11 Best Dirt Bike for Short Rider With Low Seat Height (Updated 2023)

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There’s nothing as horrific as riding a dirt bike without being able to reach the ground with your feet. And since it’s not something like a bicycle where you adjust the seat lower, addressing the set height is crucial.

So, the only way in is to get a dirt bike compatible with shorter inseams without compromising the much-needed sweet specs. No worries, we’ve been there, felt the hurdle, and got the best dirt bike for short riders you can rely on.

If you want a dirt bike compatible with a short person, and you want the best of its kind, we’ve got your back. Let’s make your way through the muddy trail or unforgiving bumps you want to rule over.

How To Ride A Dirt Bike If You’re Short (3 Simple Tips)

You don’t want to risk the chance of ending up with a few broken ribs just because you couldn’t take control of the bike. Not being able to touch the ground with your feet while riding a dirt bike is no good news. However, if you have to ride one anyway, here are 3 simple tips that will help you ride it safely:

How To Ride A Dirt Bike If You're Short (3 Simple Tips)

Getting On The Bike

The first thing you want to master to ride a dirt bike as a short rider is getting on the bike without tripping. Sure you can have a friend helping you get on, but these two are the best way to do this:

  • Use the kickstand: If your dirt bike has a sturdy kickstand, do this: Put your left foot on that and use it as a stair to climb the seat. Once you’re on the bike, sit while leaning on the kickstand’s side to keep the bike stable.
  • Jump on: If the kickstand isn’t that robust, or you want to get on with style, do this: Hold onto the left handle tight with your left hand and jump on the seat. You can leverage the front seat or tank with your right hand for extra support.

Standing still to the ride

Keeping upright position is a hard thing to do for shorter riders on a dirt bike for taller seat heights. So, to balance yourself on the bike while sanding by, you must straddle the bike on one side. This is only for when you have it not on the kickstand though.

You’ll sit on the edge of your buttock and have one foot on the ground for a controlled balance. There’s no point sitting straight and wobbling around, barely able to touch the ground with toes. Once you get a complete grasp on the control, you’ll even be able to do wheelies on your dirt bike!

Riding And Stopping

Okay, what about riding the bike with no room to sit straight? Well, here’s how: You start the bike and put on the gear slowly. As the bike gains speed, you start to take your foot off the land.

You don’t put your foot back on the stand until you have the bike going at a decent speed. This way, you can have good control and be ready to pull. When you have to pull through, you slowly stop the bike and stand while straddling like step two.

What Dirt Bike Size Should You Get For Your Height?

Matching the dirt bike seat height with your own is a crucial thing not to be avoided. Only a dirt bike with a perfectly matched seat height can offer you the comfort and balance you desire. Here is a quick guideline on the seat height that should be paired with the rider’s height:

Height (or age) of the rider Seat height of the bike
6′ (182 cm+) and Taller 37.5″ or more (94+ cm)
5’8″ to 5’11” (173 to 180 cm) 35” to 39″ (89 to 99 cm)
5’6″ to 5’8″ (168 to 173 cm) 34” to 38″ (86 to 96 cm)
5’4″ to 5’6″ (162.5 to 168 cm) 34” to 37″ (86 to 93 cm)
5’2″ to 5’4″ (157.5 to 162.5 cm) 33” to 36″ (83 to 91 cm)
5’ to 5’2″ (152 to 157.5 cm) 31” to 35″ (78 to 89 cm)
4’10″ to 5’0″ (147 to 152 cm) 27” to 30″ (68.5 to 76 cm)
10 to 12 years old Kids 26” to 31″ (66 to 78 cm)
8 to 9 years old Kids 24” to 28″ (60 to 71 cm)
3 to 6 years-old Kids 50cc small dirt bikes

These heights are approximate matches for people with regular inseam height. You want to make it comfortable by trying one if you have a higher or shorter inseam than the regular.

What Is The Best Dirt Bike For Short Rider?

Getting the best dirt bike for a short rider is not an easy job. If you end up with a seat height more than necessary, it can be a disaster getting on the bike and riding it well. So, while keeping the bike size appropriate for short riders, we selected 11 dirt bikes and categorized them for different purposes. Have a look and make a better informed decision:

Table of Contents

We’ve discussed everything you should know about riding dirt bikes as a short rider. Follow these jump links to navigate through different sections of this article:

Comparison Chart

Having multiple options serving different major roles is a great thing. Here’s a quick comparison chart you can follow to decide which dirt bike to go with:

Dirt bike modelIt’s best forSeat HeightRider HeightEngine capacityWeight Capacity
X-PRO Titan DLXAll sorts of dirt biking35.4″5’6” to 6’223cc 4-stroke250 lbs
Apollo X18 RFZRacing34”5’4” to 6’125 cc 4-stroke300 lbs
X-PRO X8Young adults32.3”5’ to 5’6″125 cc 4-stroke209 lbs
X-PRO Hawk 150Short female32”4’10”’ to 5’6″150 cc 4-stroke260 lbs
X-PRO Hawk 125Medium power33.8”4’11” to 5’7”125 cc 4-stroke260 lbs
X-PRO CougarEasy grounds22”4’ to 4’10”50 cc 2-stroke132 lbs
X-PRO X26Big boys29.13”4’ to 5’50 cc 2-stroke135 lbs
SYX MOTO KidsLittle boys21”4’ to 5’50 cc 2-stroke160 lbs
TAO DB14Suspension28”4.5’ to 5.5’110 cc 2-stroke160 lbs
Taotao DB17Versatility30.70”5’ to 6’3”125 cc 4-stroke154 lbs
FRP DB001Value for money22”4’ to 5’50 cc 2-stroke160 lbs

11 Best Dirt Bike For Short Rider Reviews

Getting the best dirt bike for short riders shouldn’t be a daunting task when you have pro suggestions to go with. Here are the dirt bikes we suggest you as a short rider:

best dirt bike for short rider

1. Best Overall: X-PRO Titan DLX 250cc Gas Dirt Bike

Do you need a dirt bike that is suitable for short riders while being aggressively capable? Then the X-Pro Titan DLX is your way to go that can ride on even the most steep trails. Here are what it offers:

X-PRO Titan DLX 250cc Gas Dirt Bike

Heavy Zongshen engine

The 223cc heavy-duty Zongshen engine of the X-pro Titan DLX will surely take you through unforgiving trails. If you’re even up for pro Motorcross rides, this bad boy will have your back. It has a reliable 5-Speed manual transmission system for the steepest trails and aggressive riders.

