirt Bike Height

  • A thicker, harder foam can be used to increase the height. This might very well increase the height by 2 inches.
  • Just like we change the sag settings to lower the height, similar changes can be made to increase the height as well.
  • Choosing a taller seat is always a good option.
  • Bar raisers can give more comfort, although they affect the handling.
  • The controls of the dirt bike will be affected by the sag setting changes. So keep an eye on it while adjusting the height on a dirt bike.

Lowering The Dirt Bike’s Height

An easy yet effective method of lowering the dirt bike is by taking out the foam on the seat. A seat without foam may be uncomfortable for the rider. Rather than removing the foam, we can replace it with a softer one.

When you sit on it, it will become thin yet comfortable. The bike’s height can be brought down by lowering the suspension. Decreasing the height of the bike may result in decreased ground clearance, which may lead to some unfortunate effects.


Dirt bike riding is the best way of getting an adrenaline rush for all age groups for the thrilling experience and adventure feel. The money spent on buying a dirt bike would become a waste if you end up choosing a bike that doesn’t suit your height.

The dirt bike size chart above has given you an idea of how to choose the right bike. In short, you must get a bike that has just the right seat height for your inseam. You should be able to touch the ground with your forefeet without touching the heel.

James Albert is a dirt biker for about 6 years with a passion for helping others get into the sport without knowing anything. He shares his expertise and reviews dirt bikes and related tools.

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