10 Best Dirt Bike Sand Tire For Desert & Beach Racing (2023)

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If you ask what makes dirt bikes unique, the tires will surely top the reasons alongside the engine power. The tires give you traction on loose gravel, even while going up steep trails.  But when it comes to riding on sand, desert, or such uncertain terrains, paying extra attention is necessary.

We’re talking about high-quality dirt bike tires that can make a huge difference in performance on sand compared to solid terrain. Getting the best dirt bike sand tire won’t be an easy pick. You need to make sure the dirt bike tires are of great quality that don’t hold dirt, mud, and water.

Therefore, if you choose a tire from great brands like Michelin or Pirelli, you can rest assured knowing that you will get optimal performance even when conditions are less than ideal. Let’s give you a rundown on the dirt bike tires that you can rely on for sand.

Can You Ride Dirt Bikes on Sand?

Yes, you can easily ride a dirt bike on the sand as long your bike comes with the right tires. Not all bike tires can move smoothly on the sand, as you are likely to struggle with balance and stability. It is the reason you need to choose the right tires that are specially designed for use on sand.

Can You Ride Dirt Bikes on Sand

By nature, sand is difficult for any bike to operate on. The sand shifts with every turn, slowing your bike movement and making it next to impossible to turn at low speeds. Also, it causes bikes to stall and cause them to lose traction.

However, you can save the stress of struggling to get maximum grip and traction on the sand with quality bike tires. There are many tires you should consider, and we have them all for you below with comprehensive details.

Do You Need Special Tires for Sand Dunes?

Yes, you need special tires for sand dunes. If a tire can carry your bike up and down on the sand in both wet and dry conditions, it can also pass over sand dunes. Although most people think it is unnecessary to opt for special tires, the advantage can never be overlooked.

Do You Need Special Tires for Sand Dunes

If your tire is not a bias-ply tire, it is quite obvious that you will struggle with your movement on the sand. Only those tires can grip into any type of sand, especially sand dunes, and ensure you get the right grip and traction.

The bias-ply tires are the perfect choice for sand dunes because they come with grooves on each side with a smooth surface. This groove gives the tire maximum traction capacity so you can get through the sand dune with less struggle or none at all.

What Are the Best Dirt Bike Sand Tire?

After inspecting and going through around 30 different models of dirt bike tires, we’ve selected 10 of them with the most promising ones. Here they are, ordered according to the application the tire is best for:

Comparison chart

Here’s a comparison among the dirt bike tires we’ve selected for riding on sand. It will help you compare them side by side and take an informed decision for a better riding experience with your dirt bike:

Tire model

It’s best for Tire size Section width Rim size

Speed Rating

Michelin StarCross 5 Editor’s Choice 110/90-19 110 mm 19 inches M
Maxxis M7305D Maxxcross budget friendly 110/100-18 110 mm 18 inches M
Kenda K760 Dual dual Purposes 110/100-18 110 mm 18 inches C
Dunlop MX52 Geomax for stability 110/90-19 110 mm 19 inches J
Protrax Pt1170 Strong Design 100/90-19 110 mm 19 inches J
Pirelli Scorpion MX32 Impact Resistance 110/100-18 110 mm 18 inches M
Protrax Pt1021 Motocross for racing 110/880-21 110 mm 21 inches H
MMG Knobby Tires Easy handling 100/90-19 100 mm 19 inches M
Irc 87-5756 Tire M5b Evo aggressive tread 110/90-19 110 mm 19 inches M
WIG Racing 110/90-19 Load capacity 110/90-19 110 mm 19 inches P


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10 Best Dirt Bike Sand Tire Reviews 2023

The basic idea of the sand tire is to increase grip on loose surfaces. You should choose the best one after considering many factors, including riding condition, riding style, riding experience, and so on. The MICHELIN StarCross excels on all fronts, but there are some others that you can consider. You can check them all below.

Best dirt bike sand tire

1. Editor’s choice: MICHELIN StarCross 5 Medium Motocross Bias Tire

The tires you choose are critical when it comes to dirt bike racing and trail riding. You need lightweight, reliable tires for all terrains and one that is also safe for all riders. This is where quality dirt bike tires like MICHELIN StarCross 5 Medium Motocross Bias Tire come into play.MICHELIN StarCross 5 Medium Motocross Bias Tire

The tire boasts a signature with high-quality rubber compounds that provide traction, grip, and long-lasting wear. The tire has a tread pattern with large solid blocks coming forward and quality leading blocks on each side of the wheel for riding sand surfaces.

The Michelin Starcross 5 Medium Motocross Bias Tire is the perfect choice for aggressive motocross riders on all grounds. It boasts of shoulder lug tread and shoulders siping leading-edge triple compound and wide rubber carcass to ensure high-level traction and stability on all surfaces, wet or dry.

