10 Best Dirt Bike Hydration Pack To Stay Fresh (Updated in 2023)

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Staying hydrated is tough when riding a dirt bike on the hills for an hour or two. Dirt biking gives an adrenaline rush, but it will dehydrate you like no other. You might keep a water bottle in your backpack, which is never comfortable when you have to drink as you ride, especially for desert riding.

The unsurpassed way to remain hydrated is with the best dirt bike hydration pack when you are on the trail. This important piece of gear will keep you cool and comfortable by letting you drink water on the go as you ride.

Obtaining this life-saving commodity is quite challenging as numerous brands and models are available. Also, you need to carefully select this item since your comfort relies on it during dirt biking. We prepared a list of the best dirt bike hydration packs for you to choose from.

Let’s go through them and guide you on how you can choose the right one.

Why Use a Hydration Pack for Dirt Biking?

Our body contains 60% water. The functionality of our body gets hampered if this percentage reduces anytime. Staying hydrated will help you maintain endurance in dirt biking while keeping safe from excessive heat.

Why Use a Hydration Pack for Dirt Biking

Whether hiking, dirt biking, kayaking, canoeing, etc., a hydration pack helps you stay well-hydrated. You will always require more water to drink when doing outdoor activities.

Let’s look into more details on the importance of hydration bladders.

Hydrated on The Go

Hydration pack tubes are easier to access and use, compared to conventional water bottles. You can’t drink from a water bottle without stopping. Also, you will need to take the bottle from your backpack, open the lid, take a sip, close the lid and then put the bottle in your backpack. The whole process will take a minimum of 30 seconds.

While, with a hydration pack, all you need to do is grab the tube, bite it down, and you are ready to drink. Easy-peasy! You don’t need to stop driving. Drinking from hydration bladders is so easy that you can achieve your target faster without getting dehydrated every few minutes. This is especially true for desert riding.

Won’t Run Out of Water

You will find hydration packs of different sizes, such as 1.5/2/3 liters. This amount of water is perfect for 2/4/6 hours. Some brands manufacture hydration bladders with ridiculous sizes, more than 6 liters.

You need to choose the pack size depending on your hiking time. So, take a sip from the hydration pack tube whenever you feel thirsty.

Now, think about the water bottle. How many bottles do you need for 3 liters of water? You will need 6 standard water bottles. Sadly, most backpacks have room for 2 water bottles.

Easy to Carry

Have you ever wondered how much water you need for 6 – 8 hours of dirt biking? Minimum 3 – 4 liters of water is required in this period. Imagine carrying a pair of water bottles for 8 hours, isn’t it terrible?

Carrying a hydration pack is much easier. It spreads the weight evenly across your back. So, you won’t feel pressure when carrying 10 – 15 lbs. of water.

Helps You Navigate Difficult Terrain Easily

Maintaining body balance is pretty essential when dirt biking in challenging terrains. Dirt bikers carry the heaviest items close to their body. In order to avoid losing their balance, they try to keep the weight close to their center of gravity.

While you are carrying bottled water, keeping the weight in the center of gravity is not possible. You will lose body balance, and navigating difficult terrain will be challenging. Hydration bladders help you maintain the center of gravity. So, body balance will be perfect every time, and you can easily pass through the terrain.

What Are the Best Dirt Bike Hydration Pack?

Getting the right dirt bike hydration pack seems overwhelming because you don’t know which one is best for what? No worries, after picking the best packs from the market, we’ve categorized them by the job each pack does the best. Have a look at the list and decide on your hydration pack while we took care of all the research parts.

Comparison Chart

So, how do the hydration packs above compare to each other? You may wonder! No worries, we’ve also put together a side by side comparison between these dirt bike hydration packs below. Check it out and be sure that you know what you’re getting:

Hydration pack Best for Pack / cargo Bladder Capacity Build material Weight
FREEMOVE Hydration Pack Overall best 10 liters 2 liters Water resistant 1.81 Pounds
SHARKMOUTH Tactical MOLLE For Women 15 liters 2.5 liters Tear-free 1.98 Pounds
Osprey Raven 14 For Long rides 15 liters 2.5 liters Tear-free Nylon 1.63 Pounds
OGIO Black Atlas For all-day ride 14 liters 3 liters anti-sloshing bladder ‎1.35 pounds
MOUNTAINTOP Hydration Backpack Mountain riding 15 liters 2 liters Tear free Nylon 1.46 pounds
Fox Racing Backpack for Men 11.6 liter 2 liters Polyester 0.66 lbs
USWE Action Packs Unisex 15.17 oz. 3 liters Polyester 1 pound
LEATT GPX Race HF 2.0 for Comfort 15.9 oz 2 liters Tear free Nylon 1 pound
CamelBak M.U.L.E. for Large Capacity 15 liter 1.95 liters Tear free Nylon 1.4 pound
Vibrelli Hydration Pack Multi Purpose 2 liters Medical grade Nylon 0.9lbs


10 Best Dirt Bike Hydration Pack Reviews

Our selected hydration packs for dirt bikes are not only suitable for dirt biking but also you can use them for hiking, cycling, kayaking, etc. These packs are reliable in their performance.

Best Dirt Bike Hydration Pack

1. Best Overall: FREEMOVE Dirt Bike Hydration Pack

The FREEMOVE Hydration pack can handle it all from all-day to short after-work rides. You can carry any water bladder in it, making it the perfect choice as a multipurpose backpack. You will sweat less and feel calm with its comfortable design.

