10 Best Paddle Tire For Dirt Bike In 2023 (Choosing the Right Tire)

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Dirt bikes are the best for off-roading tracks, dirt they cannot pull off crazy cruising adventures without the right tires. The main component behind the agility of dune dirt biking is the paddle tires.

Therefore, if you are a dirt biker, and love sand dirt biking, you should give it proper thinking. You have a sound idea of which are the best paddle tires for dirt bikes.

Paddle dirt bike tires come with teeth and grooves that can grip the ground with 100% security. Consequently, in highly dangerous maneuvers, the riders don’t lose grip. Now, you must know these along with what makes a pedal tire good to get.

In this discussion, we have laid down all the information that you need to know about paddle tires for dirt bikes. We’ve also been through a whole bunch of tires, and picked the best ones for you.

What Are The Different Types Of Dirt Bike Peddle Tires?

Although paddle tires come in multiple different characteristics and shapes, they can be categorized into 4 major classes. However, it is important to note that not all types of dirt bike tires fall into these categories (exceptional ones).

Now, let’s get to know the 4 different types of dirt bikes that you can get right now:

10 Paddle tire

The 10 peddle dirt bike tires are the ones you want to get if you’re after more raw RPM upfront. It’s going to give you the most sand displacement capacity compared to others. These tires are more appropriate for larger dirt bikes instead of smaller ones since you’re going to have more bite on the sand.

8 Paddle tire

An 8 paddle dirt bike tire will offer you a little bit of both you get from a 10 paddle tire and a 6 paddle one. Like the 10 paddle one, you’ll get good RPMs from the 8 paddle tire, and have more torque to push yourself with. It’s a perfect choice for those who need good speed, but want the tire to be light.

6 Paddle tire

Now, the 6 paddle tires are the ones you want if you’re into races, and need both sand displacement and speed. This is going to have less sand bite, spool a lot faster, and because of being light, go extremely fast. However, because of its nature, you want a 6 paddle tire only for smaller to medium size dirt bikes.

Now, the paddle tires are different for ATVs and UTVs where you have different sets of identifications:

  1. V style paddle tires: They have V shape paddles on the tire, offering good grip on the sand.
  2. Offset paddle tires: They offer paddles on both sides of the tires, keeping the middle free a bit.
  3. Hybrid paddle tires: You’ll have a combo of both V paddles and offset far sided paddles in the hybrid paddle tires.

Why Do You Need Paddle Tire For A Dirt Bike?

It should be understood here that dirt bikes are not built to cruise through public roads or well-off racing tracks. Rather, dirt bikes should cruise through mountain Rivers, jungles, deserts, etc. That’s why they need a superior type of tire that has higher traction and gripping capability.

Why Do You Need Paddle Tire For A Dirt Bike

In addition to having a higher grip, dirt bikes also need to be very durable because they will be subjected to highly volatile environments. And, that’s where the paddle tires come in.

Paddle tires are built with such construction characteristics that they can easily have a firm grip on any type of terrain, be it soft or hard, muddy or sandy, wet or dry, easy or difficult.

Now, you might ask,” how does a paddle tire handle such tough terrains?”. Well, because paddle tires have deeper grooves and prominent teeth, they can dig deep into the ground. Consequently, they can push the vehicle from the deeper levels of the ground.

Furthermore, paddle tires have empty voids carved on their rubbery surface. As a result, mud or soil cannot accumulate on the surface of the paddle tires. And, that’s why, in order to perform in off-roading adventures, dirt bikes must have paddle tires.

Have a look at a comparison between knobby tires and the paddle tires. The paddle tire did extremely better than the knobby one. The knobby tire used in this comparison is the CST Surge P if you want to get it for yourself:

How Much PSI Should A Dirt Bike Paddle Tire Have?

A major determiner of how well a dirt bike is going to perform is the PSI value (pressure value) of the paddle tires. If a paddle tire has too much pressure, it will easily burst.

On the other hand, if the paddle tires do not have sufficient pressure in them, they won’t be able to run fast enough.

That’s why we recommend the optimum PSI value for the dirt bike paddle tire pressure to be around 12 PSI. However, depending on your particular case, you can adjust the pressure between 9 and 15 PSI.

What Are Best Paddle Tires For Dirt Bike?