Also, the durable nylon carcass of this medium-bias tire offers a good combination of performance and value. The intense traction, fierce control, and powerful braking on the sand make it the best dirt bike tire for sand dunes.

In addition, with its bias construction, the StarCross 5 is one of the most advanced front Motocross tires. With a medium tread compound designed to provide maximum durability, this tire provides an ideal balance between handling performance and durability.

You can hardly get unsatisfied with the tire. It offers exceptional traction on the front of your bike for superior steering, as well as being a stable and secure fit. Also, it comes with 584 pounds load capacity, which makes it fit for heavy use.

User Experience

  • The tire can cut through any sand of different depth
  • The tread design and groove help to deliver great traction
  • Perfect for heavy users with 584 pounds load capacity
  • Built with strong materials that make it last longer


  • Dimensions: ‎27.36 x 4.33 x 27.36 inches
  • Tire Size: 110/90-19
  • Section Width: 110mm
  • Load Capacity: 584 lbs
  • Tread Depth: 17mm
  • Load Index Rating: 62.0
  • Tire Aspect Ratio: 90.0
  • Rim Size: 19 Inches
  • Tire weight: ‎12.9 pounds
  • Speed rating: M

Quick Facts

  • The tread design and groove give it a great biting edge
  • This tough tire is ready for the biggest off-road challenges
  • The Michelin Starcross 5 tire is designed specifically for competition
  • It has improved shock absorption and an optimized footprint.
  • The aggressive block provides a good side bite for carving corners
  • Boasts of long wear life and consistent performance.
  • It produces traction and excellent handling in both loose and hard-packed terrain
  • Strong tread compound that allows it to excel both in the dirt and sand
  • Boasts of sidewall protector to prevent cuts, rips, and tears
  • Large footprint combination offers dependable traction and stability
  • Fairly expensive

Final Thoughts

To ride over the roughest surfaces and conquer extreme terrain such as on sand dune, MICHELIN StarCross 5 are designed with high-traction tread patterns and reinforced sidewalls to help you take on all that the road has to offer.

2. Best budget friendly: Maxxis M7305D Maxxcross Desert IT Tire

The Maxxis M7305D Maxxcross Desert IT Tire combines a racy tread pattern with soft shoulder blocks for amazing traction in adverse weather conditions. It has shoulder blocks to provide enhanced off-road capabilities, while the deep lugs bite into the wet or dry surface of the road to ensure complete grip.

Maxxis M7305D Maxxcross Desert IT Tire

The tire’s design is one major reason it can overcome the rigors of desert and sand beach racing. Also, the bias construction of the Maxxis M7305D tire and other amazing features give you fast linear acceleration and great control on loose surfaces.

It gives the tire the flair and support to deliver great traction and grip on sand and loose surfaces. Its updated carcass structure gives it superb stability at high-speed over-all terrain types, especially deep sand and sharp rocks.

With the tire’s structure, design and performance, you can tell it is one of the best dirt bike sand tires out there to consider. The tread blocks on each side enhance the tire’s performance for excellent traction and the flexibility necessary to run at high speeds in soft conditions.

Also, tire construction helps prevent punctures and traction problems on sand, clay, and mud. Its sidewall design helps maximize performance under all conditions, which makes it withstand anything thrown at it.

In addition, the tire never stops surprising its user as the block angle increases performance, while the square shoulder tread pattern provides self-cleaning capabilities. It can release rocks and debris quickly, which is the secret to its performance on soft sand.

User Experience

  • It has puncture protection to keep out of getting flat
  • It has been designed to excel in a variety of conditions
  • Designed to meet the rigors of serious adventure
  • Offers excellent stability and bump absorption for confident handling


  • Dimensions: 26.5 x 26.5 x 5 inches
  • Tire Size: 110/100-18
  • Section Width: 110mm
  • Load Capacity: 584 lbs
  • Tread: Offroading
  • Load Index Rating: 64
  • Tire Aspect Ratio: 100
  • Rim Size: 18 inches
  • Speed rating: M

Quick Facts

  • Aggressive shoulder lugs bite into soft terrain for precise cornering
  • High-speed on the sand with a long tread design in the middle
  • Self-cleaning design for easy maintenance
  • Puncture resistant sidewall for longevity
  • The enhanced tread and sidewall design raises comfort levels when driving
  • Stable and sturdy under different driving conditions
  • It gives greater steering control, traction, and speed with each ride
  • Quality design for durability, puncture resistance, and traction
  • Deliver excellent performance across a variety of surfaces such as dirt, mud, grass, and gravel
  • Quality tread grooves help reduce hydroplaning
  • Fairly expensive

Final Thoughts

The Maxxis M7305D tire features a versatile tread pattern that performs greatly on and off the street, providing a safer and quieter ride. With its construction and performance, you can’t go wrong with the tire.

