What Are Dirt Bike Laws in Illinois? Find Street-legal Requirements!

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Do you have a weakness in riding a dirt bike for recreational and racing zeal? Then, you must know everything about dirt bike riding rules and regulations. Like other US states, Illinois strictly maintains public safety on highways and streets.

The Illinois Department of Transportation (DOT) defines dirt bikes as OHVs under the state vehicle code. And off-highway vehicles are not street-legal without authority approval with the proper safety features.

I have recently modified my Kawasaki KLX 300R dirt bike with the required safety equipment and received street-legal approval. It was a didactic lesson for me to learn all the legal issues with my dirt bike riding.

Today, I want to present my experience to make your journey with a dirt bike legal on private or public trails. It will help you to avoid legal harassment while operating your dirt bike.

So, no more words! Read on.

Illinois Vehicle Code: Things to Know Before Riding Dirt Bikes!

The Illinois Legislature has passed several traffic laws under the state vehicle code to ensure public safety. You must be loyal to the following traffic rules and regulations while driving a dirt bike.

Things to Know Before Riding Dirt Bikes

Certificate & Registration Laws

All owners of off-highway motorcycles must apply for the certificate of application to the Secretary of State. The motorbikes purchased after January 1, 1998, are under the rules. You need to fill out the application form with the required information and pay for the certification. The authority will verify your information and vehicle details before issuing the certificate of title.

The application can be null and void if it doesn’t meet terms and conditions. So, provide all valid information and documents for your submission. No person can operate a dirt bike on highways without a valid registration from the office of the Secretary of State. Register your dirt bike within 24 hours of purchasing to get street legality.

The Secretary of State preserves rights to issue, hold, and cancel motorbike title, registration, decal, license plate, digital registration card, and sticker with due reasons. You must respect the authority’s decision.

Therefore, don’t commit unlawful events on the streets while driving your dirt bike. It helps you to protect your motorbike’s title and registration from revocation or suspension.

Learn more here: https://www.ilga.gov/legislation/ilcs/ilcs4.asp?DocName=062500050HCh%2E+3&ActID=1815&ChapterID=49&SeqStart=36800000&SeqEnd=70600000

Driver Licensing Laws

No person is legally eligible to operate dirt bikes on highways or city streets in Illinois. The Secretary of State Office issues driving licenses for residents under certain terms and conditions.

If you are a non-resident in Illinois and hold a foreign license, the Secretary of State wouldn’t issue another driving license unless you surrender it. You can enjoy an exemption from a driving license if you are under 18 and enrolled in a driver’s education program.

You won’t get a valid driving license if you are drunk, disabled, child, older, bankrupt, and harmful to public safety. The Secretary of State will award real ID-compliant identification cards to valid applicants.

The Department of Transportation can cancel your license card and proceed with a legal trial under the section in violation of the licensing laws. Driving dirt bikes on highways without a license is a criminal offense.

Learn more here: https://www.ilga.gov/legislation/ilcs/ilcs4.asp?DocName=062500050HCh%2E+6&ActID=1815&ChapterID=49&SeqStart=81287500&SeqEnd=101400000

Road Rules

According to the Arizona Road Rules, disobedience to state traffic laws is unlawful. You cannot violate the speed limit, elude peace officers’ calls, destroy public or private property, and disturb others.

Comply with the order of peace officers, firefighters, law enforcement officers, and guards on the streets, besides schools, hospitals, and parks. You can face legal trial and penalty in violation of such orders.

No dirt bike operator should exceed prescribed speed limits in particular zones and regions. According to the state road rules, the lawful riding speed limit is as follows.

Urban District Outside Urban District Four Lane Routes Other Roads Residential Roads Nearby Schools Nearby Hospitals Nearby Churches
30MPH 70MPH 65MPH 55MPH 20MPH 20MPH 20MPH 20MPh

Source: Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT)

If you violate your speed limit, law enforcement officers can seize your driving license and offer legal punishments (jail or compensation). So, be loyal to the prescribed speed limit at different zones.

Moreover, you cannot destroy public or private property while operating your dirt bike. You must be responsible for such a misdemeanor and proceed with legal enforcement. Respect others on the streets too.