To give you the best idea on the dirt bike paddle tires, we’ve skimmed through a few dozens of them and picked the ones that performed the best.  After that, we’ve listed them below and categorized them for the special applications they’re the best for. Have a look at the list and decide which one suites you the best:

Comparison chart

Do you want a quick comparison between the tires we’ve selected? Here’s a quick comparison chart for you to be able to put the tires side by side and see which one does well on which part. Hope it helps you determine your next dune tire:

Dirt bike tires It’s best for Size Aspect Ratio Rim Size
Sedona Dunatik MX Best Overall 16.9 x 26.5 x 4 in 90 19 in
CST Surge P C7220 For Slippery Tracks 100 / 90 – 19 90 19 in
Vee Rubber Paddle Radial Aspect Ratio 110 / 100 R18 100 18 in
Sedona Dunatik MX Rear Balanced Paddle Tire N/A 90.00 19 in
CST Surge P Tire – Rear Compatibility 110 / 100 – 18 100 18 in
Sedona Dunatik Sand Paddle Lightweight Tires N/A 100 18 in
CST Surge C7220 Paddle Tire Muddy Terrains 110 / 90 – 19 90 19 in
Sedona Dunatik Paddle Tire Weatherproof Tire N/A 100 18 in
CST Surge C7220  In Budget 100 / 90 – 19 90 19 in
Sedona Dunatik Perfect For Riding Dunes 110 / 100 – 18 100 18 in


Table Of Contents:

In order to make the navigation of this discussion easy for you, we have provided a simple table of contents here. Using this, you can directly jump onto the particular section that you are interested in.

10 Best Paddle Tire For Dirt Bike Reviews 2023

In this subsection, we have covered detailed analysis on 10 of the best paddle tires of the current market. In order to select these products for you guys, we have analyzed more than 100 paddle tire products from the online marketplaces.

Best Paddle Tire For Dirt Bike

And, after total evaluation from every important aspect, we have decided to recommend below 10 products for you. Therefore, pay attention!!

1. Sedona Dunatik MX Rear Paddle Tire – Best Overall

As the first and foremost product of our recommendation, we have selected the Sedona Dunatik MX Rear Paddle Tire. It’s the best paddle tire from an overall perspective.
Sedona Dunatik MX Rear Paddle Tire

Let’s have a look at the features the Sedona paddle tire offers:

Best For Sandy Region

This paddle tire is among the best paddle tires that provide serious and steady performance on sandy regions. Thanks to its super-light carcass, it is easy to carry for the vehicle as well because we’re talking about a super lightweight 2ply nylon carcass here.

You can expect the tire to be super supportive while you’re riding up because of the double layer carcass. Sand can be super flimsy, and the design of this tire will get you maximum possible traction on those loose sand.

Fully Suited For Dunes

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty tire that can easily handle the hurdles of dunes, this is the perfect choice for you. It’s because the tread patterns of these tires offer the best grip against soft tracks of dunes.

With its 8 or 10 paddle options, you can choose how much grip you want on the go. If you want more speed, go for the 8 paddle one and if you want the maximum possible traction on sand dunes, go for the 10 paddle one.

Supports Super Fast Performance

The rubber used in the manufacturing of this paddle tire is very lightweight in construction. As a result, they can spin very fast and provide speedy performance when paired up with dirt bikes.

Therefore, this tire is one of the best tools for racing through dunes. As you already know, sand is unforgiving, and you need a speedy acceleration to get ahead of the sand and make your ride go faster.

Amazing Traction

Thanks to the beefy tread pattern of this paddle tire, they provide the most optimum amount of traction when you install them on your dirt bike. That, in turn, makes them fully fit for both long and medium-tier rides.

When you’ll start off for a dune, it will give you an amazing pull forward. The pull can be strong enough to make it to the top of the dune faster than you can imagine with a knobby tire.

User Experience

  • Sedona Dunatik MX is easier to put on and put off.
  • The structure and construction of the tire aren’t too rigid
  • The dimension works for almost all types of dirt bikes.
  • No middle fin in the tire, so straight rides take a toll on arms.


Manufacturers name Sedona
Model name Sedona Dunatik MX Rear Paddle Tire
Weight of the item 11.6 lb
Dimension of the item 16.9 x 26.5 x 4 in
Best suited for rear wheels
Width of cross-section 110 mm
Aspect ratio 90.0
Diameter of the rim 19 in

What We like

  • Lightweight construction with light material
  • Ultra-durable with 2 ply carcass
  • Visually attractive with aggressive paddles
  • Perfect dimensions for dirt bikes
  • Easy to choose from paddle options

What we don’t like

  • Not the best option for straight rides

Final Verdict

If you want the best paddle tire for your dirt bike to go offroading on the deserts, go for the Sedona paddle tire. It will help you rule over the high dunes pretty easily. With the option for getting 8 or 10 paddle design, you can decide on either speed or more traction.

2. CST Surge P C7220 100/90-19 Rear Tire – Best For Slippery Tracks

At this point, we will get you introduced to such a product that provides amazing performance on even the most slippery tracks. It’s the CST Surge P C7220. Let’s learn more about it.
CST Surge P C7220 100/90-19 Rear Tire

Let’s go through the most prominent features of the CST surge P and see why it’s so popular among desert dirt riders:

Optimized For Slippery Tracks

Thanks to the cupped paddle cross designed on the cross-section of this tire, it provides an extreme level of cohesion on the tracks. Thus, they make for an excellent tool to tackle slippery tracks.