3. Best for dual Purposes: Kenda K760 Dual/Enduro Rear Motorcycle Bias Tire

The Kenda K760 Dual/Enduro Rear Motorcycle Bias Tire is an ideal choice for rock crawling, and desert riding along with occasional flat road. The tire features a smooth tread design and extra-large side knobs for maximum traction on uneven terrain.

Kenda K760 Dual/Enduro Rear Motorcycle Bias Tire

Also, the tire delivers maximum tread life, dual-purpose performance, and all-conditions safety. The tread pattern gives you excellent ride quality without sacrificing traction, while the abrasion-resistant puncture protection belt gives long-lasting durability.

At the same time, an internal belt construction gives you a comfortable ride and outstanding resistance to heat buildup on the outside of the tire. In addition, the affordable price is one reason you should consider. Also, it is engineered and proven to help provide superior handling, traction, and cornering.

Kenda has got you covered with the K760 rear motorcycle bias tire. The tire comes in a great sports style with a tread that is great for various terrain conditions. As a bias-styled tire, it will last as long as other premium or expensive tires, even when it comes cheap and affordable.

Furthermore, the dual tread compound of the tire gives you great traction when cornering, while the enduro compound is designed especially for enduro racing conditions. Also, the rear tire features an aggressive knob design and offset center groove that minimizes rolling resistance, thereby allowing the tire to run cooler.

The mid tread design with 3 and 2 knot treads will give you a better grip and stability on hte sand. That way, you can ensure better speed and good control, no matter where you’re riding; beach, desert, or rocky trails.

User Experience

  • Extra puncture resistance on the sides for rocky terrain
  • Siping grooves allow water evacuation when riding
  • Perform well in both dry and wet conditions
  • It keeps you rolling no matter what the weather brings
  • Great mid tread design for sand and beach riding


  • Dimensions: 18.3 x 18.3 x 3.2 inches
  • Tire Size: 110/100-18
  • Tire Construction: Bias
  • Tire weight: ‎5.4 pounds
  • Section Width: 80mm
  • Load Capacity: 584 lbs
  • Tread: 80% Offroading, 20% flat road
  • Load Index Rating: 41
  • Tire Aspect Ratio: 100
  • Rim Size: 12 inches
  • Speed rating: C
  • Rating: DOT approved

Quick Facts

  • Stiffer bead and sidewall construction
  • Aggressive knobs for high dirt performance
  • 80% dirt and 20% road dot approved
  • Solid construction and strong casing
  • Quality center grooves
  • Tread block edges serve as biting edges for better braking
  • Solid traction on both loose dirt and hard pack road surfaces
  • Designed to meet the high demands of riders
  • It comes in a variety of sizes, so you have more options to choose from
  • The bias ply construction helps handle hard cornering and delivers great mileage
  • The 20% flat tread could come a bit low on steep trails although good for sand

Final Thoughts

This aggressive bike tire is ideal for riders who often ride on sand, mud, snow, or rough terrains. It features a strong puncture-resistant casing and a specialized tread pattern that provides maximum traction and long wear.

4. Best for stability: Dunlop MX52 Geomax Intermediate/Hard Terrain Tire

The Dunlop MX52 Geomax Intermediate/Hard Terrain Tire will bring you the fun and freedom of riding smoothly on any trail. It features a quality compound that provides a predictable steering response and can easily withstand punctures. Its tread also features multiple shoulder blocks for unrivaled stability in cornering.Dunlop MX52 Geomax Intermediate/Hard Terrain Tire

Also, the Dunlop MX52 tire provides great traction and stability on both paved and unpaved roads. It boasts of rugged construction that offers excellent durability, while the highly efficient tread compound delivers sure-footed traction every season.

It has an open shoulder design that allows mud to easily pass through the tire, helping it drain more soil away. This tire will help you make your way through your trails with reinforced sidewalls to optimize weight and grip.

In addition, the tire is enhanced with a carcass tension control system, which makes it highly flexible. The flexibility helps deliver a smooth ride, which is all that every driver desires to get the fun and excitement when riding.

Additionally, the tire has a system that serves as shock absorption to help damp out bounce. So, irrespective of how you drive or the condition of the terrain, you are assured of staying comfortable and convenient on the bike.