Suitable for shorter people

With a stock seat height of 35.4 inches, the DLX offers a wide range of riders the opportunity to ride smooth. You can fit into this bike if you have a body height of anywhere between 5’6” all the way up to 6’ or a bit more. Its seamless front to back is paramount for short people.

Strong steel frame

Talking of dimension, the X-pro offers a high-strength steel frame that makes sense for the pros. Its precision welding catches up for heavy abuses, only to ensure a long service life! Not to forget, the high-strength plastic parts with UV-resistant paint jobs.

Dual ignition mechanism

Staring a dirt bike can be a pain if you have only one way out, especially for the beginners. However, that’s not the case with the X-pro titan. It offers a dual ignition mechanism consisting of both kick and electric starters. You’ll have the freedom every pro wants.

Top notch control

Worried about not having a flawless control mechanism on the dirt bike? Regardless of your short height, you’ll have the best control over this dirt bike. Regardless of the shorter height, this bike includes everything from head and tail light to turn signal indicators and rear view mirrors.

Professional level mechanism

Apart from the fact that this bike is upgraded with a full set, this thing offers more to help the pros to get by. You’ll get an odometer and big knobby wheels with a dimension of 21″/18″. It’s great for heavy grip and traction on any terrain. Plus, the inverted front fork will ensure efficient damping and precision steering.

User Experience

  • Heavy duty engine with high strength steel frame construction.
  • Dual inverted front suspension design makes the rides smoother.
  • Easy and efficient handling characteristics are the best of its kind.
  • Dual disk brake mechanism makes things safer when needed.
  • All included gears and lower seat height helps to ride without modifications.


Model & Type X-PRO Titan DLX dirt bike
Engine type Zongshen 223cc, 4 stroke
Suitable rider height 5’6” to 6’
Seat height 35.4″
Suspension Type Rear, Front
Wheel size Front 21” Rear 18”
Wheel base 54”
Brake style Dual disk: Disc and Steel Caliper
Tank capacity 4.7 litters
Weight capacity 250 lbs
Max Power 16.1HP/7000 rpm
Starter Kick start/ Electric start
Max Speed 60+ mph
Cooling System Air Cooled
What We Like?
  • 240 mm diameter steel disc with piston caliper
  • High strength steel frame construction
  • Included tool kit and odometer
  • Dual ignition (Both e-Start and Kick start)
  • Comes all equipped (Lights, indicators, mirrors)
What Should Improve?
  • Could be a little better in suspension

Why You Should Buy It?

The X-PRO Titan DLX is the best dirt bike for short riders with a heavy duty 223 cc Zongshen engine. Riders between 5’6” to 6’ can ride its 35.4″ high seat without struggling. Its high strength steel frame with reinforced plastic parts and all-inclusive design will help you ride steep and rough roads efficiently.

2. Best for racing: Apollo X18 125CC RFZ Racing Dirt Bike

The X18 model from Apollo is the best dirt bike for short riders that isn’t too heavy, nor too light. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned short rider, if you don’t want to struggle fitting yourself into a dirt bike, get this one. Here’s what you need to know about it:

Apollo X18 125CC RFZ Racing Dirt Bike

Suitable for short people

When it’s about comfortable rides for short people, the Apollo X18 is the perfect bike. With a seat height of 34 inches, it’s suitable for people as short as 5’ 4” and as high as 6’, even a bit more! However, if you’re more than 5’8”, you might have to work on the suspension.

Heavy Construction for racing

Being durable is a necessity for a dirt bike as the bike’s endurance and performance depend on it. The Apollo X18 is made of heavy duty steel frame. It will make sure that you’re safe while racing and cutting through rough terrain or doing stunts.

Decent Performer engine

Talking about heavy duty, the engine will work by the skeleton and help you through any terrain. Its 125cc engine is just the right size, not the highest, nor the ones for kids. You can take it on any game and win it too.

Swift suspension system

The suspension system of the X18 is a swift one that can ensure a smooth ride on bumpy roads. It will be much easier to deal with the unforgiving terrains. If you want fewer bumps even on the toughest road, the dual disk brake system of this bike will help.

Intuitive control mechanism

Control is a crucial thing, and this dirt bike doesn’t compromise on that. Its manual clutch gives you 4 speed control with ease. Not to mention, the hydraulic disc brakes on both the front and rear wheel will make it even easier to do stunts.

Built for heavy riders

With the 17 and 14 inches wheels on this dirt bike, you’ll also get a decent weight capacity of 300 lbs. Even if you have a big body to ride some off-road terrain, this dirt bike will have your back without stuttering a bit.

User Experience

  • Not the best one for beginners in terms of assembly
  • Perfect seat height for short and medium height people.
  • Dual disk brake system helps big time in control.
  • The manual clutch engine is great for expert riders.
  • Both the suspension systems help in stabilization.


Model & Type Apollo X18 dirt bike
Engine type Single cylinder 4 stroke 125cc
Suitable rider height 5’4” to 6’
Seat height 34″
Suspension Type Rear, Front
Wheel size Front 17” Rear 14”
Wheel base 34”
Brake style Dual disk: Disc and Caliper
Tank capacity 4.7 litters
Weight capacity 300 lbs
Max Power 6.5 kw/7500 rpm
Starter Kick start
Max Speed 55 mph
Cooling System Air Cooled
What We Like?
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Suitable for both short and tall riders
  • Large enough tank capacity
  • Spacious wheel base with good clearance
  • 4 speed level is controllable with ease
What Should Improve?
  • Could have come with a spoke tool

Why You Should Buy It?