However, the best thing this tire can do is get you across a desert trail. If you’re fond of high steep sand dunes, you can put your faith in these and get ahead with confidence.

Perfect Paddle Depth

The manufacturer has been careful enough to provide just the right amount of paddle depth in this tire. As a result, they can provide extremely balanced traction and comfort in the time of off-roading adventures.

As you’re getting a 44/32 paddle depth on the tire, you’ll never get to complain about getting stuck on the sand because of a deep dig.

Specialized Tread Patterns

These paddle type dirt bike tires have special types of tread patterns that provide extreme levels of resist chunking. As a result, the tires are not slippery at all, no matter what how loose terrain you’re riding the bike on.

If you’re a sand rider or even a desert racer, this tire won’t give you a chance to be disappointed.

Extremely Resistant To Heat

One of the best aspects of the CST tire is the fact that this tire is resistant to heat. That means, even if you cruise through sandy terrains in hot weather, these tires will not buckle or yield.

If you’ve ever been to desert riding, you know how necessary it is to have a highly heat resistant tire to withstand the excessive heat from the sand.

User Experience

  • The CST surge takes very minimal effort to install
  • Its specialized tread patterns help to ride better in desert dunes.
  • The size and dimensions are good enough for different models.
  • Carrying it to the spot is easy as it’s super lightweight.


Size of the tire 100 / 90 – 19
Brand name CST
Size of the rim 19 in
Width of the tire 100
Aspect ratio percentage 90
Diameter of the wheel 19
Load speed: 130 km/h
Maximum load 507 pounds

What We Like

  • Fitting and dimensions are versatile for many models.
  • Comfortable riding on the desert and steep gravel trails.
  • High weight load capacity
  • Highly greepy cupped treads with good speed
  • Visually pleasing with not much destruction to it.

What We Don’t Like

  • No warranty is provided

Final Verdict

If you are a rider who is specially cut out for desert and dunes, you would need such tires that are perfectly fitted for slippery terrains. That’s why you should go ahead and check out these tires right now!! Slippery gravel tracks and loose sand dunes are not enemies of this tire.

3. Vee Rubber Paddle Radial Tire – Best Aspect Ratio

In case you want a robust type of tire that provides robust performance, you should try out the Vee Rubber Paddle Radial Tire. Let’s get to know these tires in closer detail.
Vee Rubber Paddle Radial Tire

Vee rubber paddle tire offers a ton of features that can help you make your dirt biking a lot better. Here are the key features you want to know about this tire:

Huge Traction And Roost

In order to provide the highest level of traction and roost, the manufacturer of this tire has provided eight paddles along the circular surface of this tire. As a result, they can grip the ground without any hardship.

Perfect Aspect Ratio 

You’re getting a 100% Aspect ratio on the Vee paddle tire for dirt bikes. It will give you the most desired sweet traction you’re after, especially on the desert sand where a simple distortion in the tire results in a great disaster.

Optimal Paddle Depth 

There 8 paddles in these tires for a perfect combo of speed and traction with your dirt bike when you’re cutting through the sand. The paddles are also designed with very deep grooves that will ensure the sand isn’t making you slip off. Consequently, they can bite the ground with more cohesion.

Lightweight Tread Construction

The trading patterns of this tire are engineered in such a way that makes these tires very durable performers in all types of trains. And, because of the specialized tread patterns, the tires do not carry any extra and unnecessary weight.

Perfect Value For Money

Although these tires are manufactured with one of the most premium construction materials, they come at a very affordable price. Therefore, these tires are also best suited for budget-restricted consumers as well.

User Experience

  • 8 paddles make the perfectly suited for muddy terrains and sand
  • Good enough speed while not compromising traction on even the highest dune.
  • The symmetry of paddle placement is perfect.
  • The high aspect ratio provides a stable ride on sand.
  • The tire is very lightweight while being strong and heat resistant.


Size of item 110 / 100 R18
Brand name Vee rubber
Width of the cross-section 110 mm
Rating of Load index 100
Aspect ratio percentage 100
Size of the rim 18 in
Rating for speed R
Weight of the item 9.95 lb
Dimension of the item 26.7 x 26.7 x 4.4 in

What We Like

  • 100% aspect ratio for no distortion while riding in high speed.
  • Perfect section width with a symmetric paddle depth.
  • Optimum dimensions with lightweight construction.
  • Provides great traction on the sand with deep paddles

What We don’t like

  • Not suitable for hard-packed surfaces

Final Verdict

This tire packs all the features that you would expect from the best paddle tire for dirt bikes. You can never go wrong with its aspect ratio as you’re getting 100% similar ratio for seamless traction on the surface.