User Experience

  • Provides excellent traction in gravel, soft sand, and mud
  • A street-friendly tire with a tough design
  • It conquers all kinds of on and off-road adventures
  • Provide excellent traction and handling at an affordable price


  • Tire Construction: Bias
  • Tire weight: ‎2.7 pounds
  • Section Width: 100mm
  • Tire Aspect Ratio: 90.0
  • Rim Size: 19 inches
  • Speed rating: J (62 mph)

Quick Facts

  • Dunlop patented block design
  • The Center Blocks help distribute the load on the tire
  • Tire carcass helps deliver a smooth ride
  • Controlled rebound rubber element helps to damp out bounce
  • The tire delivers exceptional handling in all conditions
  • Perfect for rough surfaces, from sand to gravel
  • It offers you peace of mind whether the weather is sunny or wet
  • It gives you a smoother ride with less rolling resistance
  • Its tread pattern offers excellent traction
  • Delivers stability without sacrificing ride quality or comfort
  • It comes in just a single size

Final Thoughts

Designed for the true performance enthusiast, this MX52 Geomax tire is all you need for the best riding performance on the sand. Also, it boasts of ultimate cornering and handling control in both on-road and off-road conditions.

5. Best For Strong Design: Protrax Pt1170 Offroad Tire

You can always get a better grip on the trail with the Protrax tire. It is made of solid rubber, more durable than pneumatic tires, and has a uniform traction tread pattern. Plus, it’s easy to install. The Protrax Pt1170 Offroad Tire comes in one size and black only and fits 19 inches bike rim.

Protrax Pt1170 Offroad Tire

The tire was designed with the needs of hard-core off-road cyclists in mind. The Protrax Pt1170 tire is a sturdy and dependable knobbed tire. It is equipped with a high-quality tread for traction and control on all surfaces.

Also, the Protrax Off-Road Tire is designed to deliver stable and comfortable performance when riding. The center tread of this tire provides a better grip on the muddy track in the rain or out in the woods. It has a puncture protection technology to enhance performance, reduce accidental punctures, and increase tread life.

In addition, the sidewalls of the tire provide the durability needed for off-road riding. At the same time, the 4-ply side tread delivers improved cornering traction, puncture resistance, and durability. You can always rely on the 4-ply center tread for excellent acceleration and braking traction to keep you in control at all times.

From the construction and design, you can tell that the tire is built specifically for the bike enthusiast—the tire focus on durability and performance on all terrain. The tread pattern helps grip loose soil, gravel, and heavy sand, making it the best dirt bike tire for sand.

User Experience

  • It handles all road challenges in grand style
  • The Knob spacing helps in keeping the tire clean
  • Provides confidence in speeding and cornering
  • Good for aggressive riding or for commuting every day on rugged roads


  • Dimensions: 24 x 12 x 12 inches
  • Tire Size: 100/90 – 19
  • Tire Construction: Bias
  • Tire weight: ‎‎11.2 pounds
  • Section Width: 110mm
  • Tire Aspect Ratio: 90.0
  • Rim Size: 19 inches
  • Speed rating: J (62 mph)

Quick Facts

  • Large center knob design for better grip on sand
  • Tough 4-ply construction delivers puncturing resistance
  • Large rim size with heavy duty knobby treads
  • Solid construction and design
  • The tire boasts of an aggressive tread pattern
  • Offer a tough and long-lasting grip for lots of dirt, mud, and rocks
  • The tire delivers greater off-road durability
  • The rugged tread provides traction and handling on the roughest of surfaces
  • It gives comfort and safety when you are off-roading
  • It doesn’t have a Bias construction design

Final Thoughts

You can always help your bike make it through the heavy terrain with the Protrax Pt1170 Offroad Tire. The tire has quality features that increase traction for riding, and it ensures your safety and convenience are never at stake.

6. Best For Impact Resistance: Pirelli Scorpion MX32 Extra X Dirt Bike

The Pirelli Scorpion MX32 Extra X Dirt Bike is purpose-built for motocross and supercross racing. This rugged off-road motorcycle tire will hold up to almost anything you can throw at it, from motocross to trail riding.Pirelli Scorpion MX32 Extra X Dirt Bike

Its proven Pirelli tread pattern ensures maximum traction, and its high-rigidity center ply casing in combination with a steel outer wall helps absorb impact during jumps. The tire might be small in stature, but it is undoubtedly big on attitude.

With a proven performance that works in all conditions, this tire is a great bargain for anyone looking for the best tire for sand terrains. The tread patterns help deliver outstanding traction and increase all riders’ confidence. At the same time, the reinforced V-shaped blocks improve braking capabilities.

Also, the tire is built with Pirelli Scorpion Keychain for smooth operation and extra protection. It even contains a design that helps to keep it from overheating and to extend its lifespan. All that the tire has to offer is convenience, comfort, and durability.