Learn more here: https://www.ilga.gov/legislation/ilcs/ilcs4.asp?DocName=062500050HCh%2E+11&ActID=1815&ChapterID=49&SeqStart=114400000&SeqEnd=139900000

Helmet Laws

Illinois is one of the three US states where there are still no helmet laws for motorbike riders. Therefore, the Department of Transportation urges all to wear an eye-face protective helmet to drive dirt bikes or others.

However, wearing a helmet while operating dirt bikes on public streets and highways is a prerequisite. The peace officers can call you when moving with a naked head. According to the Governor’s Highway Safety Association, more than 15% fatalities of motorbike injuries are the result of wearing no helmets.

So, drive your dirt bike after protecting your head with a helmet.

Learn more here: https://www.iihs.org/topics/motorcycles/motorcycle-helmet-laws-table

Dirt Bike Street-legal Requirements in Illinois Under the Vehicle Code!

The Illinois Vehicle Code prohibits OHV operation on highways without street-legal approval from the Secretary of State Office. I have converted my dirt bike into a street-legal bike with the following safety features.

Dirt Bike Laws in Illinois


No dirt bikes are street-legal until they have at least one lighted headlamp that covers 500 feet minimum. Install DOT-approved headlamps to receive a positive inspection report from the investigating officer.

The violation of chapter-12 of Arizona Vehicle Code is a punishable misdemeanor. You can face legal proceedings and compensations under this provision. So, drive your dirt bike modified with a headlight.

Turn Signals

You must upgrade the safety system of your dirt bike with electric turn signals to ride on highways. The turning signals must be original and DOT-approved for safer operation on streets.

Equip your dirt bike with the turn lamps visible from back and forth. Moreover, it must be understandable from 300 feet away, at least. Never switch on the wrong signal to avoid fatal accidents.

Rearview Mirrors

According to the Vehicle Code, every street-legal motorcycle requires rearview mirrors for the driver’s clear view on highways. And the rearview mirrors must cover at least 200 feet to the rear objects and vehicles.

No person should operate a dirt bike on highways, city streets, and neighborhoods without rear view mirrors. Otherwise, it can cause fatal accidents, injuries, and property losses.


Article VI of chapter-12 of Illinois Vehicle Code urges to update dirt bikes with warning horns to make them street-legal. Therefore, the Department of Transportation allows no dirt bikes on highways without horns or warning devices.

Install a DOT-approved horn that emits audible sound at least 200 feet away under normal conditions. However, never equip any horn or warning device that causes unnecessary sound and spoils peace.


Dirt bikes emit excessive operational noise that disturbs the surrounding environment on highways, residential roads, and neighborhoods. Therefore, the Illinois Department of Environment inspects the muffler system of off-highway vehicles before awarding street legality.

Therefore, upgrade your dirt bike with an updated muffler or exhaust system to obtain eco-friendly credibility for street-legal approval. Never equip your dirt bike with cutout, bypass, or similar methods.


The Illinois Department of Transportation allows no metal-tired vehicles on maintained highways. So, for street-legal approval, replace the metallic tires of your dirt bike with pneumatic tires. Never forget to install DOT-approved tires that are safe for both roads and riders.

License Plate

No vehicles are legal to operate on highways without license plates with authorized stickers. So, attach a license plate to the rear of your dirt bike for street legality. The Illinois Secretary of State issues license plates for highway vehicles. It is also applicable for off-highway dirt bikes.

Authority Requirements

The Secretary of State’s Office requires some legal authorizations to declare a dirt bike street-legal. Therefore, you need the following certifications along with instrumental modifications.

  • Title of certification
  • Registration
  • License
  • Decal
  • Financial proof

Submit your application with these documents to the inspection officer. And pay the required fees for final approval. It takes several working days to execute the whole process.

Where to Ride Dirt Bikes in Illinois?

Illinois is a US prairie state famous for its beautiful natural landscapes, including forests, mountains, valleys, and beaches. Moreover, there are plenty of parks and trails to operate off-highway dirt bikes. Let’s explore them!