The airflow mechanism in the pack will keep your back free of sweat. Strategically designed back panels spread the load of the pack evenly. This means you will never feel tired of carrying this hydration pack.
FREEMOVE Dirt Bike Hydration Pack

Concentration is necessary to avoid an accident when dirt biking and this hydration pack gives you that. Its lightweight and breathable construction will allow you to focus on your ride. It is also water-resistant, ensuring the pack’s safety during muddy rides. Moreover, reinforced bottom and nylon stitching enhance the durability of the product.

Bikers require cool water in warm climates. You will love to know that it comes with an insulation pouch. Additionally, the bladder hose is insulated too. A combination of all these features keeps water cool for a minimum of 5 hours, and ice water remains cold for a whole day.

Generally, every hydration pack makes some noise because of the water when dirt biking, running, or hiking. But this pack features an insulator cooler bag, preventing noise and helping it remain silent.

You can carry a lot of essential belongings like a smartphone, energy snacks, towels, extra battery, etc., in its multiple compartments. Zipper closure assists you with easy access to these compartments. In addition, the pack includes a detachable phone pocket.

Attach it securely either on the left, central, or right side according to your requirements. Every part of the pack is water-resistant, the internal items will remain dry all the time.

The bladder capacity is 2L which is enough for 4 – 5 hours of continuous dirt biking. A bite valve in the bladder allows 20% more water flow as you sip. As a result, you don’t need to sip water frequently. The valve shuts off instantly to prevent an annoying drip. However, its bladder capacity is a little less than its rivals.

FreeMove has used tasteless TPU material to make the 2-liter bladder which is 4X stronger than plastic. This hydration pack will give you long-term service. Besides, it has integrated high-reflective elements, ensuring your safety the night riding.

If you think of cleaning the bladder, you can do it conveniently. Put a little dish soap and warm water in it when cleaning. Never use hot water as it can damage the bladder.

User Experience:

  • You can use it for dirt biking, running, hiking, motorcycling, music festivals, etc.
  • It helps you focus on your activity
  • Allows you to carry a phone, battery, snacks, etc.
  • Accessing essential items is easy
  • High reflective elements ensure your visibility

Here’s how you get it ready:


Hydration Pack Capacity 10L
Bladder Capacity 2L
Bladder Material TPU
Water-resistant Yes
Pack Material Polyester Ripstop 600D
Package Includes An extra detachable phone pocket, 2L reservoir, 2L cooler bag, 2-pcs of bladder cleaning tablets

Quick Facts:

  • Polyester Ripstop 600D construction protection inner parts from water
  • Cooler bag and insulated hose keeps water cool for 5 hours
  • Bite valve provides 20% more water flow in every sip
  • Fully adjustable for your comfort
What do We like?
  • Detachable phone pocket
  • Water-resistant
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Leak-proof
  • BPA free bladder
What We Don’t Like?
  • Bad stitching


The FREEMOVE Hydration pack is suitable for daily dirt bikers who want to enjoy biking in difficult terrains while still having water on them. It is pretty lightweight, even with water on it. So far, the pack will serve its purpose efficiently. Hydrate faster, train longer and perform better.

2. Best for Women: SHARKMOUTH Tactical MOLLE Hydration Pack

The SHARKMOUTH MOLLE Hydration Pack will keep you hydrated during dirt biking, running, hiking, snowboarding, and any hydration hungry activity, especially for women because of its ergonomic design. It’s well equipped with all the necessary features and has a large water reservoir.
SHARKMOUTH Tactical MOLLE Hydration Pack

The ergonomic and lightweight only 26 oz design makes it fit snugly, thus, carrying it becomes hassle-free. You will feel comfortable in your back all the time. Moreover, the back features breathable mesh pads, keeping your back cool and dry by preventing heat buildup.

Adjusting the pack is also convenient with the help of shoulder straps, waist straps, and chest straps. These straps evenly distribute the pack weight on your back.

A thick aluminum foil-insulated layer holds a 2L water bladder. The water remains cool for up to 4 hours. Add 2 pieces of ice cube into the water to get cold water for a bit longer.

Besides, 2 tapes are available on the top, ensuring that the bladder will not bounce back during running, hiking, dirt biking, MTB, etc. The dimension is 16.5” x 9.1” x 2”, much more compact than other hydration packs. You can comfortably carry your iPad, lunch box along with the bladder because of the main compartment’s roomy structure.

Also, it comes with 2 front zip pockets, permitting you to store wallet, first-aid kits, multi-tools, gloves, or other belongings suitably. Moreover, attach other gears to the pack without hesitation taking assistance from the Molle System.

A soft silicone mouthpiece with an auto shut-off valve allows you to control the water flow without hassle. Water flow stops automatically for the auto shut-off valve. Thus, the wastage of water will not be there. Moreover, a good quality zipper lets you zip smoothly.

You will find a neoprene sleeve over the hose. It protects you from irritating things like hose rubbing or catching your skin. The quality of every part is top-notch and engineered to give you many years of service.

Bladder quality will also impress you for sure. It is made with BPA-free, odorless, and taste-free material, providing healthy water throughout your adventure. The opening of the bladder is oversized for easy refilling, cleaning, and drying.

