About Us

What is Dirtbikewiki?

Hello there,

Welcome to Dirtbikewiki. It’s a heavenly place for dirt-bike riders or Motocross racers. Because here in this Dirtbikewiki, you’ll find different types of dirt-bikes according to your need.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a dirt bike for 13 years old child, woman, short person, trail riding, etc., you’ll find all types of dirt bikes here.

Dirtbikewiki is operated by a group of expert and experienced dirt-bikers who have extensive knowledge about dirt bikes. Our team member’s only vision is to guide you to the right dirt-bike according to your price and requirement.

How We Make the Best Product Reviews?

We have a strategic plan and follows a systematic process to review products. At first, we divide our team members into different subgroups based on their skills and interest. After creating different subgroups, we distribute the overall task among the groups.

We have a research and investigation group, expert group, writing group, and editorial group. Every group has its own individual tasks, and without the contribution of each group, we can’t complete our review process.

In the product review process, the investigation and research group team conduct the market survey and analyze the product. Through product analysis and market research, they understand the consumer’s demand, and according to that demand, they look for the best product of the famous brand.

We primarily select those products that are top-selling in the market and highly appreciated by their consumers. Next, our expert team analyzes the primarily selected products and determines their core feature to separate them.

By separating the product according to their core features, we can finally select the best products for review. Then the expert team makes a list of the final products and forwards them to the writing team with all the analysis data. The writing team checked all the analysis data and wrote an in-detail review of the selected products with a complete buying guideline.