If you want to get your hands on the best enduro dirt bike for short rider, make Apollo X18 your riding partner. It’s suitable for riders within 5’4” and 6’, but perfect for 5’8” people. With a 4-stroke engine and 4.7 L tank, it runs smoothly on trails with dual suspension and dual disk brakes.

3. Best for youth: X-PRO X8 125cc Gas Dirt Bike

Making your way into dirt biking as an adult or youth should be hassle-free. And that’s where you need a great bike with both a heavy duty build and top notch service. Meet the X-pro X8 dirt bike, the best dirt bike for youth and adults.

X-PRO X8 125cc Gas Dirt Bike

Fits a wide range of height

First off, the X-pro X8 fits a wide range of people’s heights, especially if you’re a short rider. With a standard seat height of 32.3 inches, this bike fits riders between 5’ to 5’6″. You can get on it without struggling to control or reaching the ground without straddling.

Good clearance and space

Having a good ground clearance on a dirt bike helps you push the boundaries of your adventure. With the X8, you’re getting a huge ground clearance of 11.8” which will help you push the limits. You can participate in intense trail races where rocks and pebbles are sharp.

Rides with raging power

Not only a wheelbase of 47.2” helps you jump high, but this bike also gives you plenty of power to your hands. You’re getting a manual raging 125 cc engine with a 4-speed transmission to take control in your hands. Its extra torque will help you ride this bike like a pro.

High strength construction

Dirt biking needs as strong a body as your skills and this bike does a good job there. You’re getting a strong perimeter steel frame that is absolutely necessary for big jumps and steep turns. This triangle girders frame will also go by your abuses and reliably last for years.

Fluid smooth suspension

Apart from a seamless steel pipe construction throughout the frame and metal connecting plates, this dirt bike has high suspensions. With a pair of inverted front shock forks as well as rear shock airbag suspensions, you won’t feel a thing as a bump.

Decent capacity rides

As the shock insulating effect takes place, the weight capacity also goes by! The 209 lbs of weight capacity should be enough, even for a heavy adult who’s short but got some weight on! With a 47.2″ wheelbase, high jumps shouldn’t be bothering you.

User Experience

  • Great shock absorption ensures a smooth ride
  • Fluid smooth transmission gives more control
  • Heavy duty 125 cc engine takes over tough terrain
  • 209 lbs weight capacity is decent for family members
  • The larger wheelbase but low seat height ensures comfort
  • Solid grip tires make sure the bike is biting the ground


Model & Type X-pro X8 dirt bike
Engine type Single cylinder 4 stroke 125cc
Suitable rider height 5’ to 5’6″
Seat height 32.3″
Suspension Type Rear, Front
Wheel size Front 17” Rear 14”
Wheel base 47.2″
Brake style Dual disk: Disc and Caliper
Tank capacity 4.5L/1.2 Gal
Weight capacity 209 lbs
Max Power 6.0/7500±500 kw/r/min
Starter C.D.I
Max Speed 45+ mph
Cooling System Air Cooled
What We Like?
  • Big front and rear wheels with large wheelbases
  • Long body with dual suspension and shock absorption
  • Safe and stable with heavy duty steel tubing body
  • Seamless manual transmission and shifting
  • Electric ignition: great for beginners in dirt bikers
  • Suitable for very short people
What Should Improve?
  • Assembly might give you hard time

Why You Should Buy It?

If you’re a youth or have a short stature around 5’ to 5’6”, and want a long lasting, heavy-duty dirt bike, don’t hesitate to get the X8. It has a large wheelbase with an eStart and smooth suspension for easy rides.

4. Best for Short female: X-PRO Hawk 150cc Youth Dirt Bike

If the 125cc doesn’t meet you well and 200+ is too high, getting this X-pro Hawk 150cc dirt bike is your best bet. Apart from a 150cc engine, this bike runs like a champ on track riding with bumps, and fits women’ height really well. Here’s what you should know:

X-PRO Hawk 150cc Youth Dirt Bike

Efficient 150cc engine

The X-Pro Hawk comes in with a heavy duty 150 cc engine single cylinder engine, ready to go off roads. You won’t have to struggle while cutting through gravel, sand, or snow with this engine. Not to mention, it can easily give you a 55 MPH speed depending on your weight.

Heavy duty frame build

You’re getting seamless joint finishes on the robust structure of the Hawk. We’re talking about a lightweight but highly durable steel construction that can withstand loads of abuse. With that build, it comprises a weight capacity of 260 lbs to take in any rider on board.

High traction off road tires

With the 19″ tire on the front and 16″ on the rear combined with the 5-speed manual transmission, this machine runs with power! You can take this pit bike on any given terrain or steep trails without worrying about sleeping your grip away.

Designed for short & heavy riders

With a seat height of only 32 inches, this pit bike can help you ride as short as 4’10” to 5’6” riders, especially female. For deeper support, while riding at high speed, on high bumps, the adjustable mono shock absorber on the back will come in handy.

Decent torque and control

To support the high torque and heavy grip, this dirt bike offers high end chain and sprocket. Combined with the 4-stroke gas engine, this bike will give you the satisfaction you want. The handlebars, foot pegs, triple tree, everything is from solid aluminum that goes by the aerodynamic front design.

User Experience

  • High torque and excellent grip tires ensure steady rides
  • Heavy-duty construction and aerodynamic design helps in speed
  • Front and rear dual suspension systems minimize bumps a lot
  • Great aerodynamic design for easier cut-through rides
  • Lower seat height makes a perfect fit for short inseam


Model & Type X-PRO Hawk 150cc
Engine type Single cylinder 4 stroke 150cc
Suitable rider height 4’10”’ to 5’6″
Seat height 32″
Suspension Type Dual: Rear, Front
Wheel size Front 19” Rear 16”
Wheel base 49″
Brake style Dual: Disc and Caliper
Tank capacity 4 L
Weight capacity 260 lbs
Max Power Undefined
Starter C.D.I
Max Speed 45+ mph
Cooling System Air Cooled
What We Like?
  • Good shock absorption with suspension on front and back
  • Electric starter with 5 speed manual transmission clutch
  • Aerodynamic design for easier maneuvers on steep turns
  • Robust build quality with high performer 150 cc engine
  • Decent weight capacity and low seat for heavy short riders
What Should Improve?
  • Could have included a headlight

Why You Should Buy It?