User Experience:

  • You will feel more comfortable on your back of its ergonomic design
  • Breathable mesh pads let you feel dry and cool
  • You can attach gears in the pack because of the Molle system
  • It is a decent gift item for your family and friends
  • Much roomy to carry 2L water bladder with lunch box, iPad


Backpack Dimension 16.5” x 9.1” x 2”
Backpack Material Tear-free polyester
Backpack Weight 15L
Bladder Capacity 2L
Suited Short trip, Dirt Biking, Running, Hiking, Skiing, Camping, Hunting
Closure Type Zipper

Quick Facts:

  • 2L BPA-free and FDA approved water bottle
  • Sleek and compact design allows you to organize packages for outdoor activities
  • Mesh front pockets for essential items and keep separate
  • Insulated compartment keeps liquid cool for up to 4 hours
What Do We Like?
  • Insulated Neoprene tube cover
  • FDA approved, BPA-free EVA material
  • Screw-cap with handle bladder
  • Auto shut-off valve
  • Extreme padding on straps
What We Don’t Like?
  • Cleaning the water bladder is a little bit tricky


Quality construction with extra pockets on this hydration pack makes it perfect for women dirt bike riders. It will help you maintain proper hydration in your body for a long time as it has a 2 liter water reservoir on the back. Give it a try, and it will not disappoint you while dirt biking on the hot and humid summer days.

3. Best for Long rides: Osprey Raven 14 Women’s Dirt Bike Hydration Pack

If you require a hydration pack for your whole day of dirt biking, the Osprey Raven 14 would be the best choice for sure. This compact pack is full of necessary features and enough reservoir size to keep you hydrated for hours with a large tank.
Osprey Raven 14 Women’s Dirt Bike Hydration Pack

A 3-liter hydraulic reservoir is the prime feature of this pack. This large reservoir is positioned behind the harness in a separate zippered external compartment. The reservoir is nicely designed that can handle the top which prevents barreling.

Also, its roll-top reservoir is easy to refill and use. That gives you the opportunity to reload water faster than other hydration packs in the list. Therefore, it’s the best backpack you can get if you’re up for long rids pretty often.

Its mouthpiece features a bit valve that eliminates accidental leaking with a twist lock. Plus, the hose stays on the chest perfectly because of the magnetic mouthpiece. The hip belt and shoulder strap have bio stretch foam for better breathability.

A wide and pleasant hip belt merely keeps and helps you carry the pack. The flexible back panel has ventilation channels and is covered with nice mesh. This way, enough air will circulate through your back and let you feel comfortable on humid days.

This hydration pack is full of several pockets in different areas. You can store valuable stuff in these pockets without trouble for stretchy fabric. These mesh pockets will be handy if you need to carry an extra water bottle.

You will find a compartment on the bottom of the pack with removable numerous mesh organization pockets. Conveniently store first aid kit, bike repair gears, or other repairing tools.

Carry electronics, sunglasses, or other essentials easily in the scratch-free zippered pocket positioned on the top. Additionally, front shove-it pockets and 2 mesh side pockets with straps let you carry maps, clothes, or other things.

Attaching external gears in this pack is a breeze as it has dual-side compression straps. This feature also helps in stabilizing the load in the back. Therefore, the pack sits perfectly in your back even when it is completely loaded.

It also has a great design for women with a narrow, curved shoulder harness that fits women’s chest, neck, and shoulder without a problem. Osprey intended it to provide ultimate comfort and safety on the trail and made multiple attachments for bike helmet attachment, blinker lights, and other safety gears.

User Experience:

  • You will remain well-ventilated for its extra deep ridged foam in the back
  • You can adjust the chest strap to maintain your body balance
  • It comes with plenty of pockets for food, sunscreen, and other essentials
  • This pack is so comfortable that you will not get tired after 6 – 8 hours on the bike
  • Accessing the compartments and pockets is straightforward


Dimension 18” x 9” x 8”
Reservoir Weight 11 oz.
Main Fabric 70D x 100D Nylon Shadow Check
Volume 854 cub in
Bladder Capacity 2.5 L
Department Women
Torso Fit 14” – 18”
Hip Belt Fit 26” – 49”

Quick Facts:

  • Bonus hydration bladder that holds 2.5-liter water
  • Includes exclusive features to make your dirt biking enjoyable
  • Durable and lightweight materials for reliable service
  • The main compartment has a bike tool organizer
What Do We Like?
  • LidLock helmet attachment
  • Detachable tool-up tool pouch
  • AirScape back panel
  • Scratch-free heat-embossed zippered slash pocket
What We Don’t Like?
  • The harness is non-adjustable


You will rarely find a hydration pack closer to Osprey Raven 14 that gives you this long backup. This pack is just the right size for a dirt rider with secure straps. It includes a 2.5 L top-notch water bladder for long rides and several pockets to store valuables to meet your needs on the trail.

4. Best for Day Ride: OGIO 122103_03 Black Atlas Hydration Pack

Style and hit the trail with hydration wearing the OGIO Black Atlas Hydration Pack. This pack will be your best companion regardless of the trail type. It offers you plenty of hydration for your needs when out on a day ride.
OGIO 122103_03 Black Atlas Hydration Pack

The bladder capacity is more than the standard size of 2L. After filling the bladder with water, it weighs only 9 lbs. Carrying it for a whole day will never be an issue. OGIO Black Atlas is equipped with several compartments of different sizes.

Its main compartments hold the bladder, which features a hook and loop. This feature securely clamps the bladder in its place. The front pouch has easy access to store your essential belongings. Low profile design allows it to fit under the jersey well.