In addition, it is the type of tire that you can rely on for everyday use. It doesn’t look or appear to get out of shape even if you have been riding all day. It has the design and construction that makes it last longer by withstanding any condition from rock trails to desert sand.

User Experience

  • It cuts through sand surfaces in grand style
  • Highly responsive to steering and braking
  • It has a design that keeps it from overheating
  • Its construction helps navigate through obstacles


  • Dimensions: 27 x 27 x 5.5 inches
  • Tire Size: 110/100-18
  • Tire Construction: Bias
  • Tire weight: ‎‎22 pounds
  • Section Width: 110mm
  • Tire Aspect Ratio: 100
  • Rim Size: 21 inches
  • Speed rating: M (max 81 mph)
  • Position: Rear/Front
  • Load Capacity: 430 Lbs.

Quick Facts

  • Built for the young enthusiasts and pro racers
  • V-shaped block for braking enhancement
  • The construction and design are secret to its longevity
  • Built with high-quality materials
  • It’s resistant to impact and bumpy rides
  • Delivers superior traction for great performance
  • It handles anything thrown at it
  • Delivers excellent handling and comfortable ride
  • Perfect tire for fast speed and maximum comfort
  • Highly responsive to cornering and braking
  • Lacks bias construction

Final Thoughts

If getting the best tire for sand terrain is all you long for, this tire is the best. The design, construction, and amazing features all contribute to the tire’s performance on the sand and other terrains.

7. Best for racing: Protrax Pt1021 Motocross Off-Road Dirt Bike Tire

If you are a motocross participant or bike enthusiast, you will love the design of the Protrax Pt1021 motocross-style tire for off-road use. The tire is a fantastic choice for serious dirt bikers, thanks to its rugged construction and distinctive styling.Protrax Pt1021 Motocross Off-Road Dirt Bike Tire

The Protrax Pt1021 is a medium compound dirt bike tire for extreme conditions. With top performance in both motocross and dual sport-like environments, the tire is a highly versatile tire appropriate for many riders.

Also, its innovative tread design ensures stability in varied terrains, and its soft rubber compound makes it light in weight. It is a great bargain for anyone looking for a quality tire to handle sand terrain. It features a multi- tread compound that is ideal for intermediate to advanced riders.

In addition, the tire boasts high-tensile materials and is molded in a reinforced casing for increased durability and performance. It is perfect for motocross riding or just playing around off-road. It also features a solid center groove that delivers exceptional on- and off-road performance.

Furthermore, one of the reasons you can rely on the tire is that it gives you control over loose terrain and gets more traction while cornering. The responsiveness in any condition is inspiring, and the way it handles all road challenges will always make you want to jump on your bike.

User Experience

  • It delivers reliable performance
  • Very responsive to cornering
  • Its design and construction contribute to its longevity
  • It handles on and off-road challenges in grand style


  • Dimensions: ‎28 x 3.5 x 28 inches
  • Tire Size: 100/880-21
  • Tire weight: ‎8.43 pounds
  • Section Width: 80mm
  • Tire Aspect Ratio: 100
  • Rim Size: 21 inches
  • Speed rating: H
  • Position: Front
  • Load Index Rating: 94
  • Tread: cupped-style

Quick Facts

  • Ideal for soft to intermediate terrain
  • Perfect for recreational off-road riding
  • Excellent puncture resistance
  • Built with high-quality materials
  • Provide maximum traction in extreme riding conditions and rough terrain
  • Tough 4-ply construction provides puncturing resistance and durability
  • Built specifically for off-road use
  • Deliver consistent performance
  • Super responsive
  • Lacks bias construction

Final Thoughts

The Protrax Pt1021 Motocross low profile design offers a serious advantage in performance, allowing the bike to clear obstacles with ease while maintaining a strong presence on the track. With its quality design and features, the tire will meet your needs from your first ride on the track till you become a seasoned rider.

8. Best for Easy handling: MMG Tire Set Off Road Knobby Front Tires

The MMG Knobby is a versatile off-road tire that can handle sandy deserts to muddy trails. The aggressive tread pattern provides good grip, and it can be used on sandy roads if you have the guts. It comes with a rigid carcass to improve your bike’s overall handling and control.MMG Tire Set Off Road Knobby Front Tires

Also, the MMG Tire Set is a great fit for any motorcycle enthusiast looking to improve the style and performance of their bike. The knobby tire treads provide superior grip on sand or any rough terrain while its design ensures a smooth ride.

In addition, the tread design of the tire presents an excellent compromise between rolling resistance and traction in different types of terrain. The block design of the tire is filled with soft quality material to reduce noise by 50% compared to traditional tires.