If you want the best dirt bike for short female with a medium engine capacity, the X-pro hawk is the one. Its 4-stroke 150 cc engine with 5-speed transmission and heavy build will help you ride like a pro on the steep trails.

5. Best in the 125cc segment: X-PRO Hawk 125cc Dirt Bike with Zongshen Engine

The X-pro hawk 125 is the cutthroat version of the X-pro Hawk 150 which is the best of its class. No exception for the 125! X-pro made this minified version with almost the same specs except for the engine size. Here are the features that make it great:

X-PRO Hawk 125cc Dirt Bike

Zongshen 125 cc engine

Zongshen makes great engines and X-pro included one in the 125 cc version as well, just like the 150 cc one. This engine is highly reliable for going onto high steep trails. It’s powerful enough to go on steep trails and will give you a long service life with good care.

Strong metal construction

Talking of long life, the strong tubular metal construction will get you by for years without repairs. Even the plastic parts of the bike are built heavy and have elastic resistance to wear and tear. You can easily take it to rough roads and make it out of a heavily bumped out road.

Easy control and assembly

Assembly and control, both are important when it comes to dirt bikes. With the X-pro hawk 125, you’re getting an efficient bike that. The assembly comes about 75% done for you to do the rest, with written and video instructions though. For the control, you’ll be under full control.

High gripping off road tires

The tire traction of the X-pro hawk will surely make you wow with its strong grip. You can go on any terrain and own it for good; thanks to the high traction tires of this dirt bike. It has a larger front tire that will cut through loose terrain much better.

Goes easy on short and kid riders

With a 33.8 inches seat height and an ergonomic handlebar, this dirt bike should be just enough to support your shorter stature. It’s perfect for people with the height from 4’11” to 5’7” without having to straddle on a side or struggling to stay put.

User Experience

  • High traction tires help the bike stay put against loose gravel
  • Smooth transmission makes it perfect to take on risky trails
  • Efficient suspension with hydraulic brake never fails to work
  • The 125 engine is decent enough and stays cool while riding


Model & Type X-PRO Hawk 125cc
Engine type Single cylinder 4 stroke 150cc
Suitable rider height 4’11” to 5’7”
Seat height 33.8″
Suspension Type Dual: Rear, Front
Wheel size Front 17” Rear 14”
Wheel base 49″
Brake style Dual: Disc and Caliper
Tank capacity 4 L
Weight capacity 260 lbs
Max Power 5.0kw/8000r/min(6.8HP)
Starter C.D.I
Max Speed 55+ mph
Cooling System Air Cooled
What We Like?
  • Heavy Duty KMC 428 Chain and Sprocket
  • High-strength metal build with UV-resistant paint
  • Less exhaust noise with safe discharge muffler
  • Cradle type frame structure with dual suspension
  • Decent quality 125 cc engine from Zongshen
What Should Improve?
  • Should have included necessary indicator lights
  • The rear shock absorbers are not adjustable

Why You Should Buy It?

This pit bike is necessary for those who go on steep trails and occasional races. With a good 125 cc engine, it produces decent power to conquer the rough trails and unforgiving loose gravel roads. Plus, the smooth suspension will keep you safe from extra bumps.

6. Best for easy grounds: X-PRO 50cc Cougar Youth Dirt Pitbike

Let’s talk about easy grounds where you don’t need the large engines we’ve talked about before. The X-pro cougar pit bike offers a smaller scale engine but is just as strong as the higher cc engines. The main features of this pit bike are:

X-PRO 50cc Cougar Youth Dirt Pitbike

Small but heavy build

This 50cc dirt bike may seem not good for heavy rides at first. But don’t go for the size! It comes with a heavy duty steel tubular build that can withstand quite an abuse. With this heavy build, you can keep on using it for years to come.

Engine made for regular terrain

The 50 cc engine of this dirt bike is a 2-stroke one. It’s air cooled, so it will keep cool while riding, preventing overheating with a dedicated valve. However, the gas tank of this powerful bike needs a mix of both gasoline and engine oil maintaining a 20:1 or 25:1 ratio.

Convenient pull start

What kids and young adults need is convenience in the ride with less hassle to deal with. Therefore, X-pro has included a pull starter ignition mechanism with this pit bike. This way, you start the bike safe and easy and stay out of the hassle of Kickstarter or advance C.D.I.

Safety and Speed Control

Talking of safety, X-pro has thought this through while manufacturing the Cougar. It comes with safety concerns for young riders with great speed control. A stock speed limit of around 25 MPH and a speed governor on the handle will help you set a proper speed for your kids.

Suitable for kids and short people

With the extra safety and control features, this thing is perfect for kids and youth. What’s more, the 22.4″ height of this bike will fit in any short person or a kid with a stature of 4’ to 4’10”, or a kid aged between 5 to 13 years.

Included accessories

As a kid’s dirt bike, X-pro has included some accessories in the package. You’ll get a pair of gloves, a face mask, and a pair of goggles alongside. So, you won’t have to buy separately or wait for a second shipment. It’s ready to go on the road as soon as you get it on board. Here’s a video on how to easily assemble it:

User Experience

  • Highly adaptive dual suspension absorbs any impact.
  • Offers great control over speed ensuring safety.
  • Pull starter mechanism makes things easier for kids
  • Gasoline and oil mixture can be tricky, but it offers great rides.
  • Bad side: Not a bike for high steep trails and competition.