Insulated reflective fabric in the bladder compartment liner keeps the water cool for several hours. Water can’t slosh around since the compartment has tailored paneling. To prevent water dripping, there is a zipper at the top of the bladder for fastening. Easy to open and close zipper makes taking in and out of the bladder a lot easier.

Most standard hydration packs come with an electric compartment; no exception for this one. Store electronic items or other small gears in the zippered stash pocket found in the front panel. However, don’t assume that the pack is big enough to store your hoodie or sweatshirt.

The exterior is made with durable 600-denier/400-denier polyester. It has a DWR coating to protect the pack from extreme weather. This means it can be used in both the summer and winter seasons. Overall, this hydration pack is excellent, and you can go thousands of miles wearing it without discomfort.

With other hydration packs, dirt bikers feel hot in their back. You will love to know that this pack includes a back panel that confirms enough air circulation to help you remain dry. Padded and air-mesh shoulder straps absorb moisture effectively. As a result, odor can’t build up in the pack.

Cleaning the bladder is incredibly effortless. You can use it to carry 6 water bottles or beverages after taking the bladder out. The hydration pack holds plenty of water for long-distance rides and offers reliable performance.

User Experience:

  • You can ride thousands of miles without dehydrating
  • It is adjustable for both taller and shorter people
  • The pack fits 3L of water, and still, you will feel weightless
  • It has plenty of pockets for storing valuables
  • Easy to maneuver for multiple adjust harness system


Dimensions 17.25” x 9.5” x 3.5”
Weight 1.35 lbs.
Capacity 305 Cubic Inches
Materials 150D Mini honeycomb rip stop with TPE backing & 420HD Oxford nylon with PU backing
Recommended Use Outdoor, MOT

Quick Facts:

  • Anti-sloshing compartment prevents water sloshing from the bladder
  • Water remains cool for a 30% longer period because of the insulated cooler fabric lining
  • It keeps you sweat-free by ensuring adequate airflow at your back
  • It comes with a padded and shoulder-friendly strap for convenient carrying
What do We like?
  • Reflective trim
  • Low-profile design
  • 2 stretch mesh pockets
  • Tailored paneling
  • High-quality bladder
What We Don’t Like?
  • Less number of pockets than its rivals


In summary, OGIO Atlas is a well-constructed and reasonable quality hydration pack. Design is pretty cool for carrying several gears for dirt biking. The included hydration bladder stores 3L of water which is enough for a full day ride on dirt bike.

5. Best for Mountaineering: MOUNTAINTOP Hydration Backpack

You may lose concentration if you feel discomfort in your back due to dehydration. It can lead you to a dangerous accident. Buy this MOUNTAINTOP Hydration Backpack and keep yourself well-hydrated.
MOUNTAINTOP Hydration Backpack

The dimension of the dirt biking backpack is 18.1” x 9.3” x 5.7”, pretty tight and small for your convenience. Simultaneously, it is ultra-light with only 1.46 lbs. allowing you to carry it for long hours on your back without giving you back strain. You can use it in any weather condition as it is tailored using highly water-resistant polyester fabric.

With this hydration pack, you can carry a lot of gear. The main compartment contains a zipper bag, mesh bag, inner patch bag for storing your travel supplies before the water bag. Additionally, side pockets will hold snacks, charger, tents, sleeping bags, notes, clothes, shoes, and other things.

It is strategically manufactured to give your ultimate comfort throughout your dirt biking journey. An ergonomic carrying system keeps your back cool and dry. Also, adjustable shoulder straps offer cushioned comfort and a perfect fit.

Zipper’s quality of this unit is the most satisfying. In comparison, other hydration packs’ zippers start showing poor function after a few days. But the zippers of this pack are built to last. The manufacturer uses YKK zippers which confirm the strength and durable performance.

During the break of your journey, if you are worried about storing your dirt bike helmet, this pack will solve the concern too. A mesh elastic pocket on the front of the backpack can be put on and fixed with a buckle. This feature is undoubtedly convenient for you to carry and travel.

Night riding is always tricky as the chance of an accident or crash is high. This pack will also save you from accidents by increasing your visibility to others with the help of the reflective band. Additionally, the chest strap has lifeguard whistles that facilitate an enjoyable and memorable dirt biking experience.

Both men and women can wear this backpack without hesitation. The hip belt/chest strap is adjustable according to your body shape. These straps allow you to fix it in your back adequately when driving faster or in the bumps.

User Experience:

  • Suitable for dirt biking, cycling, mountaineering, adventure, biking, etc.
  • Meets your day-long hydration requirements
  • Helmet pocket carries bicycle helmet securely
  • You can access the front pockets easily
  • Great organization in the pockets


Dimension 18.1” x 9.3” x 5.7’
Volume Capacity 15L
Fabric Nylon
Water Resistant Yes
Product Weight 1.52 lbs.
Bladder Capacity 2L

Quick Facts:

  • Extensive loading capacity to store valuables
  • Side pockets for carrying an extra water bottle
  • A breathable bearing system offers comfort
  • The helmet pouch lets you store cycle helmets conveniently
What Do We Like?
  • MOLLE design and reflective band
  • Adjustable bottom straps
  • Water-resistant
  • Offers maximum support
  • Long-lasting performance
What We Don’t Like?
  • The hydration bladder is not included


Whether you are a dirt bike racer, cyclist, mountaineer, hiker, explorer, climber, or traveler, this hydration pack serves at its best all the time. You will find it as your best companion and lifesaver in both day-long and overnight tours.