4. Sedona Dunatik MX Rear Paddle Tire – Best Balanced Paddle Tire

Let’s get acquainted with the Sedona Dunatik MX Rear Paddle Tires. These are extremely powerful paddle tires that are super strong in construction and highly premium in visual aesthetics.
Sedona Dunatik MX Rear Paddle Tire

Sedona has surely gotten the attention in the market in recent years, but is it worth getting one? Let’s see its core features:

Performance is Legit on Sand 

In order to handle sandy terrains, you will need specialized tires that have perfect grip both on soft and hard surfaces. In this aspect, this particular tire is the right choice because of its specialized tread patterns.

The deep paddles make sure that you’re getting the necessary traction on loose gravel, muddy terrain, and sand, even if you’re hitting the high dune.

Soft And Flexible Carcass

Because these tires have a very soft and flexible body, they can easily withstand high impacts of shocks and smashes. As a result, they are perfectly tuned for all types of off-roading adventures.

When you’re riding sand trails, it will make sure that you’re getting the right traction, Sedona has constructed this tire that way.

High Value For Money

These tires don’t only pack premium visual aesthetics, they also are very durable to keep using it, even on the most unforgiving sand terrain. That means if you buy these tires, you are getting a touch of all the needed features. Thus, these tires are one of the best value for money products in the market. 

Durable Construction Material

As these tires are manufactured with 2-ply nylon carcass, they provide premium rebound effects. Consequently, the premium construction materials of these tires contribute to exquisite performance, especially on the dune races.

As you’re going to use it on unforgiving muddy roads and snd dunes, you’re well backed up with the heavy duty construction method that Sedona uses.

User Experience

  • Riding with Sedona tires is a very comfortable experience on sand  and mud
  • The tires are very lightweight and is very easy to gain speed on sand
  • The motion of the front end rear wheel stays in perfect sync
  • Provides a snug fit on a few different dirt bike models


Manufacturers name Sedona
Model of the item Sedona Dunatik MX Rear Paddle Tire
Weight of the item 11.3 lb
Dimension of the item 27.5 x 27.5 x 4.6 in
Width of cross section 110 mm
Aspect ratio percentage 90.00
Diameter of rim 19 in

What We Liked

  • High traction and adequate speed acceleration
  • Easy to carry with a lightweight construction
  • Highly resistant to abrasion and heat on sand rides
  • Perfect cohesion with a soft yet strong build

What We didn’t like

  • Might be a bit difficult fit for a some models

Final Verdict

This paddle tires from Seona makes sure the bike is well balanced on loose terrain like sand. You’re also going to have a very sturdy balance on muddy terrain with this tire on your dirt bike. Although it provides a snug fit, you need to make sure the tire fits your dirt bike model.

5. CST Surge P Tire  – Most Wide Ranging Compatibility

If you want a better tire that is fully compatible with almost all the dirt bike models of the current market, we have got just the thing for you. It’s the CST Surge P Tire. 
CST Surge P Tire

Let’s get to know it further about this amazing tire that has been the talk of the community for a while:

8 Sand Slinging Paddles 

The most prominent feature of these tires is that they are equipped with 8 sand slinging along the circular circumference. As a result, they can generate a high amount of cohesion and traction.

As you’re getting 8 paddles on the tire, you’ll get a much better speed while not compromising on traction over loose sand.

Super Comfortable

The spacing between the treads and groves is done with such an accurate precision that they provide an even shock absorbance. Consequently, riding on this tire is a perfectly comfortable experience.

While sand riding can be super hard, using the CST paddle tires can give you the relief you want, even if you’re riding for hours.

Comfortable With All Bike Models

The dimensions of these tires are very accurate as well. On top of that, these tires are very flexible and soft in construction too. As a result, these are perfectly compatible with all dirt bike models of the current market.

Self Cleaning Mechanism

The tread pattern on these tires is designed with large voids in between them. Thus, they do not accumulate dirt very easily. That’s why they have very efficient self-cleaning capabilities.

User Experience

  • The installation of this tire takes very little time
  • The momentum of the front and rear wheel stays in complete sync with the front
  • These tires are perfectly capable of handling slippery regions like sands, mud, etc.
  • Riding this tire provides a visual aesthetics with a shiny appearance


Rating of Load 64
Suitable for rear-wheel
Rim size 18 in
Rating for speed M
Best application for sand
Tire type off-roading tires
Size of the tire 110 / 100 – 18
Weight of the item 12.5 pound
Dimension of item 28x28x5 in

What We Like

  • Visually attractive, especially while riding on sand and dune
  • Sturdy construction for riding in peace without getting burned
  • Easily installable with very little effort
  • High shock absorbance when dealing with high bumps

What We Didn’t Like

  • Might be a bit heavy

Final Verdict

Because these tires provide a snug fit to all dirt bike models, you can buy them without worrying about the size. Therefore, go ahead and check out their current prices. Now!!