Model & Type X-PRO Cougar 50cc
Engine type Single cylinder 2 stroke 50cc
Suitable rider height 4’ to 4’10”, or 5 to 13 year old kids
Seat height 22.4″
Suspension Type Dual: Rear, Front
Wheel size Undefined
Wheel base 33.6″
Brake style Dual: Disc and Caliper
Tank capacity 2 L
Weight capacity 132lbs
Max Power 2.31Kw
Starter Pull starter
Max Speed 25 mph maximum
Cooling System Air Cooled
What We Like?
  • Great bike for kids, young adults, and short people.
  • Heavy duty build with steel tubular design for any terrain
  • Perfect suspension for high rides
  • Enough speed and torque for regular terrain and kids
  • Included the much needed accessories
What Should Improve?
  • Only 3.9″ of ground clearance

Why You Should Buy It?

Getting a robust and highly efficient dirt bike for your kids? Then the X-pro Cougar is the right kid size dirt bike to go with. It has a 50cc 2-stroke engine, a heavy duty body, and a bunch of safety features with a pull starter. Most of all, it’s perfect for 5-13 yo kids and short adults.

7. Best for Big Boys: X-PRO X26 125cc Manual Clutch Dirt Bike

Sports bikes for young people should have proper seat height. And to our analysis, X-pro X26 is the best one for big boys. Young people with a regular stature or short adults find it quite efficient. Its single-stroke heavy engine with an aerodynamic build makes it unique. Here’s what it offers:

X-PRO X26 125cc Manual Clutch Dirt Bike

Suitable for big boys’ stature

The X-pro X26 dirt bike offers a 29.13″ seat height that is suitable for big boys and young adults. If you have a stature between 4’ and 5’, you can easily fit in and reach the ground without having to straddle in a difficult posture.

Smooth transmission and engine

With a 125cc, 154 FMI 4-Stroke single cylinder engine, the X26 can give you aggressive power on the trails. It has a 4-UP manual clutch to offer you complete control over the ride. Since it’s air cooled, heating issues after every few drives won’t be an issue.

Clever design wheels

You’re getting a set of clever design wheels with the X26 and these wheels will give you extra benefits on steep rides. The 14″ front and 12″ rear tires will help you ride forward better. Plus, a higher grip on the wheels will provide extra traction on the go.

Hydraulic braking mechanism

A good braking mechanism is crucial for dirt bikes, and this one comes with an efficient one. It offers a 220 mm hydraulic single-piston caliper disk on the front with a 190 mm one on the back. Combined, you’ll have the smoothest brake that you can rely on in any situation.

Ready for high steep trails

When it comes to riding high steep trails, this bike will offer great effectiveness in grip and traction. With a 10.63″ ground clearance, you’ll have no difficulty going over rocks and high bumps. Not to mention, the 650 mm telescopic front fork with superior suspension will do the compensation.

Strong build and efficient

Handling high slopes won’t be difficult with the heavy duty steel tube frame of this dirt bike. Its extra features like engine kill switch, cradle type design will keep you on the safer side. Plus, with a large 3.5 L fuel tank, low consumption with over 45 MPH speed, this adventure bike is ideal.

User Experience

  • Strong steel tube construction helps the bike last longer
  • Good mileage and high speed, even on rough terrain
  • Higher ground clearance, making steep slopes easier
  • Decent hydraulic braking capacity with separate calipers
  • Smooth control with 4 stroke heavy 125 cc engine


Model & Type X-PRO X26
Engine type Single cylinder 4 strokes 125cc
Suitable rider height 4’ to 5’, or 6 to 13 year old kids
Seat height 29.13″
Suspension Type Dual: Rear, Front
Wheel size Front- 14”, Rear-12”
Wheel base 41.33″
Brake style Dual: Disc and Caliper
Tank capacity 3.5 L
Weight capacity Undefined
Max Power 8.2 (1±10%) /7000 (1±5%)
Starter Kick starter
Max Speed 45+ mph maximum
Cooling System Air Cooled
What We Like?
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Large fuel tank and capacity
  • Good mileage and speed (45+ mph)
  • High end brake and high ground clearance
  • Air cooled 4-stroke efficient engine
What Should Improve?
  • Assembly can be hard
  • Doesn’t have an electric start

Why You Should Buy It?

This bike is for those who want the absolute best for a kid or young adult. With a reasonable seat height of 29.13″, this bike is suitable for anybody with a stature between 4’ and 5’. Its 4-stroke 125cc engine, hydraulic dual brake, and high ground clearance, it runs smoothly on rough roads.

8. Best for Little Boys: SYX MOTO Kids 50cc Mini Gas Dirt Bike

If your kid is not ready to handle 125 cc or heavy torque and needs a safe dirt bike, SYX Moto can be a great option. Everything about this pit bike is designed and perfected just for kids with adventurous minds. Have a look at its offerings:

SYX MOTO Kids 50cc Mini Gas Dirt Bike

Safe and efficient build

Safety and efficiency have been paramount for this dirt bike, specially made for little boys and kids. It has a pull starter, as well as a safe engine, kill switch to ensure utmost safety. If you’re worried about your kid getting it wrong, the bike won’t.

Decent engine power

With a 50 cc smaller yet performer engine, this bike will not only make you feel safe but also fly your kid! It’s easy to deal with and has just enough power to run smoothly on almost any terrain, be it bumpy or steep trails.

Aesthetic construction

Simply put, kids need their things aesthetically pleasing, not something to become bored about. This pit bike comes in an array of color choices as well as aesthetic graphic works on board. Be ready to hear the wow from your child after getting it.

Easy to install and handle

Assembling the bike will be a lot easier than others. Unlike other dirt bikes that come with a difficult installation process, this one comes 85% assembled. All you need to do is, follow the provided video instruction, assemble here and there, and you’re good to go!

Superior shock absorption and brakes

It has a comfortable ridedry weight capacity of 160 lbs! Good luck having a kid that heavy! With a dual shock absorber mechanisms on both the back and front, rides will be super smooth. Plus, there are dual disk brake pads that will help ride difficult roads with more control.

Comfort and suitable for kids

Any kid will love riding this bike for great outlook, and be comfortable for decent control and absorption. Well, not a kid to ride this bike? No issues, adults can also ride it within the height between 4′ to 5′ or kids between 5 and 10 years.