6. Best for Men: Fox Racing Men’s Backpack

Decently styled Fox Racing Men’s Backpack is suitable for your every go-to storage option, even for bulky men. The more pockets you have, the more you will not be carrying unnecessary items. All your riding essentials can quickly be taken in this pack.
Fox Racing Men’s Backpack

Simplistic and lightweight design of this hydration pack lets you carry your back comfortably. It features a chest belt and hip belt for easy adjustment according to your preference to stay hydrated effortlessly.

Reaching around the external pocket of a hydration pack sometimes becomes hard. Sometimes, people stop searching for things due to frustration and annoyance. The great thing is, that your frustration can end with this pack since accessing the external pocket is superbly comfortable.

Easy-to-access zipper allows you to find your required items. Moreover, you can organize your valuables in the external compartment the way you need. It is designed to be both durable and robust.

You don’t need to be worried about accidental puncturing or leaking because rigid material is used to build it. This pack will never get leaked unless you cut it with a knife. It comes with a water-resistant feature.

The pack has a 2L hydraPak reservoir. If you require icy water, add ice cubes in the bladder and put them into the reservoir. The stored water will remain cool for several hours. Besides, you can also put in a frozen bladder, which means you will have cold water throughout the day. However, be careful to keep the frozen bladder along with other items.

Like all other standard hydration packs, it also has magnetic hose retention. This means if you ever face trouble sipping water, unclip the hose to move it closer to the mouth. At the same time, it stops the hose flapping when you are dirt biking downhill.

There are fleece-lined pockets for storing electronics and other small gear. Side pockets are covered with stretchy mesh fabric, supporting you to carry a lot of valuables. Thanks to the side compression straps that enable you to stabilize the loads for comfortable carrying in your back. It prevents fatigue or strain from your back.

This hydration pack does a lot more than carrying water. It includes a tool divider to wrangle your tools. If your bike stops or you find other problems while biking, take out the required tool and solve the issue. But this tool divider is only for storing essential tools.

User Experience:

  • You can carry your all riding essentials
  • This pack has plenty of internal compartments
  • Black material gives it a sleek look
  • The clip-on outside is perfect for keeping your helmet
  • Adjustability is effortless


Exterior Material 450D polyester diamond Ripstop TPU face
Reservoir Capacity 2L
Storage Capacity 11.6L
Water Resistant Yes
Weight 3lbs.

Quick Facts:

  • Stretchy side pockets hold several necessary gears
  • Easy to fill and wash hydration pack
  • Clips to hold a helmet
  • Stylish, comfortable, and fits loads of bike gears
What Do We Like?
  • 6L storage capacity
  • Fleece-lined pockets
  • Reflective trim
  • Magnetic hose attachment
  • Spacious
What We Don’t Like?
  • The main compartment zipper offers a small opening to access


Fox Racing Backpack is excellent and better than its competitors, with various useful features. Well construction, outstanding adjustability, multiple pockets, etc., makes the backpack worth the price. The pack is perfect, not too long and too wide. Simple design and comfortable to carry.

7. Best Unisex Hydration Pack: USWE Action Packs USWERG31

Every dirt bike rider deserves to wear a perfectly fit hydration pack. The manufacturer USWE focuses on providing comfortability and accurate fit by introducing the USWERG31 Hydration pack. It is ideal for passionate amateurs, weekend warriors, and athletes, regardless of whether you’re male or female.
USWE Action Packs USWERG31

Only the best materials are utilized in manufacturing the pack. A lightweight hydration backpack includes a premium quality bladder. The bladder’s storage capacity is also pretty impressive, which is 3L, pretty enough for mounting, dirt biking, cycling, skiing, and running. With much durability and long-lasting performance, it meets or exceeds CE certifications.

Usually, a conventional hydration pack bounces a lot on the back while doing outdoor activities. You will love to hear that; this pack never bounces as it includes a revolutionary No Dancing Monkey harness. This mechanism ensures a secure fit.

More importantly, NDM technology is built for both men and women. Whether you are short or taller, big or small, the harness system comes with multiple size options: XS-M, M-XL to XXL. Size M-XL. You will fit the backpack snugly on your back with this technology. Moreover, storing a small pepper spray container or water bottle is easier in the straps.

The tight-fitting of a pack will surely restrict your movement. But the harness has a built-in stretch which ensures a solid fit of the pack on your back. It will give you a feeling like you have no pack at all. Also, this pack doesn’t affect breathing. Simultaneously, exceptionally comfortable to wear.

The hose is nicely placed with a belt in different positions. Take the hose end closer to your mouth and sip water whenever you feel thirsty. This way, you will always remain well-hydrated. Your performance in the race or game will be as expected.

Its included straw is available with a plug-n-play mechanism, allowing you to attach and detach easily and quickly. Moreover, it enables the user to take minimal intervention on trial. Furthermore, this system lets you open the wide bladder for easy filling and closes tight for a leak-proof seal.

Well-thought design if suitable for fulfilling all your hydration and travel-carrying needs. Carry your cell phone in the phone pocket and stay communicated. Also, other essentials can conveniently be stored in this spacious hydration pack.

