Top 14 Best Dirt Bike Brands in 2023 (You Should Know About)

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Dirt bikes are amazing. Owning one is an awesome thing, especially since achievement is the benchmark of most Dirt Bike Brands in recent days. They are known for their ability to resist tear even on bad roads, unlike motorcycles that don’t do real good on rough surfaces.

Dirt bikes are adaptable for steep rides, high-risk races, and so on. But all these are possible only if you get the bike from the right brand that doesn’t compromise quality.

Knowing which one to pick from a plethora of brands offering different qualities, can be a hard job to pull off. Plus, maintenance and usage vary from one brand to another.

If you want our choice of the best brand to go with, we suggest you go with Yamaha. Yamaha YZ250F, to be specific a model if you want a 250cc model. 

Through today’s discussion, we’ll discuss the best dirt bike brands in 2022.  Let’s help you pick the right brand while avoiding the guesswork.

What Are the Top 14 Dirt Bike Brands?

Over the years, dirt bikes have changed their looks and feel and are now more satisfying than ever before. They have also evolved alongside fashion, with an increase in demand. Hence, it is pertinent that users know the 14 Dirt Bike Brands In 2022 to look out for.

Dirt Bike Brands

1. Yamaha

The brand Yamaha introduced yet another model of dirt bike brands with great quality and advanced properties. The YZ250F has advanced features that can offer any individual a smooth ride along hard and rough surfaces.

It is identified as one of Yamaha’s best for dirt bike production as the engine with every other part makes it very durable and easy to use.


Pros of Yamaha

  • It is very fast and delivers outstanding results.
  • It is excellently constructed also.
  • It is made specifically for professional trail bikers

Cons of Yamaha

  • It is quite expensive compared to other dirt bikes.

2. Suzuki

Suzuki bikes have always given their riders the satisfaction they deserve. This dirt bike has great gear and throttles best for its market. Suzuki launched new dirt bike models in 2022. They are RM-Z450, RMZ250, and RM85. Even as dirt bikes are hard to choose from, Suzuki makes it easier by providing comfort and durability in exchange for an affordable value.


Pros of Suzuki

  • It is sold with a parts kit that contains, clutch parts, jetting, carburetor gearing plus, rings and pistons.

Cons of Suzuki

  • It comes with replacement parts because it is prone to getting bad easily.

3. Honda

This brand’s 2022 model of dirt bike gives riders enough reason to have extra cash in their pockets while smiling home with their choice. It offers long-term durability as it gives riders the chance to be comfortable while having fun riding it. This is one of the best bike brands and its launching of CRF150F and CRF250RX has given it yet another praise.


Pros of Honda

  • It is the best choice for all pro-level bikers
  • It provides a fast and smooth ride.

Cons of Honda

  • Most time it can underperform, not meeting the desired expectation of the riders.

4. Kawasaki

One of its major breaks is in its KX450 2022 model. Although its features do not give way for it being classified as one of the fastest nor lightest, it has however earned its badge as being a successful model. This dirt bike has qualified as one of the best to use in test riding because of its solid properties.


Pros Of Kawasaki

  • It has a rare design.
  • The engine is also very powerful.
  • The bike’s suspension is superb.


  • When it comes to balancing, it gets difficult.

5. KTM

One feature KTM brought into its 2022 model is its electric function which helps speed up riding. The battery also is an easy rechargeable one as it can also charge even while in use. There is also the part where the brakes and form are easy to use and because of this improvement in its technology, it can be used by both beginners and old riders.


Pros of KTM

  • It is super lightweight
  • The construction level is pro
  • It is very fast and easy to control.

Cons of KTM

  • The bike suspension takes time to break in

6. Bultaco

This dirt bike assures one of their safety even as it can be used for hard practices. It is environment-friendly which helps it differ from some dirt bikes as they are not. Even as it does great things, it also gives riders the feeling of a good ride as it can be used to exercise.


Pros of Bultaco

  • It is built with a 31-degree head angle that makes it  well on a scrambler track
  • It has standard grips and original Pirelli tires

Cons of Bultaco

  • It is not very reliable as it may develop a fault easily.
  • Parts are difficult to find for replacement.

7. Beta Moto

This dirt bike has a thing for class and beauty with easy-to-use ride options. For one who adores class, this dirt bike should fill in the gap as it offers comfort while adjusting its focus to style. All parts used were sourced for and arranged to give riders ease while riding. It is okay to use it for evening rides as it isn’t complex to use.

Beta Moto

Pros of Beta Moto

  • Beta has a smooth power delivery and also a six-speed gearbox that allows it to work well on the trail
  • It does not overheat

Cons of Beta Moto

  • It is very expensive
  • The battery must be at full capacity before the bike can start.

8. Husqvarna

The Husqvarna dirt bikes have similar features but the 2022 model has a minor difference from that of the past. The 2022 model has a defining frame that enabled riders not to panic while on it as it also helps maintain balance and comfort even still.


Pros of Husqvarna

  • Other motorcycles in its class can not offer what it offers
  • Its engine performance is very high and smooth to ride.

Cons of Husqvarna

  • In small towns, Husqvarna service outlets are an issue.
  • The layout is very high and not meant for small riders.