User Experience

  • Easy to ride because of the lightweight but strong build
  • Runs safe and securely, great for kids who love riding
  • Easy and safe to operate with the engine kill switch
  • No bumps while riding over hard rocky surfaces
  • Doesn’t take much effort to start off with the pull starter


Model & Type SYX MOTO Kids Mini Dirt Bike
Engine type Single cylinder 2 strokes 50cc
Suitable rider height 4’ to 5’, or 5 to 10 year old kids
Seat height 21 inches
Suspension Type Dual: Rear, Front
Wheel size Front- 14”, Rear-12”
Wheel base 41.33″
Brake style Dual: Disc and Caliper
Tank capacity 0.45gal/1.7L
Weight capacity 160 lbs
Max Power 8.2 (1±10%) /7000 (1±5%)
Starter Pull starter
Max Speed 24.9 mph (40 km/h)
Cooling System Air Cooled
What We Like?
  • Great speed at about 45 MPH on any ground
  • High end shock absorption with dual shock forks
  • Good enough tank capacity with aerator
  • Efficient brake system with dual disk (front and rear)
  • Fully automatic transmission is great for kids
What Should Improve?
  • The bearings could be better, may not last long

Why You Should Buy It?

With an automatic transmission system with an adequate seat high of 21 inches, it’s a great ebike for kids. The safety measures go up high with the pull starter, engine kill switch, and decent power of 50cc 2 stroke engine. The mixture ratio of fuel & oil is 20~25:1 on this bike.

9. Best for Suspension: TAO DB14 Dirt Bike

Name the most important thing to be safe, secure, and comfortable on a dirt bike, that should be the suspension. For that specific purpose, the Tao DB14 dirt bike can be a big solution. You can consider getting this bike for these reasons:

TAO DB14 Dirt Bike

Suspension and brake ready for trails

Making your way into competitive games with your dirt bike should not be bothersome with the hawk. Alongside off road tires, it also offers a set of dual suspension systems with an efficient brake mechanism. You can reliably put your faith in Tao DB14 pit bike.

Decent powerful engine

This bike has got a decent powerful engine that can get you to tough places without struggling. With its 110 cc engine that it made for kids and short riders, you can go anywhere with loose gravel and bumpy terrain. Not to mention, the smooth control with transmission!

Highly power and fuel efficient

Apart from the decent power output, this dirt bike also offers good enough fuel efficiency. With its air cooled engine and efficient fuel tech, you can expect it to be on the safer side with longer support. The cost per mile won’t bother you with higher fuel consumption.

Great design for kids

Simply put, kids love this bike. Not only for the aesthetic graphics, but also for the smooth control and better fit. It has a single cylinder machine with enough traction on the road. The kick start mechanism makes things even robust as your kid is riding a dirt bike.

Versatile fit for short riders

With the smaller design of this dirt bike, a short rider can easily ride along, just like kids. You can get on, get off, and control this bike without struggling or straddling on your side. Smooth control and suspension will make your journey even more intuitive.

User Experience

  • Less bumps and drags on unforgiving roads
  • Extra grip on loose terrain help to climb hills
  • Symmetric balance while standing and riding
  • Easy to control with ergonomic grip handles


Model & Type TAO DB14 Dirt Bike
Engine type Single cylinder 2 strokes 110cc
Suitable rider height 4.5’ to 5.5’, or 5 to 12 year old kids
Seat height 28 Inches
Suspension Type Dual: Rear, Front
Wheel size Front- 14”, Rear-12”
Wheel base 41.33″
Brake style Dual: Disc and Caliper
Tank capacity 0.45gal/1.7L
Weight capacity 160 lbs
Max Power Undefined
Starter Kick starter
Max Speed 41 mph
Cooling System Air Cooled
What We Like?
  • Ground clearence and seat hight for short people
  • Great suspension for absorbing bumps
  • Safe kick start mechanism for kids
  • Good speed and large tank for mileage
  • High weight capacity for heavy people
What Should Improve?
  • Could have included lights and indicators

Why You Should Buy It?

The TAO DB14 is a great dirt bike if you’re after a great suspension. If you go on exteamly diffcult roads and cut through gravel and rocks, its dual suspension will surely help you get by. Plus, good ground clearenc with less seat height make it the perfect pit bike for short riders and young kids.

10. Most Versatile: Taotao DB17 125cc Dirt Bike for Kids

Now, if you want a dirt bike that can serve the whole family, both the long and short people, look no further. The Tao DB17 is suitable for people as short as 5’ and as long as 6’3”. With a robust engine and construction, this bike can withstand hefty loads and go anywhere.

Taotao DB17 125cc Dirt Bike for Kids

Good for long to short people

The seat height of this pit bike is around 33 inches which is perfect for a kid with a stature of 5’ all the way up to 6’3” long. No matter how many people your family has, this bike will back you up. Not to mention, the safe kick starter mechanism will last for years.

Safety assured

Talking of safety, the DB17 offers enough of that for the rider. You’re getting both a front and rear brake with hydraulic disk mechanism. With both the hand and foot brake, you or your kid can ride with most confidence on a rough road, even on steep trails.

Strong steel construction

One of the most important part of this pit bike is the heavy build. It has a strong steel construction to assure maximum support on gravel and bumpy roads. With manual transmission system and hydraulic brake, you can get the most out of your expertise.

Great suspension and wheels

Suspension helps you ride a bike comfortably, and for a dirt bike, it’s the most important part. The DB17 pit bike offers dual suspension on both the front and rear part of the bike. Combined with its front 17” and rear 14” tires, the bike makes your rides a lot more efficient.

Engine and fuel efficiency

This bike offers an efficient 125cc 4-stroke single cylinder engine with a 4 speed manual clutch. Moreover, the 1.5 gallon fuel tank will back you up for a longer period while you’re on the adventure of cutting through rough and steep terrain.