6. Sedona Dunatik Sand Paddle Tire – Best Lightweight Tires

In case you own a dirt bike that has low horsepower in its engine, you’ll need such a type of tire that is very lightweight and easy to carry for the vehicle. And, this is where the Sedona Dunatik Sand Paddle comes in (it’s very lightweight).
Sedona Dunatik Sand Paddle Tire

So, let’s get acquainted with this tire model and see what it has to offer.

Ultralight Weight Construction

The key feature of this tire is that it weighs about 10 lb and a half. This contributes to it being easily transportable around. If you’re taking to the spot, it will put minimal stress to your carriage.

That’s also the reason why this tire is the perfect choice for low HP dirt bikes. The bike won’t have a huge weight to carry around while saving on fuel. Plus, being lightweight also means it will have less dig to the sand.

Extreme Grip On Ground

Talking of dig in the sand, the tire has just the right grip on the grown, making it easy to cut across desert dunes. In order to provide a firm grip on soft grounds such as sand or mud, the manufacturer has provided 8 treads along the circular surface of these tires.

Thanks to those, you can easily cruise through sandy tracks without facing any hardship. Not to mention, you can choose either an 8-paddle option for a quicker acceleration or go with a 10 paddle option for a better grip on the sand.

Perfect Flame Resistance

The nylon material used in this tire is very strong in terms of molecular construction. As a result, they provide 100% protection against flames, high heat from sand, continuous friction, and any other heating issues.

If you often go for sand and desert riding, you will surely fall in love with this tire as it keeps cool even when you’re putting it to the limits.

Optimum Dimensions

As these tires come in 26.5-inch diameter, they are perfect for all models of dirt bikes. Therefore, no matter which model of dirt bike you own, you can rest assured that these tires will be fully compatible with your bike.

Apart from the perfect dimension, you’re also going to feel that the bike becomes a lot lighter and goes faster while the wheel is on. This only results in better riding experience on mud and sand dunes.

User Experience

  • Speeding with these tires is a pleasing experience
  • The tires create a perfect shock absorbency effect
  • It is very comfortable to ride on these specific tires
  • It’s very easy to install on almost all regular models


Name of the manufacturer Sedona
Model name Sedona Dunatik MX Rear Paddle Tire
Cross-section width 110 mm
Aspect ratio 100.0
Size of the rim 18 in
Weight of The item 10.75 lb
Dimension of the item 26.5 x 26.6 x 4.1 inch
Number of treads 8

What We Liked

  • It’s much easier and faster to install
  • Visually attractive when riding on sand dunes
  • Cupped design of the paddles gives proper grip on the surface
  • Balanced performance on mud and sand with proper speed

What We didn’t like

  • Not suited for flat surfaces

Final Verdict

Although the tire is made of lightweight materials, it’s extremely durable. It offers all the features that an average rider would need, regardless of how loose desert sand you’re riding on. We recommend this tire if faster speed acceleration and easy carrying are your primary things.

7. CST Surge C7220 Paddle Tire – Best For Muddy Terrains

If you are a fan of going on muddy tracks with your Kawasaki KX250F, we have just the perfect thing for you. It’s the CST Surge C7220 Paddle Tire paddle tires. The noteworthy feature about this tire is that it’s perfectly suited for all types of muddy tracks.
CST Surge C7220 Paddle Tire

This tire is suitable for Kawasaki KX250F only. If you have this model, have a look at the features of this tire:

Cupped Paddles

There are to 8 pieces of cupped paddles in this tire that put this tire in the perfect middle ground of speed and traction. This tire is perfectly fit for all types of off-roading tracks (including muddy ones).

Consequently, they’re the best choice of tires for Kawasaki KX250F. If you’re planning on going for a desert ride or muddy terrains, this tire will have your back in the toughest situations.

Balanced Traction

The paddle depth on this tire is set with such precision that they can easily bite into the ground no matter which type of terrain you are riding on. That’s why this model of tire is very reliable for off-roading races, especially if you’re up to muddy trails and desert dunes.

Good fit for Kawasaki KX250F

In terms of dimensions, this tire is suitable for Kawasaki KX250F and you can get the maximum out of your dirt bike with this tire. It’s easy to put on, and much easier to ride with, especially when riding on mud, sand, or loose gravel.

Provides Snug Fit

Thanks to the premium manufacturing quality and accuracy of dimensions, once these tires are fit into the rim, they don’t come off very easily. On top of that, it is nearly impossible that mud or water will get inside these tires.

User Experience

  • Installation of these tires takes very little effort
  • As these tires are visually attractive, they provide a high value for the money they come in
  • Because these tires have been manufactured with top-notch materials, they provide extreme protection against heat
  • Abrasion resistance and shock absorbency of these tires are excellent as well


Rating of Load 64
Suitable for rear-wheel
Rim size 19 in
Rating for speed M
Best application for sand
Tire type off-roading tires
Size of the tire 110 / 90 – 19
Weight of the item 12.5 pound
Dimension of the item 28x28x5 in

What We Liked

  • Extremely durable with double layer stacked construction
  • Easily installable to Kawasaki 250w di
  • Fully weatherproof and resistant to heat, even the serrt.
  • Corrosion-resistant on loose gravel or sand dunes

What We Didn’t Like

  • No warranty is provided

Final Verdict

Although the manufacturer provides no warranty with these tires, it is safe to say that these tires will last at least 5 years. Therefore, you should check these out right now!!

