Washington Dirt Bike Laws: Learn to Ride!

Washington Dirt Bike Laws

Do you live in Washington and love riding off-road vehicles like dirt bikes? Then, you must know everything about the state motorcycle Washington Motor Vehicle rules and regulations. The WA Motor Vehicles and Licensing Departments are strict with the desperate OHV riders. You cannot ride a naked dirt bike on the public streets and in …

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Why Do Dirt Bike Helmets Have A Visor?

Why Do Dirt Bike Helmets Have A Visor

Dirt bike helmets look a little weird. They usually feature an open face design, a visor, and a pointed chin. The helmet does look totally different from normal bike helmets. So, why do dirt bike helmets have a visor? The visor on the dirt bike helmet helps protect riders from tree branches, mud, rain, sun, …

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Can You Drive A Dirt Bike On The Road? Be Loyal To Legal Issues!

Can You Drive A Dirt Bike On The Road

Sorry! I cannot be straightforward in answering the question ‘can you drive a dirt bike on the road’? Because somewhere it is YES and somewhere NO! Riding a dirt bike is more sophisticated with rules, regulations, and certifications than street bikes. Moreover, it differs from state to state and region to region. It may sound …

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How To Restore Dirt Bike Plastics – All About Plastic Restoration!

How To Restore Dirt Bike Plastics

Restore plastics and get your dirt bike back with a new-like look! Though it sounds surprising, you can do it yourself at home. I have recently restored my XR250 dirt bike’s plastics to make them showroom shiny. Furthermore, it has made a great save to replace. However, dirt bike plastic restoration is a sophisticated job. …

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How To Make A Dirt Bike Faster? 9 Fine Ways!

How To Make A Dirt Bike Faster

If you are a dirt bike adventurer, you will probably ask me how to make a dirt bike faster than ever. Believe me! I was also excited to accelerate my dirt bike at my desired speed. Unfortunately, my bike couldn’t meet the desire before the recent modifications. Now it runs like a rocket to ride …

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How Fast Does A 150cc Dirt Bike Go (Is it enough?)

How Fast Does A 150cc Dirt Bike Go

With the thrills of tackling the hills, dirt bikes offer an endless supply of adrenaline. The bikes feature a lightweight design and are good for off-road racing. They usually involve rough terrains and unpaved roads. So, how fast does a 150cc dirt bike go? The average speed of a 150cc dirt bike is around 50 …

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Dirt Bike Tire Pressure (Complete Guideline)

Dirt Bike Tire Pressure

One of the most complicated concepts for new and even experienced dirt bike riders to grasp is tire pressure. Many riders find this tire pressure-related thing difficult as there is no universal or one-size-fits-all air pressure. Well, 8 to 16 PSI is the recommended tire pressure for most dirt bikes. However, for optimal riding conditions, …

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How to Get a Title for a Dirt Bike? The Ultimate Guide!

How to Get a Title for a Dirt Bike

Buying and selling dirt bikes can be a daunting experience. Many dirt bike enthusiasts tend to worry much about the title. It is illegal to own an unregistered bike in some States since many people want to avoid paying sales tax. A dirt bike title is proof of legal ownership. This valuable document is not …

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Why Does My Dirt Bike Leak Gas from the Overflow?

Why Does My Dirt Bike Leak Gas from the Overflow

Gas leaking is a common problem on dirt bikes. The issue is not only a waste of money but also dangerous and pollutes the environment. Finding the cause and fixing it is quite essential. So, why does my dirt bike leak gas from the overflow? Carburetor overflow, fuel bowl, damaged fuel switch, and carburetor drain …

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