Trail Name Address Locate on Google Map
Fox Valley Off Road 1952 N 35th Rd, Ottawa, IL 61350, United States Direction
Rocky Glen OHV Park 4102 S Main St, Rockford, IL 61102, United States Direction
Little Egypt Off Road 20439 Ranch Ln, Marion, IL 62959, United States Direction
Williams Hill Pass 1935 Peak Rd, Harrisburg, IL 62946, United States Direction
Lincoln Trail Motorsports 4136, 649 Co Rd 2150E, Casey, IL 62420, United States Direction
Sunset Ridge MX 24558 County Rd 1100 E, Walnut, IL 61376, United States Direction
Atkinson Motorsports Park 23354 US-6, Atkinson, IL 61235, United States Direction
Muddy Water MX 20701 Friedens Rd, East Moline, IL 61244, United States Direction
Byron Motorsports Park 2525 E Ash Rd, Byron, IL 61010, United States Direction
Joliet Motorsports MX Park 27950 Kelly Rd, Wilmington, IL 60481, United States Direction

Warning: You must take authority approval to ride your dirt bike on these trails. Don’t violate state vehicle codes and environmental regulations while operating there. Comply with legal terms and conditions.

Is It Legal to Ride Dirt Bikes in Neighborhoods in Illinois?

The Illinois Vehicle Code defines dirt bikes as off-highway motorbikes that are illegal to ride in public ways and neighborhoods. Most dirt bikes miss safety equipment: headlights, horns, turn signals, brake lights, rearview mirrors, and adequate mufflers.

Is It Legal to Ride Dirt Bikes in Neighborhoods in Illinois

Therefore, the Department of Transportation doesn’t permit dirt bikes in neighborhoods in Illinois. However, you can convert your dirt bike into a street-legal vehicle with modification & authorization.

Then, it is legal to operate dirt bikes in neighborhoods and residential areas of Illinois under the vehicle code.

Do I Need a Registration Sticker to Ride My Dirt Bike?

The Secretary of State’s Office offers registration stickers for on-road vehicles and motorcycles. And it is illegal to operate dirt bikes on highways and public ways without having a registration sticker.

Do I Need a Registration Sticker to Ride My Dirt Bike

You need a digital registration sticker to make your dirt bike street-legal too. However, you can get exemptions from issuing an OHV registration sticker in the following spheres.

  • To ride a dirt bike on a private property.
  • To operate a dirt bike for training purposes.
  • To load and unload from the transport vehicle.
  • To ride dirt a bike in emergencies.
  • For a test drive while purchasing.

However, don’t deny the Illinois Vehicle Code for issuing a registration sticker to avoid legal proceedings.

Can My 14-year-old Baby Boy Ride a Dirt Bike in Illinois?

According to the Illinois Vehicle Code, no persons under 18 can apply for a valid driving license. However, they can ride an off-highway recreational motorbike on private property under their parents’ close monitoring.

Can My 14-year-old Baby Boy Ride a Dirt Bike in Illinois

Though it is illegal to operate a dirt bike on highways without valid registration and license, your 14-year-old baby boy can drive a dirt bike on the dedicated trails. However, he must wear proper safety gear before riding the dirt bike.

Moreover, the model and dimension of the dirt bike must be compatible with your baby’s age, size, and weight. For instance, the 125cc dirt bike models would be ideal for kids under 14.

Final Verdict!

The Illinois Department of Transportation prohibits off-highway dirt bikes on highways under the state vehicle code. And the Secretary of State issues drivers’ licenses and registration stickers for street-legal motorbikes.

No person can operate off-highway recreational dirt bikes on public ways without street legality. It requires proper modification with safety equipment to get street-legal approval in the state.

You must be loyal to traffic rules and road regulations to ride your dirt bike on public or private properties. If you face any legal issues with your dirt bike, you can meet a local motor vehicle attorney. Finally, respect your state laws to secure public safety and property.

James Albert is a dirt biker for about 6 years with a passion for helping others get into the sport without knowing anything. He shares his expertise and reviews dirt bikes and related tools.

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