8. 110/100×18 (8 Paddle) Sedona Dunatik Paddle Tire – Best Weatherproof Tire

Think about it, if you have a tire on your bike that is not affected by water or mud, you will be able to go cruising through the wild without any obstacles. The 110/100×18 (8 Paddle) Sedona Dunatik Paddle Tire is an example of such a type of tire.
110/100x18 (8 Paddle) Sedona Dunatik Paddle Tire

Let’s go through the features that make this Sedona tire stand out.

Premium Quality Construction

As these tires are manufactured with top-notch nylon, they provide extreme traction with appealing visual aesthetics. Thus, if you care about fashion while dominating the ground, these are perfect for you.

The Sedona Dunatic is made for KTM 350 MX models with an 18-inches rim size. If you’re using the dirt bike or other with 18 inches rim, getting this one will surely be a great idea.

Lightweight Construction

The tire has a 2-ply nylon construction, this does not weigh your vehicle down. Instead, because nylon is so lightweight, your dirt bike will provide a boost in gaining speed. This way, you can boost your speed on the dune or slippery and muddy road.

You cannot just go wrong with this tire for sand and dune rides. However, there’s no way you’re going on flat hard roads with this tire.

High Value For Money

Although this tire is premium in terms of construction and performance, it comes in a very budget-friendly price section. That’s why it is to say that this tire is one of the best value for money products in the current market.

Suited For Slippery Terrains

As you may well know, almost all off-roading tracks harbor muddy and slippery regions. In order to tackle these awkward regions, you must be equipped with a type of tire that can grip the ground with the utmost level of cohesion. And, this is where these tires excel the best.

User Experience

  • The tire can withstand high amounts of friction as well along with slippery surfaces
  • It is very easy to have these tires installed on the metal rim of the wheel
  • Thanks to the perfect precision of finishthis tire providea a balanced fit
  • Additionally, the tube is fully protected inside these tires to keep upright in adverse situations.


Name of the manufacturer Sedona
Width of the cross-section 110mm
Aspect ratio percentage 100
Size of the rim 18 in
Name of the model Dunatik
Dimension of the item 26.5 x 26.6 x 4.1-inch
weight of The item 10.75 lb

What We Liked

  • Ultra-durable 2 ply carcass design for a longer lifespan
  • Lightweight construction to have less dig to the sand
  • High heat resistance with premium construction
  • Good for muddy terrain with a good stand against water

What We Didn’t Like

  • No warranty is provided

Final Verdict

Although the tire comes at a low price, it packs all the necessary features from proper traction to just the right amount of dig to the surface. With 8 paddles on the tire, you’re also getting good speed alongside proper grip.

9. CST Surge C7220 Paddle Tire – Best In Budget

At this point, we will introduce you to a perfect budget-friendly set of tires that provides all the core features of a premium paddle tire. It’s the CST Surge C7220 Paddle Tire for Yamaha YZ125, and one of the cheapest yet high performer paddle tires you can get. 
CST Surge C7220 Paddle Tire

Let’s get through the features that made this tire to our list:

Robust Performance

The most important feature that you’d look for in a paddle tire is its performance on loose sand. And on that note, the CST Surge does quite a great job for Yamaha YZ125. It is made of top-notch nylon material.

As a result, the tire provides robust performance in all types of terrains, especially if you’re after dune and muddy terrain riding.

Deep Grooves

In order to make sure that these tires do not slip and provide shaky performance, the manufacturer has provided deep grooves on the circumference of these tires. Consequently, they stay very stable no matter which type of terrain you use them on.

You will stay upright with the tire on loose sand dunes and stuffy mud, even while speeding up to the maximum capacity.

Easy Installation

The tire is not difficult to put on the bike as it’s lightweight and easier to handle. Mounting and unmounting the tire on the circular rim can be a totally easy thing to do for one person. However, the best option would be getting the tire along with a separate rim so that you can avoid putting the tire on the rim every time you need to go riding.

You can just take the previous tire off and put the new one in if you have the rim installed prior.

High Shock Absorbency

In addition to all other features, these tires provide a very balanced shock absorbency performance. As a result, no matter how many obstacles you have in your track, you won’t be distracted in your race very easily.

While riding on high dunes and bumpy muddy trails, you won’t have your dirt bike jumping around.