9. Sherco

The quality of the parts used to make this dirt bike can withstand several rough treatments as it is strong enough and even more durable. This airt bike can be used for several purposes among which is the ease of brake location in cases where stunts are pulled.

Riders who love the idea of owning and riding a dirt bike can begin practice with the Sherco dirt bike as it is easy to use.


Pros of Sherco

  • Sherco parts can be easily gotten especially with several good online vendors.
  • Its suspension is to click in the right direction

Cons of Sherco

  • There is no huge aftermarket like that of other company brands.
  • It does not have a kick starter.


Like every other dirt bike, Reiju has a sleek form and durable structure. Its features are solid and are good for riding on rugged tracks. Reiju is good for short travels. It also offers one a wide range of comfort, fun, and speed and it is good enough for beginners.



  • It has an unbelievably hard seat, but when it is on the move it becomes very light making the ride fun.
  • The Rieju comes with high standard equipment, they include, an aluminum swingarm,
  • Two-way height-adjustable seat 40mm upside-down Marzocchi forks, a wavy Galfer front brake disc, Domino handlebar grips, and braided steel brake lines.

Cons of Rieju

  • When fuel is low it does not indicate on the fuel gauge.
  • Most of its equipment is aftermarket

11. Maico

This company folded up in the 1960s but has now entered the market yet again with better waves after its break. Its breakthrough stamp is seen in Maico 620Cross with advanced features to match the market’s request. While it has taken quite long a time to still be in business, its comeback has been great, such that it is still known as one of the best dirt bike dealers.


Pros of Maico

  • Maico can allow almost any rider to go very fast even on the first time using it.
  • The position of the bars is low. It is so to let the rider fling the bike into different turns.

Cons of Maico

  • The clutch of Maico is very rigid and drags repeatedly. It takes two hands and a foot to pull the lever.
  • The Maico does not have any front brake.

12. Gas Gas

This dirt bike brand is known for its low maintenance cost. It is built for people who cannot afford bigger brands but still want to identify with top brands. It also doesn’t consume more power/energy and has a simple/not-so-complex form.

Gas Gas

Pros of Gas Gas

  • The suspension works perfectly. It can soak up whoops and roots without any sharp spikes to the handlebars.
  • It can make a turn real quick regardless of the rider’s position.
  • It is very ideal for younger riders.

Cons of Gas Gas

  • The fuel line set-up may not always be reliable.
  • It is a little heavier compared to other dirt bikes.

13. Scorpa

Scorpa offers riders the experience of freely handling the wheels while using them for fun. Their dirt bikes are often built in such a way that they allow for balance even while getting through barriers. It has a standard wheel that allows it to turn and slow down in a controllable manner. It is perfect for test riding.


Pros of Scorpa

  • It can go on a long ride because it has a large fuel tank plus an extra fuel store.
  • It is very reliable. It can go as slow or as fast as the user wants.

Cons of Scorpa

  • They lack local support, at most events you can not find a scorpa trailer.

14. Fantic Motor

It offers riders the feeling of being balanced and secured even as most of their technology is known for having a larger size. Its features are almost the same as Yamaha but they have little differences in form and structure.

Fantic Motor

Pros of Fantic Motor

  • The battery has a capacity of 630 WH and is properly integrated into the frame.
  • It is a very organized and stable bike for trail

Cons of Fantic

  • The tires lack grip
  • A user has to sit far behind the rear wheels if one must climb.
  • A lot of physical effort is required if you need to keep tracking the front wheel on the ground.
  • when it comes to changing direction and twisting, it can be so slow.

 You can find and order your dirt bikes on Amazon. No matter which one you go for, be sure you’re getting one with the right weight capacity.

What Dirt Bike Brands Are Up and Coming?

Although we have existing dirt bikes performing greatly on the road when it comes to mountain racing and more. Aside from the popular ones, some are not fully recognized, either as a result of the features or the brand itself. They include:

What Dirt Bike Brands Are Up and Coming

  • Aprilia
  • Husaberg
  • Thumpstar
  • Boss Hoss Cycles.
  • KR Motors
  • Clews Competition Motorcycles.
  • TM Racing
  • Peyton

How to Choose the Best Dirt Bike Brands for You?

Not all dirt bike brands are fit for all individuals. Any individual who wants to own a dirt bike should look out for the following features:

How to Choose the Best Dirt Bike Brands for You

  1. Personal wealth and cost of the preferred dirt bike.
  2. Properties of preferred dirt bike brand.
  3. Research replacement options of parts of dirt bikes in case of damage.
  4. Identify the choice of brand you want to go for.

Once all these options are ticked correctly, then, one can go ahead to buy the dirt bike of choice. After buying, read the instruction manual and get ready to use the dirt bike.


Dirt bike brands are always putting out new products in the market, so there is a high chance for buyers to choose from the diverse brands available. This guide on 14 Dirt Bike Brands In 2022 highlights key factors to look out for when deciding on any of the bikes to own.

Choose the one that meets all your demands, especially regarding comfort and safety. Also, be sure to have a look at the manufacturer’s warranty so that you’re backed up in the long run.

James Albert is a dirt biker for about 6 years with a passion for helping others get into the sport without knowing anything. He shares his expertise and reviews dirt bikes and related tools.

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