User Experience:

  • It fits on your back more snugly and stably
  • The pack is quite comfortable and highly breathable
  • Offer 100% secure fit
  • Super easy to adjust with the straps
  • Individual fitting options for both men and women


Material Other
Sport Type Motorcycling
Department Unisex
Measurement 15” x 13” x 3”
Item Weight 15.17 oz.
Water Resistant Yes
Bladder Capacity 3L

Quick Facts:

  • No dancing monkey harness keeps the backpack stable on your shoulder
  • The multi-adjustment feature lets you fit over your chest and shoulder
  • Highly breathable to give you sweat-free back when riding
  • Durable construction makes it suitable for several outdoor activities
What Do We Like?
  • Bladder included
  • 3L bladder capacity
  • Zero bounce system
  • Perfect fit
  • CE-certified
What We Don’t Like?
  • Zipper quality is poor


USWERG31 hydration pack is designed to carry required water and make drinking more efficient during outdoor activities. You don’t need to stop or slow down your activities when drinking from it for its plug-n-play hose. Also, the No Dancing Monkey harness ensures a secure fit for both men and women.

8. Best for Comfortability: LEATT GPX Race HF 2.0 Hydration Pack

Do you feel discomfort carrying the backpack on your back? Buy the LEATT GPX Hydration Pack and shake your hands with comfort. Also, it includes a 2.0L Flat CleanTech bladder, fulfilling your whole day drinking water requirement.
LEATT GPX Race HF 2.0 Hydration Pack

This pack is a combo of 2 separate compartments. In the internal compartment, you will find the bladder. The outer compartment is full of a large mesh pocket, quick access pockets in the waistband, and one small pocket. All these pockets permit you to carry your important basics for dirt biking.

Straps and harness systems evenly distribute the weight on your back. Moreover, plenty of air circulates through your back to prevent heat buildup. Both features give you a secure fit. A plastic clip is responsible for connecting the harness with your chest and ribs.

Thus, the pack will stay on your back snugly. 2 foam strips run lengthwise down the mesh back, providing enough space for maximum air moving. In addition, Optimal AirLine back ventilation ensures good air circulation in your back, providing maximum comfort.

The included bladder accommodates 2L water. It is durably made and keeps water cool for many hours. Even if you fill it up with hot water in winter, the outside temperature will not make the water cool. Refilling the bladder is also effortless with the easy-to-access zipper. The mouth of the bladder is so wide that you can put your hands into the bladder for cleaning.

A quick-release lock system is available closer to the bite valve. You can disengage it by pressing the red release button and placing the bite valve to the other side if required. Besides, a generously long hand-free tube can be routed over your shoulder or arms. The harness comes with a height adjustability feature for ideal load positioning on your back.

The external zippered pocket is large enough to store your IDs, keys, basic gears, etc. The harness has two 2” x 3” mesh pockets designed for carrying a small action camera. If you want to record your dirt biking on trails, this feature would be beneficial. In addition, store other essentials if you don’t want to carry an action camera.

User Experience:

  • Perfect fit for unique harness system
  • This hydration system comes with hands-free technology
  • Water remains cool or hot for many hours
  • Adjustment can be made over the arm of the shoulder
  • Mesh storage outer pocket for storing multiple valuables


Bladder Capacity 2L
Cargo Capacity 1L
Water Resistant Yes
Dimension 17.72” x 11.81” x 2.76”
Weight 15.9 oz.

Quick Facts:

  • A fully adjustable harness according to your comfort level
  • Easy refilling and cleaning process for the bladder’s wide opening
  • 2 chest straps hold the hydration pack securely
  • Separate compartments for loading several necessities
What Do We Like?
  • AirLine back ventilation
  • Heat reflective inner back panel
  • Reflective safety lining
  • Rock-solid fit
  • Dual hydration tube
What We Don’t Like?
  • The water flow rate is less


This hydration pack is a versatile one that can meet every athlete, racer, sportsperson, dirt biker’s requirement. The pack doesn’t weigh much with water in the bladder and other valuables in different pockets. So, you will always have a comfortable riding experience with it.

9. Best for Large Capacity: CamelBak M.U.L.E. Mountain Biking Hydration Backpack

Sometimes, a bottle of water is not enough for long rides. The bottle can leak, lack of water may occur in the middle of the rides. Undoubtedly, proper hydration is significantly essential when dirt biking. Happily, the CamelBak M.U.L.E. Hydration pack that can hold 3L of water, some snacks, and essentials.
CamelBak M.U.L.E. Mountain Biking Hydration Backpack

When discussing hydration, no other company is more respected than CamelBak. It features several cutting-edge technologies to make your sipping more comfortable. For its narrow-gauge design, this pack is incredibly lightweight and maneuverable.

Even after loading it with water and other essentials, it doesn’t come on the way. With this pack on your back, you don’t need to take a frequent break to recharge yourself. It is functional and well-balanced, which helps you travel a long way.

The unique crux reservoir is its exceptional feature. This reservoir is easy to refill and load into the pack. More importantly, it delivers 20% more water flow to keep your body water level at a minimum.

There is a magnetic tube trap surrounding the bladder. It is responsible for maintaining the reservoir steady and secured in its place. Thus, water is readily available to drink regardless of whether you require it.

Integrated padding and cooling system eliminate moisture and heat buildup on your back with this bag. So, you will have sweat-free dirt biking every time. A removable stability belt lets you adjust the pack as per your need to avoid discomfort. Besides, reflective accents keep you protected from other riders during night riding.

Secure and store your helmet, knee pads, or elbow pads in the helmet holder when they are not in use. Further, post-consumer recycled materials construction makes it one of the toughest hydration packs on the market. It offers several years of efficient service regardless of the weather.