User Experience

  • Runs for a long time because of the large tank
  • Makes no major bumps with high-end suspension
  • Smooth control experience with efficient transmission
  • Suites for an array of body stature (both short and tall)


Model & Type TAO DB17
Engine type 125cc 4-stroke single cylinder
Suitable rider height 5’ to 6’3”, and 7 to 15 year old kids
Seat height 30.70 inches
Suspension Type Dual: Rear, Front
Wheel size Front- 17”, Rear-14”
Wheel base 49.2 inches
Brake style Dual: Disc and Caliper
Tank capacity 1.5 Gal (6 Liters)
Weight capacity 220 lbs
Bike weight 154lbs
Starter Kick starter
Max Speed 41 mph
Cooling System Air Cooled
What We Like?
  • Good control and smooth transition
  • Has CARB certification for California
  • Suites short riders with high weight
  • Dual suspension with larger front tier
What Should Improve?
  • The shock bushings are not as good as expected

Why You Should Buy It?

The Tao DB17 is a dirt bike for enthusiasts who want versatile output from their bikes. It’s the perfect option if you want a bike for all your family members. If you’re short but have a tall person to share the bike with, no worries, Tao has got your back with a decent 125cc engine.

11. Best Value For Money: FRP DB001 50CC Kids Dirt Bike

Do you need a dirt bike that gives you the best value for money and is suitable for kids or short riders? The FRP DB001 pit bike can fulfill the demand with an efficient setup at an affordable price range. Let’s see what FRP has to offer with this model:

FRP DB001 50CC Kids Dirt Bike

Small yet powerful Engine

The FRP DB001 dirt bike offers a 50 cc engine that offres superior performance on rough terrain. You’ll get a maximum speed of 20 mph from this 2-stroke engine that’s just enough for kids. Besides, the pull start mechansim makes this bike even better for kids.

Perfect Height for short riders

Although this bike is intended for kids, short riders can ride it just fine without any issues. This bike is perfectly suitable for people as short as 4 feet to 5 feet. With a 160 lbs weight capacity, the bike will withstand an adult just fine.

Top quality suspension

Suspension will be one of the most anticipating features and selling points of this dirt bike. It has dual suspension on the front fork as well as a rear frame connector. You can rely on these suspension mechanisms to go on bumpy rough roads.

High traction durable tires

the DB001 will come with a pair of pneumatic knobby tires that will help you stay put on loose gravel. The front tire is larger than the rear one, and that will help you or your kid grip on the ground more efficiently. Not to miss, the tires are equipped with hydraulic disk brakes for better stopping.

Durable robust construction

Apart from the mechanical robustness in hydraulics and automatic chain drive transmission, the bike has a heavy construction. It has a steel tubular construction that will withstand impacts just fine. Not to mention, the frame will keep the bike safe for years.

User Experience

  • Smooth wheel stopping
  • Heavy tire gripping on loose terrain
  • Easy to ride for auto transmission
  • Easy to mix engine oil and fuel
  • No viable bumps or shocks


Model & Type FRP DB001 Kids Dirt Bike
Engine type 50 cc 2-stroke single cylinder
Suitable rider height 5’ to 6’3”, and 7 to 15 year old kids
Seat height 30.70 inches
Suspension Type Dual: Rear, Front
Wheel size Front- 17”, Rear-14”
Wheel base 49.2 inches
Brake style Dual: Disc and Caliper
Tank capacity 1.5 Gal (6 Liters)
Weight capacity 220 lbs
Bike weight 154lbs
Starter Kick starter
Max Speed 41 mph
Cooling System Air Cooled
What We Like?
  • Automatic chain drive transmission mechanism
  • Hydraulic disk brake system for strong stopping
  • Dual suspension system on both front and rear
  • Suitable for both kids and shorter adults
  • Decent engine power to provide a smooth ride
What Should Improve?
  • Not the best option for young adults aged over 15

Why You Should Buy It?

If you need a dirt bike that needs total support on any rough roads to withstand hard soils, the DB001 is your best chance. It has a decently powerful 50 cc engine with dual suspension and dual hydraulic brakes. With high grip, low flat tires, the rides will be much smoother.

How To Select The Best Dirt Bike For Short Rider?

Getting a dirt bike, especially for a short rider can be hell of a hassle to deal with. You might end up with a wrong bike, either from height, or around the specs. However, with proper knowledge of what to look for and what to avoid, you know what does the job best.


So, to help you out, here are a few criteria you’ll be looking for while shopping by next time:

Seat height and Bike size

Firs off, for a short rider, it’s the very first thing to ensure that the bike has the recommended seat height. As we’ve portrayed a feasible dirt bike height chart for which seat height is ideal for your stature, you can now surely pick the right one.

Besides, with every product we’ve reviewed, come with ideal dirt bike seats for short riders. On another note, be sure the bike’s overall size should be in your reach. Dirt bikes can be huge; for adults, it’s aorund 7 feet tall from the front tire to the tail!

Purpose of your rides

Whether you or your kid is going to ride the dirt bike, the characteristics will be significantly different. A kid needs a dirt bike very small while heavy adults need the oposite. You need a heavy duty large bike with a set of top notch suspension if racing is your thing. However, going around the locality and climbing regular height won’t need heavy power.

Engine and fuel efficiency

When you’re going into the wild and climbing steep hills, you need a heavy duty engine, at least a 125 cc 4 stroke engine. However, for races and competitive pit games, you need a 250 watt engine with top notch peripherals.

On the flip side, if it’s your kid for whom you’re getting the bike, a 50 cc pit bike will do the honor. You don’t need to spend hundreds of bucks only to get around on a dirt bike.

Tire traction and brakes

This might seem vogue, but it’s not! Although tire grip and traction may seem a given thing with any dirt bike, you must not take it for granted. Instead, be sure to check the type of tires you’re getting and how well they’re serving others.

After that, be sure that you can get replacement tires whenever necessary. That applies for other accessories as well, so that you don’t have to abendon the bike, just because a tire or the brake’s broken.