The tires are reinforced to increase resistance to impacts and punctures. With the features, you can be confident the tire serves you rightly for the best performance. Also, with little tens of dollars, you can acquire your bike and start flying offroad.

The tire offers excellent stability, grip, and control on uneven terrain. The tire is suitable for various applications, from high-speed desert racing to technical low-speed rock crawling. The design will perfectly complement a wide range of aftermarket rims, as well as original rims.

User Experience

  • Two sets of tires with inner tubes
  • Excellent grip and easy handling experience
  • Boasts of a compound for all-season use
  • Clean out well easily


  • Front Tire Size: 80/100-21
  • Rear Tire Size: 100/90-19
  • Tire weight: ‎8.43 pounds
  • Section Width: 80mm
  • Tire Aspect Ratio: 100
  • Rim Size: 19 and 21 inches
  • Speed rating: M (Max 81 mph)
  • Position: Front
  • Load Index Rating: 63
  • Load Capacity: 429 and 598 lbs
  • Tread: cupped-style

Quick Facts

  • Available in mid to aggressive knobby tread patterns
  • Designed for better grip and durability
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Perfect for on and off-road adventure
  • Heavy-duty, durable valve stem.
  • Thick rubber blend
  • Provides better durability and handling at a more affordable price
  • It grips the terrain better than ordinary racing tires do
  • High-quality rubber to deliver stability
  • Increased traction and braking ability
  • Shock resistant
  • Fairly expensive

Final Thoughts

You can always enjoy the possibilities of outdoor adventures with the MMG Tire Set Off Road Knobby Front Tires. With a durable rubber construction, the tires offer stability on all types of terrain as they grip, corner and brake with ease.

9. Best for aggressive tread: Irc 87-5756 Tire M5b Evo Rear

With its durable rubber compounds and heavy-duty construction for maximum durability on and off-road, the Irc tire offers a complete line of tires for dirt bikes ensures superior riding experience on sand roads.

Irc 87-5756 Tire M5b Evo Rear

The IRC M5b proves to be the new standard for off-roading bikes. The tire is a force to be reckoned with. Featuring an aggressive tread pattern with small knobs evenly spaced around its edge, this tire eats up the roadside debris without fail.

The power comes from wide footprint and construction features, making the tire strong enough to handle anything thrown at it. Also, the tire boasts a tread pattern that helps with a substantial bite to enhance its wet and dry traction.

In addition, the tire features a bias design and superior tread compound that delivers optimum traction on dry or wet roads. It also helps with prolonging the lifespan of the tire and gives you a smooth, easy ride.

Therefore, investing in the tire is a wise decision for an off-roading enthusiast to embrace.

To make your ride a lot easier from the ground up M4b comes with a knobby shaped tread design. This offers superior stability on sand and a better grip on loose gravel as well as better traction on rocky surface.

User Experience

  • Self-cleaning characteristics
  • Excels in mud, sand, and loose soil
  • The tire is an ideal choice for on and off-road adventure
  • Deliver smooth performance on any road surfaces


  • Dimensions: ‎27.1 x 27.1 x 5.2 inches
  • Tire Size: 110/90-19
  • Tire weight: 14.73 pounds
  • Section Width: 110mm
  • Tire Aspect Ratio: 90.0
  • Rim Size: 19 inches
  • Speed rating: M (Max 81 mph)
  • Position: rear
  • Load Index Rating: 62.0

Quick Facts

  • High center knobs
  • Designed for soft loam and muddy tracks
  • M-rated for speeds up to 81 mph
  • Tread design with siping helps to reduce hot tearing
  • Produces well balanced cornering performance
  • The tire enhances traction and handling under normal driving conditions
  • offers improved hydroplaning resistance
  • It is built for exceptional performance
  • You have to contact the manufacturer for safety information

Final Thoughts

If you want to replace the tire on your motorcycle, the Irc 87-5756 Tire is a good choice. It has a good design, boasts quality construction materials, and amazing features. They all contribute to the top performance you experience with the tire.

10. Best for Load capacity: WIG Racing 110/90-19 Off-Road Dirt Bike Motocross Tire

The WIG Racing 110/90-19 Off-Road Dirt Bike Motocross Tire features a smooth tread surface, ensuring adequate grip on different surfaces. It is ideal for all-around dirt bike applications such as MX, trail riding, enduro racing, and more.WIG Racing 110/90-19 Off-Road Dirt Bike Motocross Tire

For high-performance off-road riding, the WIG Racing tire is a good choice for you. It boasts high-quality materials and is engineered to provide maximum traction and performance.

With the design, construction, and features, you can beat your chest that the tire can take you anywhere. Also, it has 600 pounds load capacity, which means it can handle heavy usage successfully. Investing in the tire will never end up as a poor or bad investment.