User Experience:

  • It keeps your spine comfortable during long day rides
  • Comes with a handle for holding the bladder steadily
  • You can manage it easily on the dirt bike
  • A good number of pockets for organizing valuables
  • Easy to slide in and out the bladder


Material Post-consumer recycled material
Sport Type Cycling, Snow Skiing, Running, Snowboarding, Outdoor Lifestyle
Bladder Capacity 2L
Water Resistant Yes
Helmet Carry Yes
What We Like?
  • Spacious compartments
  • Helmet, elbow pads, knee pads holder
  • Magnetic attachment for tube
  • Quality construction
  • Easy to clean
What We Don’t Like?
  • It is a little heavier


This hydration pack is manufactured with several features to make your dirt biking experience comfortable and enjoyable. It offers more room to store additional clothing, tools, or whatever you need. However, it is bulkier than other packs with the same storage capacity.

10. Best Multi-Purpose Hydration Pack: Vibrelli Hydration Pack

A reliable hydration pack is necessary for dirt biking, but you may want to go on hiking, camping, road biking, MTB riding, or on a day trip with your beloved ones. The Vibrelli Hydration Pack is engineered for premium quality hydration experience for any purpose that you may have.
Vibrelli Hydration Pack

What makes it exceptional from other hydration packs? It is equipped with all necessary features, which are must-needed by a dirt biker. A carry handle, main storage pocket, ergonomic side stabilizer, reflective safety tab, light attachment is some of the essential features to make your dirt biking experience safe and secured.

The bladder is made using an extremely quality medical grade component to provide you with a fresh and healthy drinking experience. Moreover, it is coated with a particular film to give you water that doesn’t taste like plastic. The bladder is easy to clean with warm soapy water.

It has a high flow bite valve that offers the most increased water flow to remove your thirst. Also, this valve is leak-free. It means water won’t drop when dirt biking, running, hiking, climbing, etc. A large screw-top cap makes the refilling process easier. Sipping from it is so effortless, twist the valve at 90° and enjoy healthy freshwater.

Intelligent storage options will surely impress you. Pockets are strategically positioned after fulfilling them with essentials; the pack will not feel bulky. 420DRio-stop honeycomb fabric is durable and water-resistant. An adjustable chest strap lets you adjust its position on your back without difficulties. Even a kid can wear it conveniently, taking help from the adjustability features.

The pack is full of a few safety features. In the chest strap, a handy safety whistle is attached. It helps you get attention during an emergency. The rear reflector is another safety feature that increases your visibility to other riders at night.

Separate and insulated bladder pockets ensure cool and refreshed water all day long. Even outside temperature can’t affect the water temperature for its heat-resistant feature. Although the chance of leakage is not there, the separated bladder compartment guarantees that your other essentials will not get wet.

Additional bungee straps give you peace of mind by storing helmets, knee or elbow pads, raincoats, etc. Also, the mesh pocket is suitable for keys, phones, wallets, snacks, or other things.

User Experience:

  • It fits perfectly in any body shape
  • Perfect hydration pack for a long day ride
  • The pack carries 2L worth of water
  • Carry your favorite stuff in several pockets and compartments
  • It provides fresh water throughout your riding


Exterior Material Nylon
Item Weight 0.9 lbs.
Sports Type Cycling, Snow Skiing, Running, Snowboarding, Outdoor Lifestyle
Bladder Capacity 2L
Dimension 15.98” x 12.36” x 3.46”
Water Resistant Yes

Quick Facts:

  • Breathable shoulder straps keep your back sweat-free
  • The ultra-lightweight pack doesn’t put extra pressure on your back
  • Made of great durable material
  • Velcro is positioned perfectly for easy accessibility of the bladder
What do We like?
  • Insulated bladder pocket
  • External bungee
  • Ergonomic waistband
  • Adjustable hose clip
  • Medical grade bladder and hose
What We Don’t Like?
  • Short waist strap making it unsuitable overweight persons


Vibrelli Hydration Pack is built to last and designed by a rider for every purpose including dirt biking. The highest quality materials make it a quality pack that you can depend on. If you are looking for a worth price product with all the required features, give it a try.

How to Choose the Best Dirt Bike Hydration Pack?

You can buy the best dirt bike hydration pack by following simple tricks. Here we will share some essential tricks that will help you make a precise buying decision.

How to Choose the Best Dirt Bike Hydration Pack

Water Capacity

How much water capacity do you need in your selected hydration pack? The answer depends on a few other questions. Generally, most hydration packs’ water capacity is 1 – 3 liters. Ask yourself, how long will you be dirt biking? What is the availability of refills? How much should you drink? Also, you need to consider the temperature as well.

An average person requires roughly half a liter of water to remain well-hydrated. However, it is highly dependent on the humidity level of your body’s functionality. Based on your dirt biking schedule, consider the water capacity.

Gear Capacity

Dirt bikers prefer hydration packs over water bottles. The hydration pack allows them to carry essential bike gears and tools. Modern dirt bikes are reliable, but they can malfunction while riding on the trails. Broken chains, bent wheels, flat tires, etc., are some of the common problems of dirt bikes.

When you have the necessary tools in your hands, solving these problems becomes more accessible. Moreover, carrying your favorite snacks or food is also quite convenient as a hydration pack. Furthermore, most packs have fleeced pockets to bring electronics, sunglasses, action cams, or goggles.

Harnesses and Straps

Since you will be carrying the pack on your back, a strap and harnesses is a must-needed feature. These 2 features get combined to help you carry a significant load on your back without discomfort. Also, they let you adjust the pack according to your comfort level.