User Experience

  • Specialized tread pattern contributes to the self-cleaning mechanism on these tires
  • Since these tires have very deep grooves, they can bite the ground very firmly
  • Thanks to the premium construction, the tires are highly resistant to abrasion and friction


Rating of Load 64
Suitable for rear-wheel
Rim size 19 in
Rating for speed M
Best application for sand
Tire type off-roading tires
Size of the tire 100 / 90 – 19
Weight of the item 12.5 pound
Dimension of the item 28x28x5 in

What We Like

  • Premium construction with a good visual appearance
  • Snug fit with a 19 inches rim size for Yamaha YZ125
  • Very durable yet lightweight with no flimsy parts to it.
  • Facilitates high speed in sand and dune riding.

What We didn’t like

  • Heat management could be better

Final Verdict

As these tires provide optimal paddle depth, paired up with unique tread patterns, you should consider these as your first choice. So, go ahead and get them if you want to equip your Yamaha YZ125 with the most affordable paddle tires.

10. Sedona Dunatik Paddle Tire – Perfect For Riding Dunes

Desert dunes tend to be very challenging spots for dirt biking. However, if you have a top-notch quality tire like the Sedona Dunatik Paddle Tire, you won’t face any hardship cruising through the dunes. This one is
Sedona Dunatik Paddle Tire

So, let’s get to know how these tires are so unique from all others.

Extreme Ground Bite

When used through deserts and dunes, the amount of grip this tire will provide is completely phenomenal. Thus, if you want to have perfect control over your ground, you should get these paddle tires.

Steady Performance

As this tire is manufactured with the utmost precision in terms of finish quality and dimensions, it is able to provide professional-level racing performances without any hardship. You can ride on high desert dunes without having to tip over. You can easily get over large


A perk of these tires, being manufactured of top-notch nylon material, is that they are not weakened when subjected to extreme heat. Therefore, this tire is perfect for racing through dunes. And of course, you’ll have a blast on the sand tracks without burning out the tire because of heat.

Perfect Traction

Thanks to the precisely calculated paddle grooves, these particular tires can easily maintain their motion even in soft terrains such as muddy or sandy ones. That’s why they are able to provide perfect traction in all environments.

User Experience

  • This tire is extremely easy to mount with the 18 rim size.
  • Its high flexibility accommodates a tube without any air void
  • Mud or water don’t enter into the Sedona tire
  • It fits good into any 18-inches rim and stays above sand well


Size of item 110 / 100 – 18
Name of the brand Sedona
Width of the cross-section 110 mm
Aspect ratio 100.0
Size of the rim 18 in
Weight of the item 14 lb

What We Liked

  • It’s an ultra-durable tire with quick installation
  • Visually pleasing and fits almost any 18-inches rim
  • Deep paddle traction on sand and slippery muddy terrain
  • Suited for all environments regardless of heat or cold

What We didn’t like

  • A bit heavy to carry around without truck/carrier

Final Verdict

The reason for picking these tires as a recommendation for you guys is its extreme ability to resist slipperiness. Therefore, if you are a dessert biker who cruises through dunes every day, this is the best choice for you. So, go ahead and check out their current price now!!

Things To Look Out For When Buying Paddle Tire For Dirt Bike

When buying a tire for a dirt bike, most buyers would evaluate the tread wear and the cost of the tire. However, this standard of evaluation is not suited for paddle tires. Instead, a lot of criteria need to be checked before you pick a paddle tire for yourself.

Things To Look Out For When Buying Paddle Tire For Dirt Bike

That’s why, for your convenience, we have explained all the aspects here that need your attention (before buying a paddle tire for your dirt bike):

Style Of Dirt Biking

Before you buy a particular type of tire, you need to choose between the 3 dirt bike tire styles:

  • Dual Sport Tires: If you are someone who’s looking for such types of paddle tires that are perfect for both off-roading and street adventures, you need to look for only those types of metal tires that support dual modes of biking.
  • Motocross style: Motocross is a particular type of closed-course racing activity that features man-made obstacles in a predefined pressing course. And, a biker has to go through the obstacles without facing a hitch.

Now, if you’re interested in that type of sport, you should look for only those types of paddle tires that are perfectly suited for motocross-style adventures.

  • Full Fledged Offloading: In case you are looking for paddle tires that are suited for 100% off-roading adventures, you need to look for those types of tires that feature the most prominent grooves and teeth.

Design Of The Paddle Tire

The design of the paddle tires also plays a major role in determining the compatibility of the tire with the dirt bike. That’s why the design is the second most important aspect to consider when it comes to buying paddle tires for your dirt bikes: Dual Sports Design, Motocross design, and Full-fledged Off-roading Design.