Control mechanism

Dirt bikes usually come with manual transmission systems ranging from 2 speeds to 6. This is where you solely priotize your riding purposes and how you want to ride your ride. However, if you’re getting a small dirt bike for a kid, it’s most likely that it will come with a 2 speed automatic transmission. That’s because kids don’t go into competitive racing.

9 Tips for Short Dirt Bike Riders: Bike Set-Ups

Getting on the dirt bike wheels as a short rider and dominating the trails might seem a bit counterintuitive. But it’s not! You can ride a dirt bike just like a regular height rider if you know where to tap in your preparation.


Let’s get you through some expert tips that can uplift your off-roading experience with a shorter height than average:

1. Buy A Dirt Bike That Fits You Well

First off, nothing matters more than getting a suitable dirt bike when you’re a short biker. You need full control of the bike where you’ll need both your hands and legs, alongside riding skill itself. You must know the right dirt bike size chart while doing the selection for your dirt bike.

The things you’ll look in the bike among other regular things are:

  • Seat height: It should be enough to comfortably touch the ground without wobbling.
  • Inseam height: A shorter height won’t bother if you have a longer inseam!
  • Wheelbase: Have great wheelbase coverage if you’re into extreme trail rides.
  • Wheel sizes: Proper wheel sizes are also crucial to be easy with shorter stature.
  • Suspension: When it’s about off-road riding, proper suspension is the key.

2. Shave Your Seat For More Clearance

For short-legged riders, being able to lower the bike height can be tremendous! If you feel that lowering the bike by an inch will help, you can shave the seat a bit. It will give you an inch or so to make yourself more comfortable on the bike.

3. Lower The Suspension

If you already have a dirt bike and shaving the seat doesn’t cut, consider lowering the suspension a bit. Take the bike to a suspension specialist who knows the job well. It may cost you extra, but it’s worth the money compared to getting a new bike.

4. Lower The Link Kit

The stock link connector to the rear shock absorber gives you the standard overall bike height. Lowering it can give you up to 2.75 inches of less bike height! However, the downside of lowering the link is, you’re messing up with the sag and compromising the set comfort.

5. Know Your Limits And Strengths

Riding a dirt bike does impose a few more threats and needs extra skills compared to street bikes. So, before you get into the game and start riding off the road or doing Motorcross, know where you lack at, it will help you do better with your rig.

6. Ride In A Stand-up Posture

If you can ride your dirt bike with less standing time, it can help you minimize the chances of impacts. Nonetheless, this trick can help you big time if you’re planning on going to your near trail to ride. It takes a hefty time  to learn the skill to stay put while standing on the guards.

7. Learn To Maintain Balance

Just like learning the standing riding, learning to ride while keeping the balance on bumps is crucial in dirt biking. Having a good balance will not require you to land on your feet often. This way, you can leverage your riding skills to compensate your shorter height.

8. Put On Protective Gears

No matter how small a ride you’re getting into, put on safety gear to stay safe. The most necessary protective gear you need to take with your motocross bike for a smooth riding experience are:

  • Goggles
  • Helmet
  • Chin guard
  • Neck brace
  • Gloves
  • Chest pad
  • Knee pads
  • Crotch pad
  • Boots

9. Know When And How To Jump

These were the most common dirt biking tips for short riders. You can also make a set of your own tips to amplify the comfort of your rides. For example, you can increase the Sag (usually 105 to 112 mm). Other tips would be practicing full lock turns and static balance, looking for rises to sit your foot, practice dabbing efficiency, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cathing up with dirt bikes for the first time and need to clarify more questions about this sport? Let us answer some and get you familiar with it:

What’s The Ideal Seat Height For Short Riders?

If you have a stature shorter than average, you need a shorter seat height on your dirt bike to ride comfortably. We can consider you short if you’re sub 5 feet as a women or around 5 feet as a man.

For a person who has a stature of 4’8” to 5’7”, the seat height of a dirt bike should be within 26” to 37”. The better you can fit yourself on the bike without leaning on your side, the better a ride you can have.

How Can Short Riders Gain Some Height On Dirt Bikes?

Gaining more height, i.e. gaining more control on a dirt bike as a short rider has some remedies. You can shave the seat off a little bit, wear a pair of higher boots, or even lower the link under the bike. However, the best remedy to this issue is by getting a dirt bike with the right seat height.

How Do Short People Get On Dirt Bikes?

Getting on a dirt bike can be a difficult task for short riders in the first place. To get on a dirt bike as a short person, you can jump on the bike while taking support from the handle. Here are the ways to do this:

  • Jump on the bike while holding tight on the handle without tripping the bike over.
  • Another way is to climb the bike, making the kickstand guard your stair!
  • Dab on one side, get one foot on the seat, and hold on until you start the bike.

How Tall Should You Be To Ride A 250cc Dirt Bike?

The height doesn’t really matter that much while handling high CC engines. It’s more of a matter of body strength rather than the height, unless you can’t reach the handles or the ground in the first place.

If you’re an adult and have a stature at around 5’6” to 5’10” as a short rider, it should be a fair combination.

What Dirt Bike Has The Lowest Seat Height?

Among the dirt bikes we’ve reviewed in this guide, the SYX MOTO Kids Dirt Bike has the lowest seat height. It offers a 21” seat height which is suitable for kids and rocks with a 50 cc engine. If you’re into the higher sagment for adults at lower seat height, the lowest seat height 250 dirt bike would be X-PRO Titan.


Making your first purchase of dirt bike or the second should now be a no brainer with our extensive guide at your disposal. We’ve made sure the dirt bikes for short adults are suitable for your height. With that being said, we hope you’ve found the bike goes with your stature.

If you’re yet to decide and want our editorial choice for the best dirt bike for short rider, that’d be the X-PRO Titan DLX 250cc Dirt Bike. It has a heavy duty 250cc engine, top notch suspension, and a robust steel construction with flexible endurance plastics. Taking the bike into pro competitions? Get along with this one!

James Albert is a dirt biker for about 6 years with a passion for helping others get into the sport without knowing anything. He shares his expertise and reviews dirt bikes and related tools.

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