Harnesses and Straps

Happily, straps and harnesses are available in all premium-quality hydration packs. When buying, check the quality of the belts and harnesses.

Hip Packs

You can carry the most frequently used tools and gears in the hip packs when dirt biking. Moreover, hip packs let you carry additional water. So, if you need extra water on the ride, this feature will be beneficial for sure.

Bit Valve and Hose

These are 2 crucial features of a hydration pack. With the help of the bite valve, you can sip water and remove your thirst. Bite valves are a piece of rubber and come with a different working mechanism. Some valves require a simple squeeze to unleash water flow. While a button is available in other models.

Bit Valve and Hose

Shut off or lock feature is invaluable in every bite valve. The good news is; that you will find this feature in all hydration packs’ bite valves. It prevents water from dripping.

Easy Accessibility to the Reservoir

Bladders are installed in hydration packs in different ways. The main compartment is used to reside the bladder in some models. These types of models are lightweight. On the other hand, some models have dedicated room for storing the bladder.

In most models, the hose comes with a detachable option, allowing the user to fill the bladder quickly.

Refilling the bladder will become challenging if you choose a model with a permanent hose. Either you will require to slip the hose from the bag, or the whole pack needs to be carried on the faucet.

Storage Pockets

When selecting a hydration pack, count the available pocket manually. Make sure plenty of pockets is present in the pack’s belt, front, back that can accommodate several essentials. Remember, more pockets mean more comfort during the ride.

Enough Padding

Comfortability is significantly crucial during dirt biking. Look for a model that comes with enough padding on the shoulder straps and inside of the pack. Padding will give you much comfort in the long rides.

How Do You Set Up a Hydration Pack?

Hydration packs are the best way to enjoy your dirt biking without taking a frequent break to find your bottle in the backpack. Here is a quick guide on the setting up process of the best dirt bike hydration pack.

How Do You Set Up a Hydration Pack

Step 01: Locating the Sweet Spot

Finding the right spot in the backpack is the first step of setting up a hydration bladder. Most hydration packs have a dedicated space for setting up the bladder. So, put the hydration bladder in that place. If your pack doesn’t have the required length, the bladder needs to be placed in a much more spacious pocket.

Step 02: Fix the Hose Exit

The hose’s exit needs to be put in the bottom of the bladder. Otherwise, the proper water flow will not be there.

Step 03: Testing the Bladder

After fixing the bladder, check how it performs. Any knots or twists can hamper the water flow. Check and repair the knots. Once everything is checked, you are ready to enjoy the hand-free mechanism of drinking water when dirt biking.

Frequently Asked Question

You might still have some questions playing in your mind regarding hydration packs for dirt bikes. We answered the most searched questions regarding the hydration pack in this section.

Do Hydration Packs Keep Water Cold?

Hydration packs offer a hand-free water drinking process when dirt biking, hiking, running, etc. They use an insulated reservoir that keeps water cool for several hours. The FREEMOVE Dirt Bike Hydration Pack has an insulation pouch and insulated hose to give cool water for a minimum of 5 hours.

If you’re getting this hydration pack or a similar one, you can rely on its insulation to keep the water cool for hours. Because of the dedicated insulation, even if you sweat a little on the back, the water won’t heat up.

How Big Should My Hydration Pack Be?

The pack should be compact for comfortable carrying on your back. The standard hydration pack’s length range is 16″ – 20″. This length is good enough to carry on the back regardless of the people’s height.

How Long Do Hydration Packs Last?

As long as you clean the hydration pack regularly, you will get 5 – 10 years of service. Here are a few cleaning tips and tricks for increasing the lifespan of a hydration pack.

  • Clean the hydration pack using warm soapy water.
  • If your pack is super dirty, soak it overnight in soapy water for easy cleaning.
  • Don’t put too hot water in the bladder to avoid damage.

How Much Water Is in A Hydration Pack?

The amount of water in a hydration pack really depends on which model you’re getting in the first place. However, typically, 2L – 3L is the most common hydration pack size. This amount is just the right one because of both weight and hydration needs.

It will be hard for you to carry the hydration pack if it’s heavier than this. Contrarily, you might left thirsty after 2-3 hours if it’s less than 2 liters.

Can You Put Ice in A Hydration Pack?

Yes, you can put ice in a hydration pack. It would be best to put ice cubes in the bag just before going out for a dirt race. Also, half fill the bladder and freeze it. Then enjoy cool water for long hours. The Fox Racing Men’s Backpack is specially designed for frozen bladders.

How Often Should I Clean My Hydration Pack?

There is no specific frequency for cleaning a hydration pack the manufacturer’s advice is to clean bags once a week. But most dirt bikers clean them once or twice per year.

Have a look at how you can clean your pack:

Final Thought

Hydration packs are available in the market, more than ever. We have narrowed down the list of the best dirt bike hydration packs by researching extensively. We hope that the comprehensive guide above has helped you with your buying decision.

If ou want our editorial choice for your final go, the best dirt bike hydration pack would be the FREEMOVE Dirt Bike Hydration Pack. It offers high water flow rate per sip to keep you hydrated without hard drinking.

Moreover, water remains cool for at least 5 hours when you put the bladder in the cooler bag. besides, you’re getting a perfect fit, and breathable design material so that you can focus on your activity. Also, you can store some of your gear, tools, phone, ID, wallet, snacks, etc., in its multiple compartments.

James Albert is a dirt biker for about 6 years with a passion for helping others get into the sport without knowing anything. He shares his expertise and reviews dirt bikes and related tools.

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