Types Of Tread Patterns

Last but not the least, you need to also consider the tread patterns of the paddle tires you are going to buy. Let’s see some of the most popular tread patterns that have proven to provide the best performance in the realm of dirt biking:

  • Straight Tread Paddle Tires: If you want to race on sandy tracks, metal tires with straight tread patterns are the best tool for you. Because this type of tire has straight tread patterns, it can easily grip into soft ground and provide high velocity to the dirt bike.
  • V Shipped Tread Paddle Tires: In case you want high maneuverability in your paddle tires, you should go for the V-shaped tread paddle tires. Because this type of tire has angular-shaped tread patterns, they are perfect for building up light momentum. As a result, they harbor high maneuverability features.
  • Off-set tread paddle tires: Off-set tread patterns are best suited for those vehicles that have to carry large weights. Therefore, if you are a heavy person, this is the type of tire you should choose.

How To Mount Your New Dirt Bike Tires?

Installing and fully mounting a tire on a dirt bike wheel rim is not a complicated job at all. However, if you don’t know the proper steps, you run the risk of mis-mounting your tire. As a result, it can cause an accident when you are enjoying your off-roading adventure.

How To Mount Your New Dirt Bike Tires

That’s why, here, we have laid down the steps of mounting a new tire on a dirt bike wheel.

  • Step 1 – The first step is to mount your dirt bike wheel rim on a wheel stand. However, if you don’t have a wheel stand, you can just put the rim on the ground.
  • Step 2 – Next, you have to inflate the tube and stick it into the tire. Remember, you have to only inflate the tube about 50% of its capacity. It’s because, by filling it only halfway, it gets a loose circular shape which facilitates it to easily hold its structure inside the tire.Now, use your hands to install the half-inflated flooded tube into the tire. Then, you can use lubricants to lube up the bead of the tire. This way, it can easily be fitted onto the circular rim.
  • Step 3 – Once the tube is fully tucked in inside the tire, then, you can put the tire on the rim and align the valve stem of the tube to the hole in the rim. Then, you have to use your hand to input the valve stem into the hole in the rim. Now, thread the valve stem guard, so the valve stem stays fixed in the hole of the rim.
  • Step 4 – Next, use 2 pieces of wheel iron tools to tuck the tire beads into the rim. In this process, use your hand to impose pressure on the tire.
  • Step 5 – At this point, slowly make your way into fully tucking the tire into the circular rim using the wheel irons. In the process of doing this, be sure to tuck in a small portion of the tire at a time. This way, you can steadily and surely mount the tire into the circular rim in no time.

And, there you go. You just finished up mounting the paddle tire into the rim of your dirt bike wheel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting the right dirt bike pedal tire can be intimidating. So, having more questions in mind is easy while doing your research. We’ve added a few frequent questions we’ve got from beginners in the past, and answered them below to educate you more:

Are Dirt Bike Tires Universal?

No, not all dirt bikes run with the same size of tires; therefore, dirt bike tires cannot be universal. Not in size, nor in style. For instance, for the front tire, there are 3 size categories: 2.50/2.75 inches, 2.75/3.00 inches, and 3.00/3.25 inches. So, as you can see, dirt bike tires are not universal.

Do Paddle Tires Work in The Snow?

Yes, paddle tires work perfectly even in the snow. Especially if a paddle tire has wide grooves and deep tread patterns, the dirt bike can easily cruise through snowy terrains.

Do Paddle Tires Work in Mud?

Yes, paddle tires are specially built to handle muddy terrains. Whereas all other types of tires get slippery in the mud, paddle tires can generate extra traction (thanks to their deep grooves and specialized treads). Thus, they are just the perfect tool to handle muddy tracks.

Do I Need Paddle Tires for Dunes?

Yes, you will need specialized types of tires such as paddle tires in order to tackle raw terrains like dunes. It’s because paddle tires have custom tread patterns, so they do not slip very easily. Consequently, in order to go through dunes, paddle tires are the tool that you must have.

How Long Do Dirt Bike Paddle Tires Last?

To be honest, you can never correctly predict how long paddle tires will last for your dirt bike. It’s because the lifetime of a paddle tire entirely depends on which terrain you use it on. For instance, if you use your paddle tire for mountainous tracks, it will sustain a shorter lifetime, compared to the case when you use it in muddy terrains.

However, if we have to guess from statistical data, the estimation pretty much indicates that paddle tires last between 5 and 10 years (on average).

Final Thoughts

While getting the right paddle tire for a dune ride can be overwhelming, professional’s assistance does magic. We hope that our guide above has helped you pick your next paddle tire with ease. However, if you’re yet to decide and want our editorial choice, the best paddle tire for dirt bike would be the Sedona Dunatik MX Rear Tire. 

This paddle tire has a size of 110/90-19/10 and is an all-rounder paddle tire for almost all kinds of rides on soft gravel. It comes in both 8 or 10 paddle options and has a lightweight 2-ply nylon carcass construction for the best traction. You can rule over sand and dune rides with this tire, but it’s not the right type for flat, hard, and carpeted roads.

James Albert is a dirt biker for about 6 years with a passion for helping others get into the sport without knowing anything. He shares his expertise and reviews dirt bikes and related tools.

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