In addition, the tire features a soft carcass and knobby tread that are both capable of tackling any off-road terrain. Not only is it ideal for dirt bikes, but it can be used on other BMX or freestyle bicycles, scooters, coaster wagons, and more.

User Experience

  • It delivers smooth performance off-road
  • Great for heavy weight dirt bike riders
  • very responsive to braking and cornering
  • Its design helps it perform in all conditions
  • Its design helps navigate through obstacles


  • Dimensions: 26 x 26 x 5 inches
  • Tire Size: 110/90-19
  • Tire weight: 17 pounds
  • Section Width: 110mm
  • Tire Aspect Ratio: 90.0
  • Rim Size: 19 inches
  • Rim Width: ‎2.15 Inches
  • Speed rating: P
  • Position: rear
  • Load Index Rating: 63.0
  • Load Capacity: 600 pounds

Quick Facts

  • 110/90-19 Rear Motocross Tire
  • Durable intermediate rubber compound
  • Excellent grip on all surfaces
  • Off-Road use ONLY (Not plain road friendly)
  • Delivers superior grip and traction for great performance
  • It handles all conditions in grand style
  • It is cheap and affordable
  • Helps with delivering maximum comfort
  • It handles all off-road challenges in grand style
  • Lacks bias construction

Final Thoughts

All that the tire stands for is satisfaction on all levels. Whether you are a professional or novice at handling bikes on sand or any terrain, the tire is there to support you with great performance.

How to Choose Best Dirt Bike Sand Tires?

Choosing the best dirt bike tire is not as simple as calling your local shop or hitting up your local big-box store to grab something off the shelf. There are lots of aspects to buying a great tire for your ride.

How to Choose Best Dirt Bike Sand Tires

The factors include the size, tread pattern, type of motorcycle the tire was made for, brand name and model, and how spendy you want to get.

Size of The Tire

Most of the best dirt bike sand tires come in different styles and sizes, ranging from 10 inches to more than 19 inches. Getting the right size will help with better traction and stability you get. Therefore, pick a size that will meet your needs depending on your needs.

There are dangers you face with choosing the wrong tire size. Some of the problems you face include struggling for balance, stability, and a smooth ride. So, you need to check the size of your tire rim and ensure you get the right size of the tire that fits well.

Type of Construction

Sand is one of the most common types of terrain that you should consider when buying a pair of dirt bike tires. Not all tires can handle or fly comfortably on the sand, and that is why you need to carefully choose the right tire.

The best to consider are the ones with bias construction. They come with a design and structure that can handle tough road surfaces. There are others, but none can perform to the level of bias construction tire performance.

Also, you need to consider where you intend to use the tire often. There in the market, you have mid-hard, hard and off-road tires. Therefore, you should choose the one that fits your needs.

Tire Type

There are different types of tires, and you need to be familiar with them so you can end up choosing the right one. There in the market, you have the rear and the front tire. Therefore, when making your purchase, you need to be sure of the type you are getting.

Getting a rear tire for the front will affect your performance. It is the reason you need to choose the right tire that you need for your bike.

Brand Name

Dirt bike sand tires are available in various brand name products. There are well-known brands known to serve the best quality products, and there are also cheap brands that serve the same purpose.

However, if you buy cheap brand tubes or tires, it is important to ensure that its material is good quality and durable. But you should go for products from trusted and reliable brands. Michelin remains one of the best when it comes to quality tires.

Price of The Tire

The price is one of the most important factors we have to ponder when purchasing a tire. Since there are many different tire manufacturers, each brand has its pricing strategies.

You need to find out which company provides the lowest price while still maintaining the best quality of their tire. You need to familiarize yourself with the pricing range for the type of tire you need so that you won’t be scammed by a seller that offers outrageous prices for an average-quality tire.

Load Capacity

You must know the load capacity of the tire you are buying to ensure it will handle your weight. Dirt bikes have different weight capacities, and one has to check those before deciding on a particular bike tire.

Load capacity is expressed in pounds or kilograms. It is the maximum dry weight that can be put onto the tire and still maintain the integrity of its structure. The higher, the better.

Features of The Tire

There are features of a dirt bike tire that you need to consider when buying one. The features contribute to the performance of the tire, and you need to choose one that fits your driving style and the terrain you fly often.

The features include advanced sidewall tread technology, optimized block angles, casing support ribs, tread pattern/design, grooves, and many more. You need to choose the tire with features that can help deliver smooth cornering and reliable braking for comfort and convenience when riding.

How to Ride Dirt Bike in Sand?

The key to riding a dirt bike in the sand is learning to counter-steer. Use your feet and hands to move the bike’s weight instead of fighting it. Get used to this riding style by practicing in small areas first. The only way you can improve at dirt biking is by spending loads of time on the bike and both off and on the track.

How to Ride Dirt Bike in Sand

The following should help:

  • You should run a check on the bike and ensure it is in good condition
  • Start the bike and sit on it while you have more load on the back because the rear tire will do more of the work to propel you forward
  • You should keep the gas on and make it steady as you get the right control over the direction you are trying to follow
  • Always shift your body right up to the front of the dirt bike whenever you are turning hard or taking any corners
  • You should also use your legs to support the bike as it will help stabilize you and relieve pressure in your arms.

How to Prep Your Dirt Bike for the Sand Dunes, Tips, and Tricks

If you are planning to get on your dirt bike, you need to prep your bike, and the followings are what you should do:

How to Prep Your Dirt Bike for the Sand Dunes, Tips, and Tricks


  • Check your tire and ensure it is in good condition. You need to ensure that the psi is within 10 to 15 psi for effective performance. A deflated tire will never get you the smooth performance you desire.
  • Check the bike’s suspension and ensure it is in good condition; if you notice it needs any adjustment, you need to do that before riding the bike.
  • Check the air filter and ensure that there is no sand there from your last adventure that can get through to your bike engine.
  • Service the bike and run it for some minutes before riding

Tips and tricks:

  • You should use all necessary safety gear such as a helmet, hand gloves, knee pad, safety boot, and elbow pad.
  • Always go out with extra fuel because riding on sand burns fuel at a higher rate
  • Always allow your bike to rest every 20 minutes so it can cool
  • Ensure you always ride with the right tire psi
  • Keep close tabs on sounds and signs from your bike
  • Always wash and use the right cleaning agent to keep the bike clean and avoid corrosion

Frequently Asked Questions

What PSI Should I Run on Sand?

The ideal pressure to run on sand is 15-32 Psi. If the bike tires are in good condition, they will help with getting adequate traction. Not only will it increase the traction on this type of terrain, but it will also increase its lifespan if you drive smoothly and avoid too much scrubbing.

The importance of having adequate air in your tire should never be overlooked. If the air is not up to the normal range, you will surely have difficulty riding in comfort. Therefore, you need to check the required psi to not under-inflate or over-inflate the tire.

How Long Do Sand Tires Last?

Tires for dune buggies and sand terrain vehicles demand a different construction than your everyday street tires. While street tires are built to handle cold climates, dune buggy and sand tires need more.

If you frequently drive in sandy conditions, you should consider changing your sand tires every six months because they do not last as long as normal tires.

How Much Air Should I Put in My Sand Tires?

To get the best from your sand tires, it is recommended you fill them with at least 15 to 32psi (pound per square inch). The best way to know the right pressure is to check the requirement for the tire. However, you need the tire to be as firm as possible for riding on sand. So, if the requirement says 12psi, you should increase it to 13psi.

Are Knobby Tires Good in Sand?

Yes, knobby tires are good in the sand because the knobs will bite into the sand for extra traction when driving or riding over loose or soft terrain. The outcome is twofold in that it depends on the depth of the sand and the pressure you are running on your tires. Knobby tires will perform better in lower tire pressures but are also not ideal for riding in really deep sand.

How Many Paddles Should Be on A Sand Tire?

The number of paddles on a sand tire generally depends on your riding style. A paddle is designed to help with traction and pushing in soft sand while turning, braking, or accelerating. It also helps create a barrier between the wheel and sand, minimizing free spin as much as possible.

There are usually five paddles on a tire, but there can be 12. The more paddles, the smoother your ride will be.

However, understanding the paddle count and its importance is critical to every sand enthusiast. The number of paddles on a sand tire separates the novice from the experienced dune connoisseur. It is not uncommon to see excessive paddle count at first until you learn to respect your bike.

Too many paddles put extra stress on your engine and only provide more traction than needed. Experienced racers will tell you that it is all about paddle placement, not quantity.


When choosing your best dirt bike sand tire, it is important to consider the type of use. You need to know if you plan on using it on a performing track or doing off-road trail riding. It can help you choose from the many available types of options.

We hope that the guide above has been a help for you to choose your next wheels to ride. If you want our editorial choice, that would be the MICHELIN StarCross 5 Medium Motocross Bias Tire. This tire is so well built that you’ll love the traction while riding on a track or doing regular offroading. With 584 pounds capacity, this tire can withstand any heavy weight person.

James Albert is a dirt biker for about 6 years with a passion for helping others get into the sport without knowing anything. He shares his expertise and reviews dirt bikes and related tools.

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